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Ready to deploy application on company intranet.. need help

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I am just about getting ready to deploy my ASP.NET webapplication (C#) which uses .NET 2.0.  I have full access to a Win2k 2003 server with IIS 6.0.

Here are my questions and situations:

1. Only specific users who are part of a security group can access the web app. 

2. Many users are not on the same domain, so I suppose a security group must be created?  So all users are added to one security group?

3. Should I have anonymous access/authentication enabled in this case?

4. How can I set up a way so that when the web application is first accessed, the browser prompts the user for a username/password that is local to entire company IT web server?  When the authentication has been verified, the user is allowed to proceed and the webapplication will load.

5. Will any type of impersonation need to be set in web.config?  Probably not as each user are utilizing their own username as their login credentials?

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Deploy a .NET application on the ttarget machine

Hi all, I have a project, is written in C#, using .Net framework 3.5. When I build a setup installer, capacity of the setup is about 10MB. Suppose,  I put the setup files in a web , and users download it to install in their PC. But i think, Users must be download .NET framework to run my project. In this case, users ought to download a .rar file , which have more 200MB over the internet. It is very heavy :( So, I want to find out the best solution to deploy .NEt application to the client 's PC. Anybody help me,please ? Thanks so much!  

some wcf errors after the application is ready!!!!!....URGENT

hi all, I have developed a wcf application that has wcf service hosted on IIS(for now locally),it has a client with a form UI that displays information to the user.. Im using BasicHttpBinding,all worked well before..the wcf service part was working very well and had no issues,but by the time i created a UI ,and retested it...,it gives errors.. the errors i googled but im confused what to do..there are 3 to 4 errors that i figure out randomly...the errors are as follows: 1."The HTTP request was forbidden with client authentication scheme 'Anonymous'.   2.The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly.   3.Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel'.   are these errors related to each other??are they related to the same issue??..My application is developed and now i get these errors which never figured out before..   what do i do??plz do gv a fast and clear solution if possible..Im waiting for a quick  response..could someone solve this plz..!!   Thanks MumtazMumtaz Surani

I cannot open application page which i created with Intranet and Internet.

for example, if i create an application portal : test:1000, then it is okay. but when i try to create an application portal: www.e.gov.au with ip address  i have added  www.e.gov.au into host files, but cannot open that page, system just said page not found. i just failed and failed. but when i checked in central admin, it is just fine....   can anybody tell me how to resolve it?   regards

Deploy XBAP application with WCF Service Reference into multiple environments

Hi, we have a multiple environment setup (local, Development servers, QA servers, prod servers, etc.) and we are building an XBAP application that uses WCF Services to connect to databases.  We code and unit test everything locally and then deploy to our Development servers for more thorough unit testing.  The issue that we are having is that we don't see how to update the deployed XBAP application to use the Development server deployed WCF Service.  The only way we've been able to do this is by having to change the reference on my local machine, complie, and redeploy the XBAP.Question:  How do we configure a deployed XBAP's Service Reference to point to the same service on a different server than what it was originally compiled/deployed with?  (Like in some configuration file...NOTE: but we also don't see a config file after deploying the XBAP.)  We don't want to have to update the Service Reference for QA, Prod, Training, Stage, etc. on our local machines, compile and redeploy every time we need to migrate the application to a new environment.Thanks!

Deploy application withou .NET



I have to deploy an application  to my client, I used VS 2010 and the 3.5 .NET

well I think it's stupid to give my client a 2 Mo or 3 Mo application with a 150 Mo for .NET framework

I mean I think I dont need to oblige him to install the .NET framework, mybe juste some few Dll and evrything is ok, mybe with adding some referance and includ them in the manifes file?

any help please? (I'm uissing winForm dll, LINQ dll, and some other)

how to update data in the intranet application through Internet


my application is in Intranet,  but in my application mail is trigger to the user, and in that mail (outlook) user getting one link of that application so that he can update "YES"

My problem is that when the user is not in office and he is using Blackberry, at that time intranet link will not work.........

so, any solution that anybody can update through internet.


what should be changed to web.config file if i deploy my application to actual server ?



I have developed a web site application with vb.net code behind.Debugging mode was on.

I have deployed my web site in actual server machine ,but when i open my home page some error is coming related to web.config file.I directly deployed my application to actual server without any change to web.config file.

So, is there any settings required if i deploy my application ? 

Starting Point For Company Intranet


I'm very new to SharePoint and I have been tasked to create our Intranet site. My question is what design flow should I use? I understand the installation method of SharePoint creates the first Web Application and site collection. These are the steps that I use and please correct my if this is not the correct approach.....I created another web application called intranet.mycompany.com on port 80 and from there I created a new site collection and choose the intranet.mycompany.com web application from the change option. The site collection I called say Company Intranet and chose the team site template. Now should the web site address be at the root level or http://intranet.mycompany.com/sites/ level?

I guess I’m looking for a complete walkthrough guide on creating the Intranet and having sub sites like HR, Accounting, IT, Operations and so on. Is there anything like that out there. Or should I create a separate site collection to secure data like HR and/or Accounting? Forgot to mention i'm using Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise

Darian Kincy

Cannot deploy application with SQLce datbase.sdf file. says file path is wrong?!


I am trying to deploy a simple windows desktop app using a SQLce database.sdf file. I have followed the steps in this walkthrough about 10 times and I still am having problems. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb546200.aspx

In my app config file my connection string is this:


 <add name="VendorTracker_2._0.Properties.Settings.Database1ConnectionString"

          connectionString="Data Source=C:\Users\Eamon\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\VendorTracker 2.0\VendorTracker 2.0\Database1.sdf"

          providerName="Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Client.3.5" />


According to the walkthrough, the windows installer should recognize that i am using a sqlce .sdf file and create a new connection string: 


<add name="VendorTracker_2._0.Properties.Settings.Database1ConnectionString1"

            connectionString="Data Source=|DataDirectory|\Database1.sdf"

            providerName="Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Client.3.5" />


It does add this connection string to the app config file. Now I

How can I deploy a .net application?


Could anyone please help me?

I've just finished a .net Application. I used Visual Studio 2008 (c#), and SQL Server 2008. My environment is comprised by this:

1. Network Server: Windows 2003 Server R2, here there is the domain controller. In this server there are two NICS, one that is connected to the ISP which have assigned a public IP to it. The other nic is used for the internal network (the LAN in the company)

2. Application Server: Windows 2008 Server R2. Here I have my .NET application and the Sql Server 2008 with Reporting Services 2008.

Now the problem: What process I must follow to make my application seen on the Internet (currently I am able to run the application from any computer in my LAN, but I do not know what to do to make it run from anywhere)

Would you please help me with this issue or point me to any article or site that explains me this in detail?

P.S. The application server is not inside the company domain. Is it necessary to be in the domain to fix the problem?

Thank you very much in advance,


Deploy existing ASP.Net Web Application on to Linux Server


I have an existing ASP.Net web application currently deployed on IIS on Windows. My database is Oracle and is on Linux Server. I want to migrate my existing application from Windows to Linux. I have heard about tools like Mono and Grasshopper but i am not able to use them. I also want to know whether i need to rebuild the project or my existing published code can directly be used as it is. Any sort of help would be appreciated. Thanks in adavnce.

ASP.NET MVC 3: Intranet Application template


ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update introduced new project template called Intranet Application.  The main difference between internet and intranet application templates is the way how users are authenticated. In this posting I will talk about Intranet Application template and compare it to Internet Application template. Also I will give you references to guides that help you configure your intranet application.

Creating new intranet application is easy. Just create new ASP.NET MVC 3 web application and select Intranet Application as template.

Deploy custom webservice to web application



I'm writing custom webservices for SharePoint 2010. Now generally it involves deploying .svc files to the ISAPI directory, which makes them available in http://server/_layouts/_vti_bin.

Works great, but this deploys the webservice to all web applications at once. In a shared environment this isn't preferable. So how can I deploy the webservice to a single webapp? I guess that means the .svc should be somewhere in the database instead of the filesystem. Is this doable and a good solution? Or are there other ways to acheive the same.

I'd like to have a solution which deploys to the web application scope. Updon deployment, I can select the web application(s) to deploy it to which makes the webservice avaiable in those and only those web apps.

MCTS Web Application Development, SharePoint enthousiast.

Microsoft's Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) Loop

discovered an interesting error recently while working with Microsoft's Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) that, surprisingly, had received no ink. Partly what surprises me about this is that the error may require you to rewrite large sections of your code if you haven't previously considered this SharePoint limitation. I'll start with some context, but first of all the error is:

jQuery $(document).ready() and ASP.NET Ajax asynchronous postback

Many call it the ASP.NET jQuery postback problem, but using the technique below should make it no problem anymore. $(document).ready() isn't called after an asynchronous postback. What this means? You lose the functionality that should be executed within $(document).ready() after an UpdatePanel rendered its contents after an asynchronous postback.

Integrating a Legacy Web Application in SharePoint

This month we will continue with the theme of deploying Microsoft's SharePoint as a company intranet by describing a method for integrating a legacy Web application inside a SharePoint site.

In many companies the intranet site is not just a home page with announcements. It houses Web applications used by many different departments. In last month's article, I built a page to search the employee table in Northwind (the sample database included in Microsoft's SQL Server). This month, I will move the Web pages used to add/remove records from the table into the SharePoint intranet.

MVC architecture in ASP.Net using C# and Microsoft Data Access Application block

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern separates the modeling of the domain, the presentation, and the actions based on user input into three separate classes [Burbeck92]:

Model. The model manages the behavior and data of the application domain, responds to requests for information about its state (usually from the view), and responds to instructions to change state (usually from the controller).

View. The view manages the display of information.

Controller. The controller interprets the mouse and keyboard inputs from the user, informing the model and/or the view to change as appropriate.
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