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MVC 2.0 & EF 4 - Translations

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hi all,

Im currently developping some new feature to a project. These will be built in the MVC Framework using EF4.

The new part will be a website which should be available to the user in 3 different languages.
I've googled this a bit, but didn't really found a simple solution for this problem. Knowing Microsoft and the ASP.Net framework itselve, I can hardly imagine that translation features are not included.

Is there anyone who has some experience translating MVC applications and is able to point me in the right direction?


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No Attributes available in the Translations WIndow

Hi I have a cube that was developed and deployed to the production server with an xmla script. I have created an additional hierarchy in a dimension in development and and assigned the appropriate translation attributes in the translations window. I followed the same steps on the production server but when I tried to assign the translations, the window did not contain and attributes and I am unable to assign the correct translations.  I then created an alter script for the modified dimension on the dev machine and ran it on the production machine and got errors that the measure group were being invalidated, the script failed to commit The versions of sql server are identical, sql 2008 r2 enterprise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich

Creating a template from site causes loss of translations


Good day all,

I am using the MUI in Sharepoint 2010 to allow users to choose between English and French on our site. I created a very basic site (just to test my question) on which I created one custom list. I added some columns(bread, cheese, ham chicken), switched the language to french and manually changed the columns to their french equivalents (pain, fromage, jambon, poutlet). Changing the language back and forth causes the column titles to change also accordingly.

However, when I save the site as a template, either with or without the content, only the english versions of the columns are saved into the template. Have anyone run into this before? Any workarounds? I also tried creating the template while in the french version but it didn't make any differnce.

I read a bit about being able to do bulk translations and multilingual term sets, I will try these and post back if I get any results.

Import/Export Translations :: Variations 2010


1) Options available [Import/Export] Transaltions in SharePoint 2010. My root site http://Mysite/. is in English. and when I  crated variation heirarchy I got http://Mysite/EN/ and http://Mysite/FR webaddress. Then I created 2 publishing sites under English. Now

a) when I make content changes in English\siteA and click on publish... does it create a new page under French or I need to create new publishing site in French?

b) If do Export of my english\SiteA does the resource file will contain all custom webparts and contents available to change by a transaltor or only standard Transtable columns availble in resource files?

c) When I import the .resx file to French, I need to have similar site exists in french like French\siteA to reflect the changes?

Thanks in advance.

Microsoft.AnalysisServices Translations management from c#


Dear all,

I connect to an OLAP cube from .NET (v3.5, c#) using the objects located in the Microsoft.AnalysisServices namespace. I would like to dynamically manage my translations for dimensions, attributes, measures, measure groups. 

A sample code for updating the translations of an attribute is the following:


foreach(DimensionAttribute attribute in dimension.Attributes){
 attribute.Translations.Add(1043, "Some Caption");

The above code however throws an InvalidOperationException "The item Translation is not valid" when trying to add. 

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?


Calculated properties and translations through AMO


Dear all,

I would like to dynamically manage cube translations through c#(.net v3.5) and AMO. I am still to handle calculated members translations.

Another post here shows how to do that if I add a new calculated member. My question is how are existing ones handled.

I have created a calculated member in the cube. Looping through the Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Cube.MdxScripts.CalculationProperties collection however, returns no results. However I can see the mdx script in the MdxScript.Commands collection

Sample code:

foreach (MdxScript sc in cube.MdxScripts)

      foreach (Command c in sc.Commands)
       Console.WriteLine(c.Text); //writes the mdx of the calculated member

      foreach (CalculationProperty cp in sc.CalculationProperties) //collection is empty
       foreach (Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Translation t in cp.Translations)

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