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Free WinForms/ASP.NET/Silverlight controls

Posted By: Jean Paul     Posted Date: October 28, 2010    Points: 2   Category :.NET Framework
Some free set of controls of good usage

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all basic windows controls,wpf controls,silverlight application

here you will find all the information from basic.

Wicked Code: Craft Custom Controls for Silverlight 2


If you're unfamiliar with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), building that first Silverlight custom control can be a daunting experience. This article walks through the process.

Jeff Prosise

MSDN Magazine August 2008

Extreme ASP.NET: Encapsulate Silverlight with ASP.NET Controls


To implement Silverlight in ASP.NET pages, you can encapsulate your Silverlight elements in ASP.NET controls. Here's how.

Fritz Onion

MSDN Magazine January 2008

Creating Custom SharePoint 2010 Field Types and Controls with Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 3

Learn how developers can create rich experiences in SharePoint Server 2010 publishing sites using Microsoft Silverlight 3.

WinForms Controls under Windows 7

I have a small WinForms application which looks fine under Windows XP. When it's run under Windows 7 the controls look awful. The TabControl uses different sizing (horizontal/vertical dimensions) and tab spacing. The images in buttons are very small and lose definition. The CheckBox is very tiny. The height of the header row for DataGridView controls is very small, even though I have set an explicit height. Controls in a certain dialog box do not even work unless I "Disable visual themes" on the Compatibility tab of the application properties. I had carefully sized and aligned controls for a clean appearance under Windows XP. Windows 7 appears to have destroyed those efforts. What's going on and how can I restore the appearance to be as desired? Thanks!

Is there any free notify controls like facebook for posts etc

Hi, All    I have written a little social network for one of my sites. Is there any controls out there free to notify the user of wall posts etc ? Many Thanks Kered  

Select multiple controls on tabpage, Drag & Drop control(s) (WinForms)


I'm wondering, if somebody got some code or thoughts for selecting multiple control displayed on tab page and drag & drop control on tab page it self. Something like on windows desktop, where you can draw a rectangel with mouse cursor to select folder and files. Also, drag folder or files to different location.



Place controls on form (WinForms C#)


Hello! I cannot place controls on form and set them to be resized on resizing whole window (or when it is maximized).

I have a ListView at the bottom (docked to bottom border), a TabControl at the leftside (docked left) and all other area should be filled by one more control - WebBrowser. But if I dock it to FILL all area it goes behind tabcontrol and listview... what am I doing wrong here?

whats a good website for free jquery controls ??


Like Ajax control toolkit, where can I find a good website for tons of free jQuery-based controls such as drop down lists, toggle buttons, ?

i hope they have nice graphics and such.


Can I use WinForms, ASP.NET and Silverlight with the same WCF service?



I'm exploring WCF, trying to find my feet and decide if it's the right architecture for our project. We are looking at having a WCF service that provides a central point of access for various clients, including WinForms, ASP.NET and Silverlight 4. We are using self-tracking entities (STEs).

I have tested out a solution in which I can have a WCF service and use it from WinForms and ASP.NET without any problems. I used the STE T4 template, and put the STEs in their own class library, which I referenced from the client project. This all worked fine.

I ran into trouble trying to build a Silverlight 4 client to access the same WCF service. It seems that SL can't reference a non-SL project, so I can't use the same STE project as I used in the other client. I added a SL class library, hoping I could use that in the non-SL clients, but this didn't work.

So, it looks like I am going to have to have two separate WCF services, one that sends out plain old STEs, and one that uses a SL version if I want to get this to work. Frankly this is unacceptable, and one of the main points of having a single point of access was consistency. If we have to maintain two separate services, we lose a lot of that.

I have searched in vain for an answer to this, which surprises me as I would have expected many people to want to do such a thing.


Silverlight controls disabled



  I just installed sliverlight 3 tools on my machine. I see the silverlight xaml controls faded or disabled in the visual studio 2008 toolbox. I wonder why? The same thing is happening  on my other machine that has Visual studio 2010 installed with silverlight4 tools on it.

Anybody has some helpful hints on this?

Silverlight User Controls and n-tier architecture.


Hi. I'd like to add a datagrid in silverlight that it's data source is a cmsPage. Now the existing system is a projectLess website that uses the 3 tier architecture to retrive cmsPages (ASP.Net 4.0). How can I connect the datagrid user control in the silverlight application to the Buisness logic layer? The other alternative I see is sending to the usercontrol a dataset - how do I accomplish that?


Thanks in advance,


Silverlight user controls on a projectless website



I'd like to know how (and if) I can integrate silverlight generated user controls in a non-silverlight projectless website (built in ASP.NET 4.0)

also, How can I access a dataset that is edited on a silverlight gridview control?

Thanks a lot!


Who is the best provider of commercial controls for WPF and Silverlight?


Please provide me with guidance as to the best provider of commercially available controls for the Microsoft development environements, specifically the WPF and Silverlight platforms. So far my internet research has given me the following:


I would appreciate feedback on whether there are others worth looking at and opinion on which provides the best value for developers



Binding WPF Controls to an Entity Data Model

In this interview, programming writer, McLean Schofield, demonstrates how to bind WPF controls to an entity data model, using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. You can also learn more in the topic: Walkthrough: Binding WPF Controls to an Entity Data Model.

Free Code Snippets - ASP.NET

You Can Find Useful ASP.NET Related Posts on the above link.

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