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Moving the Attachements next to a column in EditForm / Disp Form

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi All,

    I have a requirement for moving the attachments that appear at the bottom of a list item in Disp Form / Edit Form in between Two Fields . Is it possible to do this without creating a custom form ? ( Any how custom forms in itself are not attachements friendly) .

 Any suggestions , thanks in advance.




 Disp Form..

 Title : Value

 Category Column : Value

 Status Column: Value

 Comments Column : Value

 Attachements : xxxxx.doc


Disp Form:


 Title : Value

 Category Column : Value

 Attachements : xxxxx.doc

 Status Column: Value

 Comments Column : Value


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Problems moving an InfoPath form from a DEV system to QA environment


We developed an InfoPath form using a local DEV environment.  The site collection under which the form was developed was http://server1/.

We are now attempting to deploy this form to a TEST environment that uses a slightly different structure for the collection, namely http://server2/sites/sitecol1.

In both cases the site that contains the form is /fin (so we were using http://server1/fin in DEV and want to use http://server2/sites/sitecol1/fin in TEST). 

The form contains VBA code and so requires admin-based deployment via Central Administration, so to deploy to TEST we:

1. Publish the form against the TEST server using InfoPath Designer

2. Upload the form using Central Administration > Application Managment > Manage Form Templates

3. After upload, we activate the form for the site collection http://server2/sites/sitecol1/

4. The form is then associated with a Form Library

When we try to create an instance of the form within this library we get the following error when we click on New to create the form instance:

The following location is not accessible, because it is in a differ

Display last inserted column value in the Form and concurrent updates


1) I have a ORDER form which is a usercontrol(webpart in sharepoint)

    the first field is a autogenerated column given as ORD01,ORD02,ORD03...

    for this i have a column in the list which stores these values into list after user submits data.

    Now i want to show last inserted ORDER + 1 in the first field .

    i.e., when user opens this ORDER page it should show the value.

2) the second case would when user submits data simultanoeusly.


Can anyone suggest a solution for this



Attachements problems - also - How to add Office Communicator link to sharepoint Form ?



I have created an Infopath 2007 form and published it to Sharepoint 2007.

1. I can add "attachements" to the form, but the function can handle only one attachement per link. If i need to add 10 attachements, i have to create 10 attachement functions to the form.

Is it possible to create one attachement function in the Infopath form, that is able to save several attachements under it?

2. Is it possible to save .exe, .msi and similar files to the form as attachements? Sharepoint says security settings prohibit this.

3. How can i add a link that shows up as MS Office Communicator link in the form? For example: John Smith in Office communicator is now Online. I want his name and his status to show also in the Infopath form, when somebody opens it in Sharepoint.

Please help!


How to read a column of a sharepoint list to a text string field of infopath form?

My infopath form used to read these email addresses from a web service and web.config file. Now i would like to get these user email addresses from a contact list in a sharepoint server. I am trying to do this without writing any codes. Here is what i have done so far: 1. Adding a new "data connection to receive data from SharePoint library or List" where i selected Email Address column of the contact list. 2. I added a new Text Field and define a new rule with "Query using a data connection" defined above. When i try to access the newly created Text field above it always return empty as if the Query attached to it did not executed at all. What did i do wrong? Is there a better way? Thank you in advance for your help.

Attachements on a modified form for Help Desk Tempate

I changed some labels of the form of capture the Help Desk template, but the attachments functionality does not work as before to change it, it generates the following message when click on the OK button after you attach a file: Message: Object required, Line: 5797, Char: 3 Code: 0 URI: https: / / volaris01.temp.hostedexchange.mx/_layouts/1033/form.js? rev = df60y6YolDjUVbi91% 2BZw% 2FG% 3D% 3D. This only happens when I edit some labels or hide some fields from the SharePoint Designer, someone show me if I need any patch, or maybe I doing something wrong with this template? Thank you all.

How do I change the order of column names in EditForm.aspx

I have an Announcements list to which I've added extra columns: Publish (date), De-Publish (date), and Category (choice).  When I go to EditForm.aspx, the columns display in this order: Title , Body, De-Publish , Category and Publish . I'd like to change the order of the columns on EditForm.aspx so that it is Title, Body, Category, Publish and De-Publish . Changing the All Items view doesn't do it. How might I change the order of columns that is shown to the user?

Moving button within bounds of form.

Hi all. I've been gathering little bits of code from here, there and everywhere. I've got it doing what I want for the most part and just need someone's advice on the last part. I have a button that moves it's position randomly when you trigger the Mouse Enter event. This works, but I want it to only move if the proposed position will be within the bounds of the control's form. Here's my code: private void MoveControl(Control control, Window form) { TransformGroup tGroup = new TransformGroup(); tGroup.Children.Add(new TranslateTransform(50.0, 50.0)); control.RenderTransform = tGroup; DoubleAnimation dA_X = GenerateDoubleAnimation(-50, 50); DoubleAnimation dA_Y = GenerateDoubleAnimation(-50, 50); //Get the TranslateTransform for the rectangle (note Children[0], we added TranslateTransform first) TranslateTransform tt = (control.RenderTransform as TransformGroup).Children[0] as TranslateTransform; //Get the projected bounds of the control  double dTop = Canvas.GetTop(control) + (double)dA_X.To; double dLeft = Canvas.GetLeft(control) + (double)dA_Y.To; double dBottom = dTop + control.Height+ (double)dA_X.To; double dRight = dLeft+control.Width + (double)dA_Y.To; if (dTop > 0 && dLeft > 0 && dBottom < form.Height && dRight < form.Width)

Map an InfoPath form field to a SharePoint column

I am trying to create a custom SharePoint list template feature (feature.xml, schema.xml, the whole nine yards), which is based on the OOTB XML Form Library in MOSS 2007. I copied the XmlFormLibrary feature out of the FEATURES folder on my SharePoint server, and made a few minor modifications (changed the feature name, new GUID, added some fields in schema.xml, created a new content type for it, etc...).

What I ultimately want to do is publish an InfoPath form template into it as the document template for the library, and I would like to be able to map certain fields in the form template to fields in my custom SharePoint library template. In InfoPath, I open the Publishing Wizard and go through the typical steps to publish to a Document Library. I then choose the columns in my form that I want to promote to fields in the form library, and select the appopriate fields to map to in the form library. I publish the form, and do not get any errors or warnings.

However, when I choose "New" from the form library and fill out the form and save it, only certain fields in the library are actually being populated from the form. Specifically, this seems to work fine for a date/time field I am using, but does not work for the "Location" field. I am using the OOTB "Location" field from the "Core Contact and Calendar Columns" group. Ev

Is there any way to populate an InfoPath form field with the data from the site content type column?


I have a Form library with a form template.

The templat has a field "Office name" which should not be a fixed list of values, but a dynamical list, feeded from a different type of form. I'm a novice with InfoPath - Sharepoint and I want to find out, how can I can give users a possibility to create and maintain a list of offices and also have this list as a selection list inside main library form - ALL inside one library, if possible.

I assumed that if I publish main form (Itinerary) as a library template form and lookup form (OfficeInfo) as a SiteContent, I should be able somehow to connect to siteContent column and it's information. But I cannot see how - Site Content Gallery is not appering as a Connection item.

Can I use SiteConenct for this purpose or there are other ways to create end-user lookup lists?

Thank you!


Need help on Select button column in Data Grid to populate fields in Form View


 When I have a select a row in a Data Grid that when I click on it I want it to show the info for the person I selected in a form view on the same page as the Data Grid. Here are the columns for the Data Grid that I have set up, the column is highlighted:

<asp:DataGrid ID="MHGrid" AutoGenerateColumns="False"  
        DataSourceID="MHFoundation" DataKeyField="POPULATION_LIST_ID" 
        AllowPaging="True" AllowSorting="True" BorderStyle="Solid" 
        BorderColor="#999999" BorderWidth="3px" CellPadding="4" PageSize="4" 
        CellSpacing="2" runat="server" BackColor="Gray" Font-Bold="False" 
        Font-Italic="False" Font-Overline="False" Font-Strikeout="False" 
        <SelectedItemStyle BackColor="#FF9900" Font-Bold="False" Font-Italic="False" 
            Font-Overline="False" Font-Strikeout="False" Font-Underline="False" />
            <asp:ButtonColumn CommandName="Select"  Text="Select"></asp:ButtonColumn>
            <asp:BoundColumn D

Filter DFWP by passing Form Column


Hi All,

Apologies for a ridiculous problem, but it's one I can't get past.

I have two lists:

Shops - this contains Shop addresses and Shop numbers. The Shop Number column has an underlying Field name of "Title". This is NOT the auto-gen ID column incidentally, it is a Text field that happens to contains numbers of shops.

Faults - this contains calls logged to each Shop - the user chooses a Shop Number (lookup column to Shops list) and then types the fault details.

I want user to be able to see Faults logged against each Shop when they view the Shop list item.

So I am editing the DispForm.aspx page for Shops, where I've added a DFWP containing fields from the Faults list.

How do I show only those items in the Faults list, where the Shop Number on the FAULTS list equals the Shop Number of the currently-displayed SHOPS list?

I've tried:

Creating a parameter Query String for ID - but that won't work because the ID passed in the URL is NOT the "Shop Number"

Creating a parameter From field - but what do I type to reference the Shop list and the Shop Number ("Title") column?

Creating a Filter? I've tried several, but I have no way to reference the Shop Number ("Title") column on the form.

I've created a Custom List for Shops, and dro

New Item Form with Business Data Column SharePoint 2010


I am suprised that this issue still exist with the new sharepoint 2010, I was trying to create a new page, and I inserted a "New Item Form", this list contain a business data column, when I insert a new item, the business data coulmn doesn't get saved, this issue was there in MOSS 2007



Programmatically Mapping Custom SharePoint Column on Non-browser Enabled InfoPath Form


I have an InfoPath form, which, due to control requirements, is not browser enabled. It is being programmatically added as a content type to SharePoint (MOSS 2007). All users have Office 2007 installed so they will be able to open the form. I also have a custom multi-line column in the SharePoint document library. I can manually publish the form and map the column to a field of the form, but I need to be able to do this programmatically.

We are currently deploying the forms by modifying the publish url in the xsf during install. We have tried to modify the site coulmn GUID in the template xsf during install without success.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how we can programmatically promote the InfoPath field so it is visible in SharePoint?

Merge Upload form and editform in Document library upload document



I have a document library.  When the user click on the upload, I want to display an entry form that have: Name, description, keywords and file with the browse button. All those fields should be on the same page. 

The problem is that by default when the user click on upload button, it get redirected to _layouts/Upload.aspx which ask the user to browse for the document, when he click ok, it is redirected to Forms/EditForm.aspx to provide the Name, description and keywords field. 

My client do not want to have two pages, he just want to enter and upload the file all in one page.

Any ideas how can I accomplish this?

Thank you,



Need help moving info from form to database


Hello all.  I am new here and also to ASP.NET.  I have a form which will allow people at enter information.  The first thing I need help with is getting this information entered into my database when the SUBMIT button is clicked.  The second thing I need help with is getting the information from the database displayed on a seperate page.


I hope I have not jumped in over my head here.  I did the same things in FP but it isn't as easy with ASP.NET


Thanks in advance for all your help. 

Using Workflow Initiation Form to Modify the Value of a Lookup Column in a List Using a Custom Looku



I am trying to develop a workflow and an associated initiation form that will allow a user to update a column in a list that is a lookup column. I have code working so that the lookup options are being properly pulled from the list and populated in the drop down on the initiation page. However after  completing the initiation page and starting the workflow, with a value selected in the lookup list, the value does not get properly updated; it appears to be updating with a null value.

The following is my code for the XOML and Initiation ASPX file. The name of the Lookup Column is "Primary Technical Category" with an XSLT name of "Primary_x0020_Technical_x0020_Ca." The Initiation Variable is also Called Primary Technical Category (PrimaryTechnicalCategory without spaces as SPD renames it). 

I would greatly appreciate any assistance!

Thanks, Michael

XOML File:

<ns0:RootWorkflowActivityWithData x:Class="Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow.ROOT" 

Moving Form Library to Another Farm


Hello I want to move my form library to another sharepoint farm. Form library is with code behind (Administrative approved). What is the best practice for such tasks?

I planned to republish form templates (with data connections for new server), then to move content database to new server.

Do I need to relink document templates in such scenario? Am I missing some steps? Thank you all

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