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Promoted fields not available in SPD work flow

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I have an InfoPath form that I have published to a form library. I initially only promoted one field called departments to the library. After messing around a bit, I decided I needed three other fields promoted and wanted to use them in a SPD work flow.

We have MOSS 2007 and I am using Forms Server publishing for this form as our people only have Office 2003 w/out InfoPath on their machines. It is a one WFE setup with a separate SQL box.

I re saved the form, and republished it adding the new fields to promote. They were not available to the SPD work flow when I choose "Set field in current item."

The only fields I see available to choose from in this area are the originally promoted department field, as well as the stock "Title" and Name (for use in forms).

So I figured maybe I need to publish to a new library. I deleted the old library, and published to a new library. Same problem.

I have tried a variety of actions including closing and opening SPD, removing spaces in the field names on the form and re adding them as fields to promote, but SPD is stuck on just the three fields. I don't understand why I likes department and not datesubmitted or requestnumber.

Any suggestions?


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Work Flow designer rehosting?

Hi, I know how to create a WF designer using WPF. Can any one tell me how to integrate it with Host Application? I have a WF, i need that WF to be edited/added activities by business users. But I dont know how to integrate the exisiting host application with the WF designer?    

Remove Previously Promoted Fields

I am having trouble removing previously promoted fields from my form library.   Scenario:   InfoPath 2007 SharePoint Server 2007 using Forms Services   I had published my infopath form as a content type and made that content type the default for this form library.  I then promoted several fields when I published the form and I gave them custom names in the publishing wizard.  I then changed the custom names when I published the next version of the form template (because I decided to call them something different).    The problem is that the old promoted field names are still showing in both the content type and the library along with the new names (I now have twice as many columns as I should have).  I was able to delete these extra columns from the content type but they still show up in the library.  When editing settings on the library, these columns are not editable (thier names are not clickable).  I have deleted all form instances from the library (thinking that maybe an old form instance that used the old names caused them to stick around) but that had no effect.    How on earth do I get rid of these columns that were created by field promotion?  I would rather not delete the entire form library because that means recreating my workflows that I have built on the library.

Can't get Distinct work, when combining fields from inner joined tables

Hi to all.I have a users table, each user has a session and each session has multiple parameters.I would like to retrieve all params for a specific user and get the paramID from the params table and the date submitted from the sessions table.This is the linq to SQL query so far:var items = (from param in db.Params join session in db.Sessions on param.SessionID equals session.ID where userID.Equals(session.UserID) //userID is the function argument orderby session.DateSubmitted descending select new { ParamID = param.ID, DateSubmitted = session.DateSubmitted }).Distinct(); I have noticed that when the DateSubmitted is fetched, i have multiple instances of a param in the result set, meaning that the Distinct does not work as expected. If i remove it like this:var items = (from param in db.Params join session in db.Sessions on param.SessionID equals session.ID where userID.Equals(session.UserID) //userID is the fu

Access Denied while using Sharepoint designer 2007 to create a work flow

I am using Sharepoint Designer 2007 to create a work flow that sends emails to different people in a group depending on status of a record. For example, when some one reports a problem, an email is posted to concerned person and as soon as he/she checks the problem and updates the status an email is sent to next department and so on. Starting the work flow creation wizard is no problem but as soon as I press 'Finish' to create workflow I get 'Access Denied' message box. Any Ideas? I am using WSS 3.0 on 2003 Server.

sharepoint designer work-flow, task attachment enable

Hi I want to creat a sharepoint approval work-flow, which is sequencial so i am devloping it using sharepoint designer, but my chalange is that when it create a task for first approvar it should have an attachment option with task so when first approvar approve and want to attach anything he/she can attach refrence, then it should go to second approval and he also able to check or make additional attachment and so on can any one let me know is it possible and if then how thanks in advance

Can't make parameterized query work in data flow task


I have an OLE DB source in a data flow task.  The connection is pointing to a SQL Server 2008 instance.  My SQL works fine when I click the preview button.  Now I need to make it parameterized by adding a question mark in my where clause.  After doing so & clicking the Parameters button, I get the error described in this post .  When I try to do what's described therein to correct the problem (click the "build query" button), I get the error "The PIVOT SQL construct or statement is not supported."

I can't make this query an expression; it's simply too complex to maintain that way (besides, just pasting it into an expression builder window and trying to evaluate as is doesn't work - can't evaluate).

So the question is, how do I parameterize a query?  And why does SQL here work so radically differently from SQL in an execute SQL task?

Send file as an email in work flow


My company works out of a SharePoint doc library to process orders.  Sometimes the orders need to be sent to another department.  The other departments need the files emailed to them. I only have access to SPD-07 - I would like to create a workflow something like:  If department = techservices, email file to techservices@email.com then delete the item. 

Is this possible?

The other departments have SharePoint sites, but they are not in other sites (they are top level sites in the root as our dept is). I had thought if i could copy and move, but this is not an option unless it is in the same site.

Any help much appreciated!

custom actions on work flow suspended sharepoint 2010




I need few custom actions like sending emails and few logs update  using  enterprise library. What will be the best approach for this .

will SPWorkflowEventReceiver   > WorkflowPostponed  solve my pupose


if yes, is there any alternate solution possible?

How to avoid receiving DUE date field in Collect Feed Back Work Flow?

I have create a share point 2010 workflow, in my form there is a optional field called Due Date .If i dint select any date in that it give date like 01/01/0001 

Instead of that i need to hide or set i have to set some text to it. How to do this???

Creating a work flow, 'Access denied' ahhhhhhhhhhh


hopefully someone can help me with this before i begin playing target practice at the server with bricks.


Iv created a simple list. (contains no items at this point) Then i created a reuseable work flow in SPD (latest version - installed yesterday!) then published, when trying to add this flow to the list, only if i click either of the option "start flow when add/edit" i get the very anoying 'Access denied' Im logged in as the site col admin.

After some research it seems this is a common bug, a solution that seems to work for others is to check out/check in the flow. However i do not see any option to check out/check in any flows. Infact i dont think iv ever seen this option on anything in Designer.


Can someone please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advanced



Failed to read Mysite(hosted on port: 80) profile properties using Work flow



I developed a sequential work flow to read My site profile properties. Which is working fine in development and test servers but not in production server.

My development and test server have my sites hosted on port number other than port 80. I am having no issues here working my code. I just pass my site URL to SPSite object...

SPSite site = new SPSite("http://developmentserver:5252/");

SPSite site = new SPSite("http://testserver:2383/");

Coming to the production server, I have my sites hosted on port 80. I change my sites URL to

SPSite site = new SPSite("http://mysites");

My work flow runs with out any error but it is not doing as it suppose to do. Think, it is not reading any profile properties. I am unable to debug the code as production server is 64 bit computer. I even changed my sites URL with complete domain name qualifying.

PSite site = new SPSite("http://mysites.domain.com");

Please help me to resolve this. I really appreciate your help!






3 promoted fields in infopath 2010 not displaying in spd 07


This is driving me nuts.  First I thought it was a refreshing issue.  So i closed SPD and opened it again; i refreshed, restarted the computer, made changes in the form, re-uploaded.  You name it. 

I have 3 fields that are not displaying is SPD; they are 2 text fields and an option list with 2 options (yes/no).  I selected file -> info tab -> form options -> property promotions and added them to the column list in InfoPath.  When that didn't work I read on this site to try doing it through the actual publish area.  So i did that instead when you go thru the publish wizard.  Still nothing.


This is an administrator approved form.  Moss 2007 | 1 WFE | SQL 2005 | SPD 2007 | InfoPath 2010

Thanks, as always any help is greatly appreciated,

Create Work flow application integrating with domain user and asp.net web pages


Hi, I am WF 4.0 learner. I want to create a work flow application where there will be a request web form to fill out the information lets say request for Books order. There will be couples of primary approver who can approve or reject that request. If approve by primary approver it goes to seconday or final approver who also can do approve or reject the request. Only after appove by secondary approver the flow will be successfully end.

In this flow, all users from the domain can request. some users will be primary approver and some are secondary approvers. Can we develop this scenario in WF 4.0? Your idea will be most welcomed. Thanks

support and search

Unable to Send email when work flow added from designer


I intiate a workflow when item added to a doc library it is not sending Email notification.

Column filter in Business Data List web part does not work for all fields


I have a BDC entity whose fields contain a variety of data – numbers, dates and strings.  When I use the business data list web part I find that some of the columns’ dynamic filtering (accessed from the list’s column header) doesn’t work.  For these problem fields, the filter values load correctly but when I select a value all records disappear.  Initially I thought this was limited to just string columns but there is one string column that does filter correctly.

Here are some things that may be useful to know:

1.       The datasource is a SQL view and all fields are varchar(255)


System.ServiceModel.Channels.Message class problem in work flow persistence


I have used following link to create a workflow to call web service(asmx) in workflow rehosting.


I have created the workflow successfully. But when i run the workflow and workflow goes for persistence it shows following pesistence related errors.

1.The execution of the InstancePersistenceCommand named {urn:schemas-microsoft-com:System.Activities.Persistence/command}SaveWorkflow was interrupted by an error.

2.Type 'System.ServiceModel.Channels.StreamedMessage' cannot be serialized. Consider marking it with the DataContractAttribute attribute, and marking all of its members you want serialized with the DataMemberAttribute attribute.  If the type is a collection, consider marking it with the CollectionDataContractAttribute.  See the Microsoft .NET Framework documentation for other supported types."

I think this error is related to serialization of Message class.

Can anyone suggest?




RadioButton inside GridView, How to get it work as normal

Did you tried before to drag a RadioButton control inside a Gridivew templatefield, and then you attempt to select these RadioButtons , you will notice that the behavior of RadioButton control will be changed and it will work just like the behavior of checkbox control! the user will be able to select more than one radiobutton in the grid!
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