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SQL SERVER - Guidelines and Coding Standards Complete

Posted By: Syed Shakeer Hussain     Posted Date: October 29, 2010    Points: 2   Category :Sql Server
Coding standards and guidelines are very important for any developer on the path of successful career. A coding standard is a set of guidelines, rules and regulations on how to write code. Coding standards should be flexible enough or should take care of the situation where they should not prevent best practices for coding. They are basically the guidelines that one should follow for better understanding.

The concept behind implementing coding standards and guidelines, is that the consistency and uniformity in programming so that if multiple people are working on the same code, it becomes easier to communicate, share with or understand each other's work.

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Video: Coding a Long-Running Operation Page in SharePoint Server 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services

Watch this visual how-to video as you learn to write code to mimic the default long-running operations page (the "spinning wheel") in SharePoint Server 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. (Length: 7:56)

Coding a Long-Running Operation Page in SharePoint Server 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (V

Watch the video and explore code as you learn how to write code to mimic the default long-running operations page (the "spinning wheel") in SharePoint Server 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Need help with basic coding of the SQL server database.

USE   KudlerFineFoods Insert   Into Employees (Emp_ID, Last_Name, First_Name, Address, City, State, Telephone_area_code, Telephone_number , EEO_1_Classification, Hire_date, Salary, Gender, Age, JobTitle) Values   (1, Edelman, Glenn, 175 Bishops_Lane, LaJolla, CA,619,5550199, Sales_Worker, 10/07/2003, $10.75, M, 64, Cashier); So what is wrong the server has a problem with Bishops_Lane,?

General Coding Standards Implementation?

Hello Friends, I had been struggling lot while the implementation of the general coding standards and i also want to know its compatibility with standard C and POSIX?   Thanks: Alfred  

Solution deployment requires executing execadmsvcjobs command on search server to complete deploymen

We have multiple Sharepoint 2007 farms and deploy custom code weekly to the farms. On one o the farms it is required to run stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs on the Search server in the farm in order for solution deployments to complete deploying. These are solution recycles that we are running. This is the only farm this happens on and all farms are identical. In central admin it shows the solution state as deploying. Farm Config Sharepoint 2007 SP2 w Dec Cumulative updates 1 WFE 1 Search server 1 SQL server

"The Server could not complete your request" on trying to connect to a site or create a new site wit

I am trying out SharePoint Designer 2010 on windows 2008 with SharePoint 2010 beta installed. When I try to connect to a site or create a new site I get the error: "The server could not complete your request.  For more specific information, click the Details button." When I clicked the Details button it says "Object moved" on one line then on the next it says "Object moved to here". I wanted to see the new workflow stuff but I cannot connect to a site.

where do find complete guide for sharepoint 2010 server object model?

where do find complete guide for sharepoint 2010 server object model?

Getting Error in Sql coding when i use it in Remote Server



I am getting Error in this code. I mention my ERROR in BOLD Letter in my Coding.. And i show u the Connectionstring Too.

BUt this code is working Perfectly in My local "Connectionstring"

Plz Help Me to solve this error.

Conn = New SqlConnection("Data Source=xxx.xxx.xxx.xx;Initial Catalog=xxxxxxxxxxxxx;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=xxxxxxxxxx;pwd=xxxxxxxx;MultipleActiveResultSets=True")

If (Conn.State = ConnectionState.Closed) Then
 End If
            ErrMsg = ""
            StrQry = ""
            StrQry = " select * from MO_users where({ fn LCASE(username) } = { fn LCASE('" & Username & "') }) " & _
                      " and (CAST(password AS binary) = CAST('" & Password & "' AS binary)) and status='1'"
            Cmd = New Sql

Semantic standards support in SQL Server


Will SQL server support semantic standards such as RDF, OWL, SPARQL similarly to Oracle 11g?  Thank you.

"Oracle Database 11g Semantic Technologies is an open, standards-based, scalable, secure, reliable and performant RDF management platform. Based on a graph data model, RDF data (triples) are persisted, indexed and queried, like other object-relational data types.

  • Stores rich, real-world relationships in the data beyond columns, table joins and Boolean to obtain more semantically complete query results.
  • Enables machine-driven discovery of new relationships using the native Oracle Database inference engine, ontologies, and RDFS /SKOS/OWL semantics and user defined rules. Inferred data is persisted in the database for faster querying.
  • Queries relationship patterns using either direct SPARQL access to Oracle Database 11g via Jena, Sesame or Joseki, or SQL with SPARQL-like clauses.
  • Supports W3C standards for the representation, vocabulary, inferencing and querying of relationships, including RDF, SKOS, RDFS, OWL, and SPARQL.
  • Supports key open source technologies, including Jena, Joseki, ARQ, Sesame, Pellet, D2RQ, Jetty, Cytoscape, GATE, and Protégé.
  • Secures RDF data at the graph and/or the triple level with declarative constraints on RDF classes and properties or EAL4+ multi-level sec

Server Farm Config not Complete


I am setting up SP 2007 on a Win 2003 R2 in a Win2003 domain. SP is using a small farm with one server for the DB and another for everything else.

When I open the Central Admin page I get in large red letters "Server Farm Configuration Not Complete." But as far as I can see it is. Both the application/web server and DB server are listed correctly under "Farm Topology."

I can't find anything that tells me what to do!

Need complete, detailed instructions on how to remove/uninstall SQL Server 2008 and R2


There are thousands of forum posts related to uninstalling SQL Server that provide varied information.  Most refer to the BOL article http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143412.aspx, which is useless in most error situations.  Can anyone provide true, complete instructions for removing all SQL Server components from a machine?  I'm not sure why there isn't a robust MS-provided utility for this, but I'll be relieved just to have a manual method.  I understand that there will be registry hacks, security group mods, folder deletions/renames from god knows how many places, and probably a cauldron of frog legs and shaken babies.  Just please don't make me cruise these endless seas of bogus forum posts any longer.  I am thirsty and seasick.

Thank you,


PS My Environment:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

SQL Server 2008 R2 (I think some of my old SQL 2008 "plain" install may still reside as well) Developer Edition - All components

Yes, I have VS 2010, which prbly caused the SQLExpress BS to hork my origh install in the first place.  I yearn for the day when VS and SQL teams kiss and make up.

the server could not complete the request.Contact your internet service provider or web server admin



I was trying to open the views of the document library in the sharepoint designer.I am getting error with dialog box:

the server could not complete the request.Contact your internet service provider or web server administrator to make sure that the server has frontpage server extension or sharepoint services installed.

it is asking for more information click on details button.when i click that button.

the it is showing like:

soap:ServerServer was unable to process request. ---> The given key was not present in the dictionary.

Appreciate your help.



The Server Could not complete your Request.Contact your internet service provider or web server admi


I am unable to open the any page in the sharePoint Designer. when ever i am trying to open the Page it showing in the "the Server Could not complete your Request.Contact your internet service provider or web server administrator to make sure that the server has the frontpage server extensions or sharePoint services installed" message. And i have tried the following senarios to over come from this issue but still i am having this issue.  but my sharePoint site is working fine .

I have two web application for ex: http://intranet.com and http://pmts.com where i can open the all custom pages from http://pmts.com application but not from the http://intranet.com applicaiton .

1. Tried to use the Default.aspx?contents=1 and closed the error webparts.

If some one knows any solution ,Please help

Thanks in Advance .

HI Guys,

I have Resolved this issue. the solution is .

When you install the MOSS 2007 SharePoint is creating the JOb Services in SQL server 2005 which is running for Every minute. Last week i was performing the Database Shrinking Process and I have disabled these jobs. Afer Todays struggling i remembered that i have disabled and no

"sqlrun_sql.msi" needed to complete Visual Studio 2005 SQL server installation


I had a hard drive failure at work so had to reinstall my whole development environment :(

I installed Windows 7 Professional.

I installed Visual Studio 2005 full install.

It suggested I installed Service Packs for the components to make them compatitible with Windows 7.

Windows update attempted to install "Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3" which always fails.

I looked at the help that came with the failure error and it said to got to "Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Visual Studio 2005 SQL Server -> Change" then finish up the suspended installation.

I do this and the installation asks for "sqlrun_sql.msi" which I cannot find on any installation disc or anywhere on the internet.

I have tried to repair Visual Studio 2005 and that didn't help.

Will reinstalling Visual Studio 2005 help.

This is so annoying as everytime I shutdown, windows trys to install the VS SQL update and it fails.

Any ideas?




SQL Server - A Complete DW Setup



In my current setup, I've have a SQL Server 2005 acting as a datawarehouse. Informatica is the ETL. Oracle ESSBASE is the dashboard and analyatical tools.

What will be the benefits and costs savings if the ETL is changed to Integration Services and the ESSBASE is replaced by Reporting Services and Analysis Services ? Are the inherent SQL Services on par with those mentioned 3rd party tools ? Or much better ? Say in SQL Server 2008 ?

Like your opinions please.



Microsoft coding guidelines

Coding guidelines or naming convention in brief

How do I create a complete standby server that I can instantly restore to and...


Please follow me here. I hope I make sense.

We have a 64 bit 2008 Server with SQL 2008. We do not wish to use clustering.

We want to build an identical server to this production on-line server so that in the event of a fire we could simply hook up a tape to the new clone server and restore the current backup. Our thought is that when we brought it online the system would see the same server. All we'd need to do is remove the old one from the domain and add the new one with the exact same IP and name.

We want to create a "Clone" server with all the identical software, names etc and leave it off-line. (hopefully forever)

That way we would not need another license because we would never have both servers online at the same time.


Is this possible and if so how would we do it?



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