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On Forward Engineering for Visio Professional 2010

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Forward Engineering in Visio Professional 2010 means the automatic generation of DB object create scripts such as CREATE TABLEs based on the given Visio database diagram. You can vote on the issue at Connect.




Kalman Toth, SQL Server & Business Intelligence Training; SQL 2008 GRAND SLAM

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Learn the specific roles Visio 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010 play in the development process and how these tools can be used in concert to create a workflow. (Length: 13:22)

SharePoint 2010 Professional Developer Evaluation Guide

The SharePoint 2010 developer evaluation guide describes the SharePoint 2010 developer platform, including walkthroughs of some of the new capabilities for developers.

Where is SQL Native Client 10.5.xxxx for Visio 2010

When attempting to use Reverse Engineer tool in Visio 2010 Professional for the Database Model Diagram, selecting SQL Native Client as the data source provider only gives the ODBC SQL Server Native Client as 10.0 (SQL Server 2008). How do I use 10.5.xxxx to connect to a SQL Server 2008 R2 database. Obviously the 10.0.xxxx provider won't understand the newer data types available in 2008 R2.

Trying to SYNC Project Professional to Sharepoint 2010 - what template do I use?

I want to use Sharepoint 2010 to sync, and track/record changes initiated from my Project Professional 2010 projects.  The intent is to have a web view (ideally editable) for my team to track work progress. Documentation is light right now for Sharepoint 2010/Project 2010.  Does anyone know: 1) Can Project Pro 2010 be sync'd with only the generic TASKS list template, or can it (should it) be sync'd with one of the other templates - like PROJECT TASKS, ISSUES LIST, or STATUS LIST? 2) Are there any Microsoft mapping diagrams showing what MS Project 2010 fields are mapped to Sharepoint 2010 fields? Since this jumps between 2 platforms, please let me know if I need to address this on the MS Project Pro 2010 forum.  Thanks. 

CAFM/ Space Management using: Visio/ Visio Services/ SharePoint 2010?


We accomplish Space accounting using  Autocad and Archibus to calculate square feet on a facilities floor plan. We would like to have that ability to use Autocad drawings imported into Visio and use Visio services to calculate square footage information and publish the smart drawings on the web using Sharepoint.

Is there anyone that has accomplished this type of work using the Visio/ SharePoint?  Any help is appreciated.  

Visual Studio 2010 Professional trial says you can extend your trial?


Visual Studio 2010 Professional trial says you can extend your trial? You can get a key to extend your trial by registering this copy online ...... "Obtain new key online" 

but it doesn't seem to work. Have Microsoft cancelled this extension or am I doing it the wrong way around?

Will Visio Premium 2010 supports StateMachineWorkflow with SPD2010?



I am new to sharepoint development.  Please bear me if this question is silly.

Can I design a statemachine workflow with VisioPremiun2010?Is it possible?

Please can explain anybody I really appreciate you.

Thanks in advance.





Setting Options Programmatically in Visio 2010 for Publishing to SharePoint Server 2010

Explore how to programmatically save Visio 2010 diagrams as web drawings for use with Visio Services in SharePoint Server 2010.

publishing visio 2007 diagrams to sharepoint 2010


Hi dear members !

I have such issue : customer wants to publish Visio 2007 diagrams (vsd files) to sharepoint 2010 . This is only allowed by Visio 2010 . Issue is to show diagrams in browser so user without Visio can look at them .

2010 Visio Services Data Auto Refresh Issue


I have published vdw diagram in Sharepoint 2010 Shared Documents. The diagram data is linked to SQL database.

When I view the diagram in the browser, unless I click dedicated "Refresh" button on the top left at the sharepoint page, data is not updating.

I have changed all the SP 2010 Global settings to minimal value = 0 (as per previous post called 2010 Visio Services Data Refresh Issue).

Still you need to click dedicated "Refresh" button on the top left at the sharepoint page in order to see updated data.

In the article called "Visio Services for SharePoint 2010" is stated that new Visio service supports AUTOMATIC REFRESH.

Am I missing something? Is it possible to have a visio diagram with AUTOMATIC REFRESH published in SharePoint 2010?

I can do some workarounds like publishing in web parts page that has auto pooling, but my understanding was that the Visio diagram refresh is event based on data change only - means if data do not change 10 minutes there will be no calls?



cannot launch Visio 2010 application from Sharepoint 2010 featureactivated code

Dear members ! Require Your Assistance whith following issue :
I am developing Sharepoint feature which should launch Visio 2010 application.
Sharepoint is 2010 , OS is Windows 2008 R2

this line of code
app = new Application(); raise error
{"Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {00021A20-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 80070005."}
So it is security problem . I was trying add rights for this COM object to Sharepoint account NetworkService (this recipe is providing by lot of forums), to  Users , Authenticate users even for Everyone
using dcomconfig.exe utility but without Success.
Right now I temporary change user account control settings in control panel so everything is ok but it is not a solution

Thks for you help


Installing VS 2010 Professional installs X86 version on my 64-bit system


I have a 64-bit laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate.

I tried installing VS 2010 Professional Beta 2 from the download at Microsoft, but I find that it installs this software under 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\'. Is this normal or I need to download another installer?


Sharepoint and Project Professional 2010


A couple of weeks ago one of my employees ran into an issue with Project Professional 2010 crashing on her.

I did some troubleshooting, and found that Project only crashes when I try to open more than one document from Windows Explorer view.  If I have Project open and use the File --> Open method, I am able to open multiple documents without having it crash. 

I checked everything on her computer from hardware, to bad sectors, Windows restore, ect.  I was advised to just leave the issue alone since there was a workaround.  Of course I wasn't satisfied with this solution, so I did some more exploring today and found the following:

Project Professional crashes only when opening more than one document from Windows Explorer view using Sharepoint.  The employee keeps all of her files on Sharepoint and opens/edit the documents from Sharepoint.  I tried pulling a couple of her Project docs into her documents folder on her personal machine, opened both of them, and it worked just fine.

Does anyone know why Project Pro would crash when opening multiple documents in Windows Explorer view from Sharepoint?  We are running Sharepoint 2010.

Creating an Office Plan ECMAScript Mashup Drawing in Visio 2010 to Display in SharePoint Server 2010

Learn how to use the Visio Services ECMAScript API to create a floor plan drawing in Visio Premium 2010 in a Web Parts page in SharePoint 2010.

Chapter 11: Business Connectivity Services (Professional SharePoint 2010 Development)

Read an overview of BCS and learn how to create simple no-code BCS solutions, administrate BCS, enhance BCS solutions by using SharePoint 2010 components, and create advanced BCS solutions in Visual Studio 2010.

Chapter 6: Search (Professional SharePoint 2010 Development)

Read an overview of the new Enterprise Search product line, tour the new architecture, and learn patterns that are common to developing extensions and applications.

ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript Snippet Support (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series)

This post covers another useful improvement in VS 2010 - HTML/ASP.NET/JavaScript snippet support. Snippets allow you to be more productive within source view by allowing you to create chunks of code and markup that you can quickly apply and use in your application with a minimum of character typing.

Visual Studio has supported the concept of "snippets" for VB and C# in previous releases - but not for HTML, ASP.NET markup and JavaScript. With VS 2010 we now support snippets for these content types as well.
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