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Sharepoint 2007 "New Document" hyperlink not working

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, Sharepoint 2007, latest version of IE8 and Office Professional 2010 (including Infopath 2010).  I have Form Libraries (Infopath forms) and when I go into the form library and click on New>New Document, nothing happens.  The menu folds up so that I just see New with the drop down arrow, but there is no browser error or anything else displayed, and Infopath 2010 never opens with the .xsn template. 

I did not have this issue on my previous platform of XP SP3, Sharepoint 2007, IE7 and Office Professional 2007 (including Infopath 2007)

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In sharepoint excel working fine in office 2007 but not in office 2010


Hi All,

we receive error  while trying to create excel sheet using the template we have uploaded on the SharePoint 2007.


This occurs on a machine that has Office 2010 installed. Earlier the machine had Office 2007 and everything was working fine.


Can you let me know why is problem is coming and how to resolve this.



Sanjeev Tiwari


Sharepoint 2007 Search Not Working


I am pulling my hair out guys. I have tried everything i could find from this site and all other sites but have not been successful. No matter what i do I cannot get the search to work. We are using SharePoint 2007 and the search had been fine but our security team performed some patches and now I’m stuck with a dead search feature.

Any help would be immensely appreciated.

Things I have tried but did not resolve the problem:

1. Check all accounts and passwords

2. Run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard

3. Reboot server reset IIS

4. Try to rebuild the index but that also fails

5. Check the Content Access Account

Discussion board template of SharePoint 2007 not working properly


Use case 1 – Discussion board to suggest change to documents

 User adds a suggestion. The discussion board needs fields like module name, document name, section name and reason for a change etc.


 Problem 1 – When I try to add fields to the discussion board – When a user wants to post a reply to a suggestion, user screen shows the new item form and all fields instead of just a reply or comment field. Need help how can I ensue user only sees reply or comment field?


 Problem 2 – If I make these changes in the discussion board template through SharePoint designer 2007 and later if we plan to upgrade to SP 2010. Do I have to redo the changes I did on old discussion board or will upgrade take care of migration of the changes to new discussion board template available with SP 2010? 




SharePoint 2007 Expiration Policy Not working : Access denied for the site


I have a SharePoint 2007 List with Expiration Enabled in Information and Policy Management. I have a datatime column ExpiryDate which i used in Expiration. On Expiration I have chose to delete the item. Through Central Admin I run the expiration by clicking "Process Expired Items now" button. I got the following error in the Windows event viewer.

Expiration Service for site http://md-rmanimaran failed.

Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

EventID: 5016

Category: Information Policy Management 

Where I need to specify the login details to get rid of this error? Anybody Please help..




sharepoint 2007 cache not working

Hi,  we have performance problems with our medium SharePoint farm (2 FE, 2 APP en SQL Cluster). One of the problems is probably related to the cache on the FE's not working. I enabled the two features that need to be enabled, setup a cache profile and enabled debug info is written. I then went in and enabled output caching based on this profile. But what ever I do, I cannot seem to speed up the rendering of these mainly static pages and evenso the source does not include any 'cache' terms (which it should according to the docs because I enabled the debug checkbox). In teh perfmon I see high publishing cach hit count (1.500.000), publ. cache hit ratio (96), nr of objects added 26.000, nr oif objects discarded 22.000 Someone wrote in a blog that you also should enable writes can see cache info) if there are a lot of editors (and there are). So I did this, but no change. Do I need to recylce after cache options have been altered? Also any clues on why there might be no cache debug info in my (simple) pages? Do I need extra configuration on IIS of websites or something? Thanx for any help/advice.. Sander    

Working on a solution targeting SharePoint 2007 and 2010



I'm working on a SharePoint webpart which i'm targeting for both SharePoint 2007 as well as SharePoint 2010. I want to create a common build to make it work in both SharePoint 2007 and 2010. How should i do that? I'm working on Visual Studio 2010 and my dev environment has SharePoint 2007 installed.

Also, multiple developers may work in the same solution. Some of them have 2007 installed and some have SP 2010 installed. Will it work?

Visit SharePoint User group - India

Office 2010 working with SharePoint 2007 Server

We have recently started migrating users to Windows 7 Pro and Office 2010 RTM.  Upon our first try at opening a word or excel doc from a sharepoint site, we found that it gives us the option of Edit or Read Only (by the way, we are using IE8 as browser).  After clicking either option and clicking ok, the word or excel program launches, but all we end up with is just a blank shell of the program....no document or spreadsheet.  Any ideas ?  Is this a compatibility issue with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2007 ??

Explorer View within Sharepoint 2007/IE7 stops working when activating an Office 2010 install.


Has anyone else experience this issue:

Office 2010 is installed on a machine with IE7 running on it.

Explorer view within Sharepoint 2007 and IE7 works fine

Office 2010 requires a product key change from a temporary key from the initial install to a permenant key.

The permenant key is installed and suddenly Explorer view within Shrepoint stops working?

CMIS Intrigration with sharepoint 2007 silverlight sample is not working

I have downloaded a sample appliaction to intrigate cmis service with moss 2007 but it is not working.
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd440954.aspx this site will give background of my problem

Sample Silverlight webpart is unable to fetch Folder, Uploaded Items e.t.c . Giving error : [HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer]
Argument:Not Found

But the sample is saving data(Creating Folder,uploading items) Unable to understand Service error of Appliaction error.

Please throw some light in it

Sharepoint 2007 KB 2276472 and KB 2276474 - download links not working



I've been trying to download the hotfixes for Sharepoint 2007 to upgrade it to v (KB 2276472 and KB 2276474) but the download links seem to be broken. The links to download are as follow:

Is anybody able to download the hotfixes or are their links really broken? If they are, can someone from support fix it?

Working offline on a page SharePoint designer 2007



I am working on a page with SharePoint designer 2007. Page is on MOSS and it is taking very long time in modifying the page. Just wanted to know that is there any way work offline on page once coding is complete then deploy it on server?




Tabs and dropdown controls are not working when browsing sharepoint 2007 central administration sit



I have installed sharepoint server 2007 sp2  on 64 bit WS 2008 standard edision server. I have IE8 installed on the server. When i browse the central administration site, non of tabs, drop down will work.  For example when i go to create a web application and put all the things and hit "OK" button, nothing happens. But if i replace the url with "localhost", everything works fine.

for example if my central admin url is "http"//servername:1000"- Controls will not work.

But if i use http://localhost:1000 - everythign works fine.

Any suggestion is helpful.


Search option is not working in collaboration site in Sharepoint 2007 ?



   I have create collaboration site In this site out search option given error message,  But in Administrator page search working properly.  How to solved this in sharepoint 2007 ?




Search option is not working in collaboaration site in Sharepoint 2007 ?



        Search option is given error message in collaboration site but   good working in Administrator page ?

How to work search option in Collaboration site.



Working with SharePoint document libraries

Document libraries are collections of files that you can share with team members on a Web based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. For example, you can create a library of common documents for a project, and team members can use their Web browsers to find the files, read them, and make comments. Users with Microsoft Office 2003 can check out and edit the files as if they resided on a local or network drive.

By default, your team Web site comes with a built-in document library named Shared Documents, which is listed on the Quick Launch bar as well as on the Documents and Lists page.

Write Custom WebParts for SharePoint 2007

The popularity of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 led Microsoft to tightly integrate the next SharePoint version, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, with its ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart framework. This tight integration enables the ASP.NET and SharePoint developer to do a number of things that previously weren't possible

SharePoint 2007 Workflows - Things to Consider Before You Start

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) utilizes the Workflow Foundation (WF) to enable workflows on lists and content types. But before you start doing cartwheels there are few things you should know before you get started. The experiences I'll be discussing are not from book smarts but from building real MOSS solutions that are in production today.
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