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Adding Digital Signatures to repeating sections

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I'd like to know if there is someway to accomplish this without going into code behind.

I have tried to put a section into a repeating table but after applying a signature to it the ability to add a new section is lost. I am using a web enabled InfoPath 2007 form.

I selected Allow only one signature and lost the ability to add a new row. The button and text were gone from the reepeating table.

I selected All the signatures are independent (co-sign) and I wasn't able to add a new row to the repeating table. The text and button was there but when cliked got a message reading "This value has been digitally signed and cannot be changed"

I selected Each signature signs the preceding signature (counter-sign) and had the same effect as the co-sign option.

The app keeps making the controls read-only. I turn it off and it goes back to checked.

Any ideas on how to make this work? Or if it is possible?



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Digital Signatures: Application Guidelines on Digital Signature Practices for Common Criteria Securi


This article is an overview of digital signature practices and user considerations necessary to write applications in compliance with ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria security. Signing categories are described, including those that are a potential risk to the implied trust association that goes with a digital signature.

Jack Davis

MSDN Magazine November 2009

Digital Signatures Verification Error


Hey all;


Not 100% sure this is a sharepoint problem, but maybe someone can help.  I am installing a digital signature block that is being made available on a browser form.  The sig is working, but I can not get a valid signature on the form.  I am told there is a Digital Signatures Verification Error. 


Reading other posts tells me that I have to have my signature cert in the trusted Root authority of the sharepoint server.  Here is the rub..


When I use certificate manager, I s

Can SharePoint read/recognize Digital Signatures?

I am using Content Control Mapping to pull certain fields from a Word Document and include it as columns when a document is uploaded into a Document Library. We're using MOSS 2007 and Word 2007. It is required that the user digitally signs the document before uploading.  Is there a way to get the signature to appear as a column in a similar fashion?  Alternately, even just showing that the document was signed would be nice.  I'm new to this mapping business, and Google hasn't been much help. I realize I could use the Collect Signatures workflow, but that seems cumbersome to 1) have the user submit it, 2) have an admin open each document and start the workflow and 3) have the user THEN sign the document.  That's more steps than simply manually opening and verifying digital signatures. I figure I'm missing something obvious here.  Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Wierdenss with digital signatures.

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/raulga/archive/2006/10/30/using-a-digital-signature-as-a-secondary-identity-to-replace-cross-database-ownership-chaining.aspx Greetings. The object names used here reflect the article, though they were of course modified in my environment. So I just completed the above exercise customized for our environment. I skipped the step of creating the sproc in db_source, because it already existed. However, when I would get to this part: ADD SIGNATURE TO [schema_MyApp].[sp_MyApp01] BY CERTIFICATE [cert_MyAppSecIdentity] WITH SIGNATURE = 0x5EF9C30476A8E3E248E9E11B7563528EB02DA1D8F440CAA9141841B9F3101F1988760D2775000CD0D70F44A8672984E327FBF2676E7FAC9AAED8E6F383A98B2A569A407577917E671F3D632EF7326AD3770A32E05CF43A613D310D64B6D52FD978E57A73912BF3587C475E48F4AA58561A7E0DB5D9DB53D35E03EC281BEC7772 go I kept getting the message along the lines of "invalid public key". Of course I changed the sproc name and SIGNATURE according to my environment, so I don't know why there would be an issue? I only got around it when I dropped/ recreate the sproc in db_source, which kind of has me worried. Any ideas?  TIA, ChrisRDBA

InfoPath 2010, Multiple Repeating Sections have same name, Diff data connections using same SQL Serv

I've created an InfoPath 2010 form that has three Repeating sections and each one uses a different data connection but all three connections use the same table in SQL Server... "Accounts".  Now you might ask why I would do this? Well I need different sets of data in each section and it all resides in the same table in the repository. Also, sometimes one section will not have information and I do not want a bunch of blank fields displaying in the repeating section. So I split the data into separate sections. Now here is the challenge for you guru's out there. :) I want to use one column in the 3rd repeating section  to refer back to another column in the first repeating section.(for referential integrity) Unfortunately since they both use the same table in the database they possess the same name under advanced view:  myFields/dataFields "d_:Accounts". In fact all three of my repeating sections have the same name based upon the database table used in the data connection. In the SQL statement I attempted to rename each of the connections via the statement. I have not tried to give the table an alias in the statement yet. Will try that one next. 1. Is there a simple way to rename the repeating Section from "d_:Accounts" to something else so that  they are each unique? (Without using backend code as I've only used InfoPath/SP/S

Repeating Sections in Share point designer workflow




I created repeating section drop down. This drop down gets data from the list.


Now i create a work flow in a share point designer. I want to get all the repeating values in the work flow which i want to send a email with all values.


But in share point designer i can get only ROOT value, and can not get the child.. Means the first value of the section, not others.


Please help me to get all the values.

Approval Workflow and Digital Signatures


Environment = SharePoint MOSS 2007 Enterprise versio, and Office 2007 Professional/Enterprise

User = SharePoint Collection Admin, Full Control, other users signing and approving have Contribute permission

Settings on Out-of-the-Box (OOB) Approval WF are:  Start manually (no restrictions on manage list permission), Update Approval status on workflow completion, using the Worklfow Tasks list (created by default with the Publish feature enabled)

Documenent library requires content approval and both major and minor versioning are enabled.

Then, in a Word document,  digital signatures are inserted, and the Approval WF is started from within the Word client.  Here is what seems to be odd.  The document is required to be checked out (otherwise the sign operation is not allowed).  Upon checking the document out in order to sign it (no other modifications to the document), the minor version increases...normal behavor for checkout and checkin.  However, in signing a document, we would not want the minor version to change.  Also, the minor version increment is not necessarilly by one.  It might go from 0.1 to 0.3., 0.5., then 0.6 just with one person tasked to sign it and one check out one check in.

Question:  How is the OOB Approval workflow with digital signatures in say Word, really supp

SharePoint 2010 Collect Signatures workflow - no digital signatures?


Hello, I configured a "Collect Signatures" workflow for the content type "Document", then uploaded a MS Word 2010 (.docx) document as content type "Document".  This Word document as 2 empty Signature Line in it.

I then start the workflow, basically 2-stage with 2 person from my Active Directory.  However, what I found is that when I go to my workflow task and click on the "This document requires your signature" link, it pops up a "Workflow Task" box in the browser.  There is a "Sign" button which I can click to sign but it does not sign on the signature lines inside my Word document.

What am I doing wrong here?  Or does SharePoint 2010 Collect Signatures workflow no longer work with digital sigantures?  Thanks.

Adding Titles/Headers to Survey Sections?


When using the OOTB survey web part, is it possible to add a header/title to the top of each survey page?  That is, if my survey appears on multiple screens either because I added page seperators or used branching logic, can I add some line of text at the top of those screens to help categorize the questions?  Even better would be if that header/title/category name would also appear when exporting the results to Excel.

I'm sure this could be done through developing a custom web part in VS, but want to first explore other options first.

Thanks in advance.

Is there a limit in the number of digital signatures?


Is there a limit to the number of different digital signature lines/sections you can add to a form? They would like 8 different signature lines/sections  for various reasons and on the last few I can't seem to add any more. They all wind up using the same digital signature data to sign, if i change one they all change..

Thanks for any help...


repeating sections (InfoPath 2003 and SP 2003)


Rookie here - still using Infopath 2003 and SharePoint 2003.  I have a simple form, trying to use a repeating section to capture vendor names associated with a process.  Insert item works fine but when submitted to my SharePoint form library I'm only seeing the first vendor selected and not subsequent vendors added through the "insert item" option.  I'm sure this is something amazingly simple I'm missing but I haven't been able to find an answer despite searching the web for several days.

Also, if anyone has ideas for setting a unique file name using some type of record counter that would also be useful.  Thanks!

Programatically adding rows to nested repeating tables in Infopath Form based on a criteria


Req Nested Repeating Table:







Adding Dynamic Rows in ASP.NET GridView Control with TextBoxes and with Delete functionality

In my previous examples, I have demonstrated on how to add dynamic rows in GridView control with TextBoxes and how to save the values into the database. Now, seems that most of the developers are asking if how to add a delete functionality with it. So in this example, I'm going to show on how to delete a certain row in the dynamic GridView with TextBoxes.

Adding Rows in GridView without using a Database

This article describes on how to add rows in GridView without using a database. Basically the GridView will be populated with data based on the values entered in the TextBox on Button Click and retain the GridView data on post back.

Adding Multiple Columns and Rows in GridView without using a Database

This article describes on how to add multiple columns and rows in GridView without using a database. Basically the GridView will be populated with data based on the values entered in each TextBoxes on Button Click and retain the GridView data on post back.

Adding Dynamic Rows in GridView with TextBoxes

I decided to write this article because this has been asked so many times before at the forums(http://forums.asp.net) . Basically, this example shows on how to generate a Row in GridView with TextBoxes when clicking a Button that is residing inside a GridView Footer.

Adding Dynamic Rows in GridView with TextBoxex in C#

I decided to write this article because this has been asked so many times before at the forums(http://forums.asp.net) . Basically, this example shows on how to generate a Row in GridView with TextBoxes when clicking a Button that is residing inside a GridView Footer.
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