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Create the dynamic ServerReport

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hi everyone,

I would like to create the dynamic ServerReport, thru which end users can select the required fields according to the required conditions.

The required fields and conditions has to be decided in ASP. NET page(aspx. cs) 

please guide me to proceed in it.

Thanks for your help.




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Digital Dashboards provide users with one single interface through which they can view information from a variety of sources that have been chosen specifically for that user. In addition, dashboards allow a user to view the information offline, adding portability to the mix. This article discusses options for building a dashboard based on the Microsoft Outlook folder home pages feature. It covers culling the data from disparate sources and storing it using the MSDE. It then discusses the creation of nugget definitions for structuring the data, and providing a synchronization mechanism to update to the data stores.

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create a dynamic view on code

How i can create a new view on code (on runtime) if this view dont exits?   Thanks

create and insert into a dynamic sql table at runtime

Below I have a bunch of SQL statements that creates a table at runtime and the "pic" column is a dynamic column and the code creates the number of "pic" columns depending on the count of the uploader control.  the problem comes when I try to insert into that table and I am trying to say for every "pic" declare variable @pic.... it works well for just one file in the uploader but for multiple files i get the following error The name "pic1" is not permitted in this context. Valid expressions are constants, constant expressions, and (in some contexts) variables. Column names are not permitted.Directory.CreateDirectory(MapPath(".") & "\port\" & clientname.Text & "\")        Dim objConn As New SqlConnection("Data Source=xxxxxxxxx.hostedresource.com; Initial Catalog=mrpoteat; User ID=xxxxxxx; Password=xxxxxxxxx;")        objConn.Open()        Dim strCommandText As String = ""        For index = 1 To Attachments1.Items.Count Step 1            If String.IsNullOrEmpty(strCommandText) Then                strCommandTex

Need help in create dynamic Tab using AjaxControlToolkit

Hi,I am trying to create dynamic tab using the below code but i am getting error.Dim myTab As New AjaxControlToolkit.TabPanel         myTab.ID = "myTab"         myTab.HeaderText = "Dynamic Tab"         Dim myLabel As New Label()         myLabel.Text = "hi"         myTab.Controls.Add(myLabel)         Me.TabContainer1.Tabs.Add(myTab)Error : AjaxControltoolkit.tabpanel is not definedI have checked in reference that AjaxControlToolkit.dll is added well. Please let me know if some other class need to import to solve this issue.BR,

Create dynamic div not working in mozilla but it working in ie brower

Hi Friend,I am create dynamic div in javascript innerHTML It working in ie browser but it is not working Mozilla FF. It create the innerHTML body in FF.. but not showing dynamic controls.Any body have idea about this..Thank in advance..RegardsDeeptech

Create Dynamic WCF webservice



i need wizard that i can add service and it's methods dynamically (ie... i need interface that enable non-technical maneger to add service such as first step define protocol then add link to service next step get all methods and there classes and run sevice in dynamic interface so no re-build for soluation ) can some one help me when should i start ????

can use ProxyFactor?

best regard

How To Create Dynamic Insert Store Proc


I want to Create a Insert Procedure for Table which has Three Coloum I want to use this Insert Store Proc for another table which has two coloum. If it works then I don't Have to create more Store Proc for Every Table One Insert Proc will Serve my Purpose I am My giving my proc below

Create Proc All_Insert


@Name varchar (30),

@Phone varchar (15)

@Mobile Varchar (15)





insert into Table1














Create dynamic dropdown list when we export data to excel using SSRS.


Hi All,

I have assigned a work to create a report, that should render in excel with dropdown list. i.e. report should contain a input parameter as a table names, when user selects the table name, report should show only the field names of the selected table. Some of the field name have look up values that values should be displayed as dropdown when we export to excel.

Can any one have any idea how to proceed with this report?



What is the difference between "create set" and "create dynamic set"?


What is the difference between  "create set" and "create dynamic set"?

we have a complete cube ready for production that was tested and working without any issues in non-r2. we found that some "create set" assignments don't work in R2. But when changed to from  "create set" to "create dynamic set"? they are working, However, not sure how it will impact other areas of the cube.

I am unable to create dynamic menu from database


Hi Expert,

I am unable to create dynamic menu from database. I have made two tables for this work.

First table is Menu which stores menu id and its relevant name.
MId Text
1 File
2 Edit
3 View

Second table is subMenu which stores submenus which will be linked to the menu table with menu id.

SId Text MID
1 New 1
2 Open 1
3 Save 1
4 Cut 2
5 Copy 2

the menu should be created dynamically from the database, each menu should be displayed in single row

when we click on a menu the submenus are displayed in rows that in expand & contrast form

how to design & develope this page

how to create dynamic photo gallary


one of my client has the requirement of having a dynamic photo gallery so that he can update the pics on runtime. hw can  i do that one. how can i create dynamically a photoalbum to store particular ocassion pics like orkut do. 

Create dynamic asp.net page from xml


I need to create ASP.NET web page and controls dynamically based on an xml schema/ file. For example I have following file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


  <Field ID="DeviceName" Text="Alpine" Rowid="1" Control="Textbox"></Field>

  <Field ID="DeviceType" Text="Audio" Rowid="2" Control="Textbox">

  <Field ID="Specification" Text="Spec" Rowid="3" Control="UserControl"></Field>


      <Validation Type="Length" MaxValue="10" MinValue="0" WarningMessage="_Maximum length Exceeded"></Validation>





Based on this I want to create  asp.net page and place controls dynamically on the page.

How can i do that.If the type is user control in xml then i need to load usercontrol dynamically.

How can i render a markup with styles applied and with all the controls

Please help me out.

create a dynamic field in the master page (site.Master)




I'm starting with ASP.NET MVC (1.0). I have a problem to resolve.

I have developed a web applicaton (an application of articles like e-commerce) with a head (logo and menu). I have defined the head (logo and menu) in the Master page (site.master). Now, I must display the number of articles in the head in a field (like the number of articles in the virtual basket in the e-commerce).

I can read the number of articles in the data base (in the controller), but i can't integrate it in the master page.


Please help ?   

How to create a server control with a listbox and dynamic control using asp.net server control in C#


Hello friends,

I need to create a reusable custom control,which is like a form containing a listbox and some fields.The fields can be either textbox or  combobox as needed for different applications,which can be selected on the property of the form onwhich page that i am using it,also i needed to specify the number of fields in that property.And also need place 3 buttons below for edit and delete the selected item in the listbox and a button to save.Data will be binded from the database as needed for different applications. Please tell me with code how to create it using asp.net server control in C#.

Thanks in advance,


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