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How To Get The Unc Share Name Of A Given Folder (If Shared)?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


How To Get The Unc Share Name Of A Given Folder (If Shared)?

Thanks in advance


Pankaj Ghodake


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Shared Folder request handle

Hi All, I am just wondering if we can handle the request that is received to a shared location.? I am trying to find all the user names who access that particular folder. For Example: Folder Name, Time, User Name \\machine\folder\, 8-Aug-2010 13:00, User1 \\machine\folder2\, 8-Aug-2010 14:00, User2 \\machine\folder3\, 8-Aug-2010 15:00, User3 Is the above format of achivable using .NET.? Thanks in Advance, Chaks.

Share an image folder between 2 web projects (MVC2)




I'm searching an answer to this question on the web for 2 weeks unsuccessfully.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to wondering about that!

I have two web projects MVC2: a FrontOffice and a BackOffice.

The user has to be able to upload some image in the BackOffice, which will be display on the FrontOffice and vice versa.


How can I share an image folder between these two projects?

Has the folder to be necessary in the solution or can it be somewhere else on the server?

My team and I are working with TFS.

I want to create an image folder in which we can write and read from frontoffice and backoffice.

But I don't want to have to do a "get latest version" everytime someone is adding an image in the folder. I would like to create a folder on the server we can access from the backoffice AND the frontoffice with reading and writing rights in real time.


I'm not sure to be very clear...





Move folder from file share to local C:/ drive on same box



I need to copy a folder from a file share to my local C: drive. Is there an easy way to do this in SSIS, or do I have to write a DOS batch file and execute it from SSIS.

Any help would be appreciated


Dave SQL Developer

folder structure creation in share point picture library


Hi all

        i want to create a particular folder structure in picture library  whenever i add a new item to item to a list. for eg if i add a new item is added to a list a folder with same name as the title of the item added should be created in picture library  with a fixed subfolder structure inside the main folder .Is it possible if i use a custom list or should i use an infopath form instead of custom list . Iam using sharepoint 2010 and infopath 2010 .




Cannot open Word document from sharepoint Shared Documents folder


Hey Every body

I have a very strange problem. Our Company has a Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 solution running as our company Intranet solution. 

We have a solution where outside users, can gain access to a workspace site on Sharepoint where diffrent people can work together on projects that involves both out side users and internal staff. 
We have a folder called shares documents here we can upload documents that we want the other memebers off this workspace too see.
The problem is that internal staff can open up Word documents directly, but the external users are not able to open up directly these Word documents. Word just sayes that that is is unabel to open up the word document.
But when the users download the documents instead it works fine.

I have tries with both offcie 2003 and office 2007 and the problem is the same. But if i try to open up these documens via Open Office the problem due not exits, then is works fine. Why does Microsoft Word have these problems?

And is it just when the external users are opening up the documents directly from the sahred Documens folder that we have this problem.

The external users are connecting to our Citrix Netscaller security solution for authenticating purpoes first, after they have been validated through this solution, they ar

Can I put Partials somewhere else except Shared folder?


I have View which loads more than one partials.

<% foreach (var item in Model)
   { %>
        <% if (item.Name == "Administrator") { Html.RenderPartial("AdminMenu"); } %>        
        <% if (item.Name == "Moderator") { Html.RenderPartial("ModeratorMenu"); } %>
        <% if (item.Name == "Registered") { Html.RenderPartial("RegisteredUserMenu"); } %>
<% } %>

It's convinient to me to divide menus for pieces. But number of partials keep growing and it is getting harder to find concrete partial in Shared folder. Can I store partials in view folder which uses this partial?

Html.RenderPartial() doesn't have such parameter as Controller Name so I think that it's impossible. But if there are any solutions to solve this inconvinience?


How to add folder from UNC to Document Library (Shared Documents)



Is it possible to add a new folder to my Shared Documents (SharePoint) from my network shares? Let's say i have this \\\My Pictures and i want to add this folder to my Shared Documents.


Filtered/Not Authorized Issues with Sharepoint Workspace Shared Folder Synchronization



I have a folder with files named ".hgignore" and ".hgignore.i" and a folder named ".hg", all of which are not being properly synchronized by Sharepoint Workspace using Shared Folder Synchronization.

For the file error details, I see:

"Filtered. A policy of your organization prevents this file from synchronizing. The file was not synchronized with other members."

For the folder error details, I see:

"Not Authorized. You do not have the required permission to synchronize this file. Other members in the workspace will not see your changes."

In the workspace properties-->Folder Info, I see files and file extensions excluded from synchronization listed as:


However, I do not see any setting that would create a conflict for my files/folders, and more importantly, I do not seem to be able to edit this file. I am a manager of the workspace.

I have also checked in File-->Manage Account-->Account Preferences-->Security and "Block restricted file types" is NOT checked. Otherwise, I can't

Please help!





Best practice to store the shared folder path across the whole application


For example. The folder MEDIA_ROOT must be visible from the whole application, it stores the path of all my media files.

What is the best practice to store such a global variable.

Sharepoint Shared Documents webpart "go to parent folder" button missing



I'm trying to find a way to move to parent folder inside Shared Documents webpart .

In this tutorial it's only mentioned the SharePoint-wide UP button, but is there a way to move to parent folder (of the document library, of course) inside the non-maximized Shared Documents webpart?

Thank you

howto access remote shared folder using remote login and password ?



I want to write some piece of code in C# to access (create directory, create files) on a remote shared folder (stored in a remote machine), but using a specific remote user and password (a user defined in the remote machine) but not defined on the local machine where my piece of code is to be run.

I can do that using the explorer: if I type \\remoteserver for exemple, I can then give a login as remoteserver\remoteuser and the password of this remoteuser to access the shared folder (the permission has been set on the remote shared folder to authorize full permission for this user)

Plesae tell me if it is possible and how I can do that using the base .NET framwork library (or any extension of it).



How to access shared folder.



I am trying to access a shared folder which is located on a different server rather than on the asp.net server.

I configured windows authentication and set impersonation to true. Also try with enable/disable basic authentication. 

I have tried the following:

  1. with a mapped drive
  2. shared folder access (\\sharedfolder\)
  3. virtual directory pointing to shared folder with pass through configuration.

However none of the above works. I am getting "Access Denied" error when trying with shared folder and virtual directory. In the case of mapped drive getting "Not Found" error.

I have spent almost the whole day but unable to resolve this issue.

Could any of you please suggest me how can I resolve this issue ??

Note that I tried impersonation through code as well but no luck.

Please help me out..

How to Call .Exe in Shared Folder using Script Task Component in SSIS 2005 ?


Hi friends,

I have a Shared Folder where Two .NET .Exes are placed.

My requirment is to call this two Exes using Script Task Component.

I am very bigginer in SSIS.

Please provide me Assistance to solve this issue.

if you need more information regarding problem, let me know.


How to change the folder icon dynamically based on the name of folder in shared document library


I have created visual webpart ,through this webpart i am creating the folders dynamically in shared document library.

here my thing is if i create folder with specific name,want to set custom icon instead of default icon

please any one help me on this.


Advanced thanks


Linq: how to share parameters between lambda expressions ?

When using Linq to objects, you will quickly feel the need to pass some parameters from a method to another but it's not so easy because each Linq method is not calling the following one. In a Linq sequence, each method is using the result computed by the previous one. So, local contexts are not visible from one method to another.
The compiler is using two technical different ways to let parameters go out of a method.

learn basic about share point.

This learn basic about share point.

Download and Share Visual Studio Color Schemes

The good news is that Visual Studio allows you to completely customize the editor background and text colors to whatever you want - allowing you to tweak them to create the experience that is "just right" for your eyes and personality. You can then optionally export/import your color scheme preferences to an XML file via the Tools->Import and Export Settings menu command.
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