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SSRS Integration on SP2010

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I have SP2010 setup on box NBWSS, have SSRS in SP Integrated mode setup on NBINDEX with SQL server 2008 R2 setup on NBSQL08. I went through the configuration of SSRS fine, and could view the ReportServer base website. I went into Central Admin and went through the SSRS configuration steps of providing the report server name and crednetials and adding an instance of the report server, all completed with no errors. I go to my SP site to a document library that has the SSRS web parts enabled. I go to the ribbon, click Library Tools > Documents. Then I click the drop down on New Document, and click on Report Data Source. SP churns for a second or two and then gives me there error message below. I have setup SSRS service and execution accounts with a domain admin service account and used the same account when providing credentials in Central Admin SSRS setup. Stumped at this point. Thanks for the help in advance.


The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.


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How to pass current user's login name as parameter to a RDL . (SSRS integration with sharepoint)

I have a webmethod which has two parameters. One is for year and another is for Currently logged in user. I call this method in RDL file. From RDL File how can we pass Currently logged in user's login name? I tried  with USER!UserID. It is passing the USERID but i need to pass the login name(SPWEB.currentuser.loginname)  

Parameter value filter based on user in SSRS (SharePoint Integration mode)


Hello..we have a reuirement where we have to filter the parameter value in the drop down based on the user who is accessing the report. We have form and Windows authenication enabled in the SharePoint site (some users will be from inside the network using windows and some will be accessing the site using internet using the Form Authentication).

Please let me know what would be the best way to handle this reuirement? Do we need to create a separate table  and store the User Information along with the parameter values they have access to, pass the userid from Report to db and then fileter the records using this table? OR Can we create a SharePoint List to maintain the user access information and then directly fetch the user information from the list using T-SQL to filter the records?

Please let me know your suggestion...


MOSS and SSRS Integration Problem



Hi all,


We're currently having a great deal of difficulty getting our MOSS/SSRS integration configured.  In short, we're getting "A connection to the computer cannot be established." message in the Grant Database Access page of the Reporting Services Integration settings. 


A few more points:


We have two servers:

  • Server A:  Win2K3 EE SP2, MOSS 2007, SSRS Integration Components
  • Server B:  Win2K3 EE SP2, SQL Server 2005 SP2, MOSS database, SSRS, WSS 3.0, SSRS Integration Components

A user in IE on Server A can successfully browse to the ReportServer virtual directory on Server B.


Another "test" MOSS server has been configured separately and successfully against Server B, so it seems like there's something amiss with Server A.  The report server configuation tool shows all green.  There are no entries in the App or System log that appear related to this issue.  We've looked at KB's 871179 and 896861; no luck there.


We've tried both Windows Authentication and Trusted Connection with a number of different accounts, including a domain admin.  N

SSRS SP1 and Sharepoint 2007 build 6529 Integration

Scenario is single server (VM for dev)

Windows Server 2008 SP2 x86
Sharepoint 2007 build 6529
SQL Server 2008 w/SP1 integrated, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS

Kerberos configured for all Sharepoint services and working, SPNs set on machine account for kernel mode auth

SSRS configured to use service acct

get an error occurred during client rendering.  I also cannot get to the SSRS web service url .../ReportServer

Now i switch the account to networkservice, which contains the spn in AD as a sideeffect, i get the .../ReportServer page, but still the same error in MOSS.  Am i missing something?  I have read articles that state that using NetworkService on a single server with MOSS and SSRS is not supported as that account is explicitly denied access, which ironically both services could use the SPN, but how would i configure SSRS's service account?  also, i see the subsite in MOSS .../ReportServer in both scenarios, however because it's MOSS i am unsure if this is the correct behavior as everything i have seen suggests that a new IIS site needs to be created for SSRS.  If this is the case, where is the integration point in MOSS?

Sharepoint 2010 Integration with SSRS


When you install SSRS as sharepoint 2010 integrated are then able to create reports using data (lists) from sharepoint?   Currently I use access/excel to make more advanced SSRS type reports with logic.   I know you can do it directly on Sharepoint with VS, but I just need quick and dirty ways to do it that I can teach to others quickly.


How to add SSRS Integration to an existing SharePoint 2010 farm


Note to Administrator: this post is regarding SharePoint 2010, but I was unable to select 2010 for the forum when creating the thread.  Please feel free to move it to the appropriate forum.

pre-2010 Moderator Note: I don't understand why not. Please in a later post add a paragraph with how you created the thread.

I've found some instructions on TechNet for configuring SSRS Integration with SharePoint 2010, however they all assume you are starting from scratch.  I have a production two-server farm up and running: a web front end and a database server (SQL 2008 R2).  Reporting Services is enabled and the SP-Integrated database created on the SQL server.

I tried installing the WFE bits on the SQL server and adding the server to the farm, but I encountered errrors trying to add it to the farm.  Does anyone have instructions for adding SSRS Integration to a production farm?

ssrs integration with sharepoint



I have a three server sharepoint farm. The first is a  application server(WFE) on which i have installed sharepoint 2007 . The second server i have the sharepoint  database and the third server is the reporting server. The third server does not have sharepoint installed on it.

To intergate sharepoint with ssrs do i need to install reporting services on the application server.

If i install sharepoint 2007 (WFE) on the reporting server. How do i load balance the WFE.

Steps I followed.

1) Installed the sharepoint add in on the application server .

2)Installed the  Reporting services on the reporting server.

3) Application Management> Reporting Service > Grant Database  Access  Page . i added the  name of the server to the Server instance and i an error

 Unable to connect to the Report Server WMI provider.


SSRS 2008 R2 running in SharePoint 2010 Integration mode - Not able to schedule reports.



I am unable to schedule report am getting following error when trying to schedule an SSRS report from ReportViewer Webpart in SharePoint 2010.

  • The current action cannot be completed. The user data source credentials do not meet the requirements to run this report. Either the user data source credentials are not stored in the report server database, or the user data source is configured not to require credentials but the unattended execution account is not specified. (rsInvalidDataSourceCredentialSetting)

I have SSRS 2008 R2 running in SharePoint 2010 Integration mode on Win 2008 R2 System.

I have also setup the unattended execution account from the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, which has appropriate privilates on the database to generate report.

Also, I have reporting webservice setup @ following url (am using the named instance of SQL Server):


Am able to view the report from report viewer webpart but unable to schedule it.

Kindly let me know what's going wrong.

Thanks in Advance,

Sachin R. Chavan.

Sachin R. Chavan.

CLR Integration With Microsoft SQL Server

Transact-SQL provides as much flexibility as possible but, because it is not a real programming language, it has some shortcomings about many issues (memory management, exception handling, debugging, file processing (or streaming), object-orientation (classes), or thread management). Transact-SQL also lacks features of normal libraries (arrays, collections, serialization, expressions, or string manipulations, etc).

where can i download from SSRS?


Hi all,

My  machine is alread installed with Sql Server 2005.  I need to install sql server 2005 reporting services as a add-on.

Where can i download this from. Can anyone post the link here..?


Thanks in advance


MDX Query parameter from SSRS


I've a MDX Query that has where clause as shown below.
I'm designing report using SSRS 2008. How can i pass date as parameter ? I tried to setup @from and @to as parameter but not working ?
any ideas....

WHERE ( {[Date Central].[Calendar Date].[2010-04-01 00:00:00]:[Date Central].[Calendar Date].[2010-08-30 00:00:00]} )

need it to work as
WHERE ( {[Date Central].[Calendar Date].[@From]:[Date Central].[Calendar Date].[@To]} )



How to change text in columns in SSRS?


I need to create a complex report and export it to Excel. 

In the first column header, text is displayed as "Hide Daily Columns", but I need the text to change as "Unhide Daily columns" when I click on it and when the text changes the columns under "daily" header (I have 3 columns under this header) present in the report shud be hidden and only weekly columns shud be visible. Any ideas please. I am new to SSRS and tried out many ways but didn't get it.

AppFabric Cache: Real-World Usage and Integration


Windows Server AppFabric provides a distributed cache for both web and desktop applications. Well show you how to integrate AppFabric caching into your apps, along with some hints for taking advantage of new cache features in the .NET Framework 4.

Andrea Colaci

MSDN Magazine June 2010

CI Server: Redefine Your Build Process with Continuous Integration


Jay Flowers demonstrates how to set up and use a Continuous Integration server using both discrete tools and the more comprehensive CI Factory solution.

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Since the focus of this column is service-oriented architecture (SOA), I thought now might be a good time to step back and take a wide-angle look at the general concept and what it means to developers.

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MSDN Magazine February 2005

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