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WPF 4.0 on Windows 7 Touch - Does PasswordBox support virtual (on-screen) keyboard?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF


I am developing a WPF 4.0 application to be deployed on a Windows 7 Touch machine.

During initial testing, I observed that TextBox control supports the virtual (on-screen) keyboard by default. However, the PasswordBox control does not seem to support the virtual keyboard.

I could not find any properties on PasswordBox to enable the virtual keyboard. Also, there isn't any guidance available online. For now, I assume that virtual keyboard has been disabled for security reasons.

Does the PasswordBox control support the virtual keyboard? If yes, please let me know the details.

Appreciate your time,


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The Compact Framework Control class doesn't provide direct access to Windows messages. However, with P/Invoke, a few lines of native code, and the Compact Framework MessageWindow class, it's still possible to access underlying Windows messages. This can be used to work around any .NET Framework features, including keyboard support, that are not included in the Compact Framework.

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 1. Move it to a particular location

 2. Set it to a certain width and height

 3. Remove the caption/titlebar so the user can't move it around or close it

 4. Remove that abilty to resize it (or any other user adjustments for that matter).

Basically it just permanently sits there.  I've tried all the typical API functions (MoveWindow, SetWindowPos, SetWindowLong, etc...) but it refuses to work.  Code currently works with all other processes and apps (such as internet explorer and the command prompt); it's almost as if you can't apply anything to the osk.  What am i missing?  Thanks in advance.





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Does SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition come preloaded on  Windows Server 2003 Virtual Server. I found this link http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=77f24c9d-b4b8-4f73-99e3-c66f80e415b6&displaylang=enMr Shaw

How to? Virtual Keyboard

Hi,I'm trying to create a website (asp.net in c#) to be used on a touchscreen monitor and need to do data input for the webpage by a virtual keyboard (on screen). I found one that allows me to do so (click here) but it has some restrictions.#1. I'm only able to assign one keyboard to one textbox - which means if i have ten textboxes I'll need to create ten keyboards for each textbox#2. I am unable to use it for dynamically created controls (e.g. gridview) as I have no idea what the created grid view control id's are. Is there a way for me to do data input using one keyboard for all my controls (could be another method different from the one I mentioned)? If not, can anyone tell me how I'll me able to get control id on control focus please?I appreciate your help.Thanks!

Using Windows 7 my screen resolution changed.

My screen resolution changed to 1280 X 720.The relavent sreen resolution section in windows only now allows me a max of the above.I am using NVIDIA Ge Force 9800GT graphics and ASUS VW220 monitor.Will appreciate any help.Cheers.    

SpellCheck (System.Windows.Controls) support for other Languages

Hi, I have a question about SpellCheck class. I use .NET 4.0 and I know that 4 languages are supported. I need to write an easy editor with spell check functionality. It will need to support Dutch language. Depending on when Dutch Language will be supported, the current project will go in different directions. Could you provide me any information about when it is going to happen (if it is going to happen)? With kind regards, Michal Bilinski, Meteo Consult, the Netherlands.

Screen settings in Windows forms

Hi friends, I have a windows forms application. In this i have a main form and i want its controls to always appear in the center of the screen regardless of the resolution and other settings. Please help me on how to achieve this. Thank you, Syed

Windows Forms MouseDown and MouseOver like next generation touch keyboards


Hi I m trying to make keyboard in windows forms.

im gonna use it in touchscreen 7" windows.

but i cant do onething.

i designed two different png for each button. one is "XKey.PNG" second is "XKeyHolddown.PNG" . As you can understand second is for mouseDown event. But I m not gonna use it in mouseOver event. so when i move mouse curser without mouseDown I dont want them change. I just Want button change when i mouseDown on it. and if you relase mouse ( mouseUp ) it must return to xKey.png and send X key.


mouseOver: none

mouseDown: set Image "XKeyholddown.PNG"

mouseUp: set Image "XKey.PNG" and send "x" key

that is easy way.

but i want to navigate my finger over buttons without relase my finger like android and iphone keyboards

i couldnt figure how to do that. i though maybe there would be an event named MouseDownAndOver or sth like that but i couldnt find.

anyone know anyway to do that?

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