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Enterprise Wiki and List Property

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


I have Enterprise Wiki, on my Home Page - Site Name is Enterprise Wiki > Home Page,
when i create another Wiki Page: Home Page 2.aspx - Site Name is EnterPrise Wiki > Home Page 2. This is good.

But if I create Directory "Directory 1" and in this Directory I create Page: Page in a Directory.aspx, I need to have Site Name: Enterprise Wiki > Directory 1 > Page in a Directory; when i create second directory inside first and third directory inside second I need Site Name to be: Enterprise Wiki > Directory 1 > Directory 2 > Directory 3 > Some wiki page
(automaticaly on create)

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n this simple article you will learn that how we can get pixel format, raw format, property id list and property items image in VB and C#.net.

Get Pixel Format:

Image consists of pixels to get the format of the pixel we have a property named pixel format. This property returns an enumeration of pixel format. This enumeration tells the pixel format.

To demonstrate make a window application. Drag one button and a picture box on form.

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How can I get a user list based on a specific profile property.

Hi,I am trying to query a DB and get a list of users based on a specific boolean property stored in the aspnet_profile for that user.I am aware that it wasn't possible a few years ago (http://forums.asp.net/p/988051/1277359.aspx), but was wondering whether that had changed in recent releases, or it was still not possible without trawling through the entire list of users and testing them one by one.  (My DB may become way to big for that.)Thanks in advance for any help.Regards,Ben

set the Report URL property to a specific report dynamically based on the selection in the list.

Hi I want to use  embedding the Report Viewer Web Part in a Web page, and I know we  should set the Report URL property to a specific report. but  is there a way by which we can set the url  dynamically based on the selection of the report  from  the list How can I customize this  feature Any Help on this is appreciated. Thanks

Enabling Enterprise Key Words for a custom list template

Hi, I have developed a list template in the usual manner, using features that create site columns, content types and then a list template that leverage's the content type.  I have a problem with Enterprise Keywords.  As this is simply a Yes/No type activation, I take it this column is slightly different from normal site columns.  When I first extracted my list template from a site with keywords activated, all I can see is that the keywords column has been added to the columns in the template.  There doesn't seem to be any setting that indicates that Managed Keywords is activated.  Regardless, I can create list instances from my template fine and the managed keywords column appears as expected.  The strange behaviour is that when I upload a new document and enter keywords for it, although these keywords are entered into the termstore, when I next view the document properties, the entries have dissapeared.  Is there something I need to do through code for this.  My problem is, as I want this setting to be enabled for a list template, How else do I activate the setting considering I cannot run code from a list template?  I hope someone can help, Cheers,   Amit

Create a Page Layout for Enterprise Wiki with content

I need to create a Page Layout that for an Enterprise Wiki Page that already has content in the Rich Text HTML Field so when people go in to create a new page based off of the Page Layout they can go in and just replace the text with their own. Can this be done?

Unable to use Managed Property mapped to Choice Dropdown list column in MOSS 2007


I have a choice list column containing dropdown values. I crawled the content source and created Managed Property to map it.

Also Configured Advanced Search webpart to display the property. But when I pick the property and perform search with values then no results are returned.

Can any one can help me out.?

Thanks in Advance.!

Upgrade/Migrate MOSS 2007 Wiki to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Wiki


We've been running MOSS 2007 for a few years now and have built up a Wiki.


I am now investigating the migration to SharePoint 2010, I've used the database attach method to copy across our Intranet site collection to a development SharePoint 2010 install (this includes our Wiki).


This works except for an error under the "Recent Changes" heading and the new 2010 Enterprise Wiki features are not available.


What I'm trying to find out is if there is a way to either upgrade the Wiki sub-site or migrate the Wiki data into a new 2010 Wiki sub-site that I can swap for the live one.


I've tried to just copy the items from the "Wiki Pages" list of the imported sub-site to the "Pages" list of a new 2010 Wiki sub-site, but they then just appear as "ASP.Net pages" and don't display the Wiki content.

I've also tried a couple of the commercial migration tools but these also just seem to copy the aspx files and leave them not viewable.


Thanks in advance


Add New Item to Enterprise Wiki with Web Service


I'm working on a console application to migrate several wiki sites to SharePoint 2010. I have the following code

string articleTitle = "My Wiki Article";
string content = "<p>Hello World</p>";
string title = wikiSiteName ;
//now write this to the new site
string strBatch = "<Method ID='1' Cmd='New'>" +
"<Field Name='ID'>New</Field>" + 
"<Field Name='PublishingPageContent'>" + System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlAttributeEncode(content) + "</Field>" +
"<Field Name='Title'>" + articleTitle + "</Field>" +
"<Field Name='LinkFileName'>" + articleTitle + ".aspx" + &qu

Issues with Enterprise Wiki Sites unavailable when create Intranet Team Site


I have created Enterprise Wiki Sites and have created an Extranet Team Site and was able to create an Enterprise Wiki Site as well with it but for some reason I do not have the ability or option to create an Enterprise Wiki Site or even page when I have a Team Site on an Intranet.  I have turned on all of the publishing features but the only wiki item available to me is the wiki library.  

I'm assuming I must have to activate or deactivate some other feature but I have no idea which one.

Workflow property not showing up in bind list

Hi, apologies if there's an answer to this already, I wasn't able to find one via the search.

I have a workflow that has a property of type CustomObject, where CustomObject is an class I created with a few simple properties.  I have a custom activity in that workflow that has a dependency property of type CustomObject.

I'm trying to bind these two properties but the workflow's CustomObject doesn't show up in the 'Bind to an existing member' dialog box when I click on the bind icon in the custom activity's properties.

Now there's a twist here in that I have the CustomObject class in a separate library.  If I put it in the workflow library it DOES show up in the binding dialog.  If I put it back in the separate library it no longer appears in the dialog.

Binding the two properties in the designer adds an activity binding to the designer.cs file and if I keep that auto-generated code the workflow still works even if I move the CustomObject out to a separate library.  It just doesn't show up in the WF designer binding dialog box.

Anyone know how I can get this object to be bindable via the designer?  I don't want to have to worry about that binding code.  From what I can tell it looks like the designer filters the 'bind to existing members' dialog based on the type of the properties in the workflow and in my case it can't figure out

Using a List(of T) as a "Property" in a class


In my application I have a class called "RCategory" as illustrated here:

Public Class RCategory
    Public Property RCatNum As Integer
    Public Property RAct As Char
    Public Property RMin As Double
    Public Property RMax As Double
    Public Property RTyp As Char 
End Class

I have another class where I want to use a List (of RCategory) as a property, to-wit:

    Public Property RpStrt As Date
    Public Property RpEnd As Date 'Plan Year End
    Public Property RCat As List(Of RCategory)
    Public Property MinFee As Double


I'm trying to add to my list using the following code:

                        For ct As Integer = 1 To 8
                            Dim c As New RCategory With {.RCatNum = ct,
                                                         .RAct = dr("RACT" & ct.ToString).ToString,
                                                         .RTyp = dr("RTYP" & ct.ToString).ToString,
                                                         .RMax = CDbl(dr("RMAX" & ct.ToString))}
                            If ct = 4 Or ct = 5 Then
                                c.RMin = CDbl(dr("RMIN" & ct.ToString))

Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Wiki - TOC, Table of Content - Displaying only headers for individual pag


I am currently trying to build a wiki for our users in Sharepoint 2010, but there is one particular item I just can't get right. The table of content...

I am aware of the web part TOC, but this one can't be configured to display headers for an individual page only. Instead it insist on displaying all my navigation links, for all my sites, which is quite unnecessary since they are already displayed in the navigation pane to the left.

Is there a way to create a TOC as you see on any other normal wiki page, so it would end up looking similar to my example below?

[SITE Header Example]

1. Header

1.1 Subject 1

1.2 Subject 2


2. Header 2

2.1 Subject 3 and so on...


Then the TOC should be placed in top and look similar to this.


1. Header

1.1 Subject 1

1.2 Subject 2

2. Header 2

2.1 Subject 3


Can this be done, or would it require any 3rd party plugins?

I'm a bit baffled that the build in web part isn't more configurable, since I would have guessed that MS actually would have looked at other wiki pages to see how it is done, before adding their own templates? But maybe I am missing the obvious

sharepoint 2010 user information list custom property



i added a custom property to the user list and wish to display it. when i go to "user info list" > "list settings" > "edit view" i see 39 properties to choose from. how can i remove these default values and add my own properties to the view.




Error while creating an Enterprise Wiki


One of my users got the following error message while attempting to create an Enterprise Wiki:

Provisioning did not succeed. Details: Failed to initialize some site properties for Web at URL: {URL of the Wiki he tried to create} Original Exception: Failed to compare two elements in the array.

I tried to create the wiki myself and got the same error message. I am the administrator so I'm certain it's not a permissions problem.

Difference between UserProfile & User Information List Property Values?


If I checks the FirstName & LastName Property values in UserProfile it has someValue however the same properties does not have anyValue in User Information List, what would the reason behind this?

Even I could see comma (",") separated value for some Field in UIL however the same value is in UserProfile without comma (",") ....

ProfileSync and/or QuickSync will update the UIL with same Information avail in UserProfile, isn't it? In that case both should have the same value, right?

Karthikeyan | MCTS | India

Can't create new pages in Enterprise Wiki



I create a new Enterprise Wiki in any of our 4 site collections, I can edit the home page, create lists or libraries from the homepage, but I can only add pages with the farm admin account. I don't have this issue with any site, library, or list within the site collections. I've given certain users and groups Full Control permission on both the wiki site and specifically on the pages library, but no user can create pages from there. From the main page of the wiki, choosing Site Actions> NewPage and entering the page title and create results in an "Access Denied" and says to sign in as another user. If I go to the Pages Library> Choose New Document and choose any of the options (e.g., Enterprise Wiki Page) I get an "Access Denied" message. If I go to that library and choose "Check Permissions" and enter my username (or any of the other usernames I've given access to this site) I see I have Full Control and the others have design.  

how to get dropdown list data VALUE FIELD property in JavaScript



im getting  'ON' as value instead of its actual value

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