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Setting size of Grid Since Ajax Resizer Changed It

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 25, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I'm sure that wasn't a very good subject, but I couldn't think of a better one. What I have is a page that has an UpdatePanel on it with a GridView control in it. It was originally displaying at a particular height and width according to the CSS style I have setup for it in my style sheet. However, since adding an AJAX Resizer control to the UpdatePanel, it is now defaulting to a much smaller size.

How do I get the grid to default to that same height and width that is in its CSS class? I don't mind putting it in the ASPX page or whatever, just need the grid to default to a larger size than the small little box it defaults to since adding the AJAX resizer. 

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Setting the canvas height and width to Grid size


I have a canvas and I have it set to the following attributes


 Grid.Row="1" Grid.RowSpan="2" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="2"


However I want the canvas height and width to fill those locations. Also upon window resize i want the canvas height and width to adjust accordingly.

Any ideas? Thanks all

Building a grouping Grid with GridView and ASP.NET AJAX toolkit CollapsiblePanel

I've posted an update to this post to apply on demand loading of Details data using ASP.NET AJAX PageMethods. I'm demonstrating the usage if CollapsiblePanelExtender client events on the new post. Check it out.

I admit, Matt Berseth is really inspiring me! Few days ago I pass through 2 of his great posts:

.Surrounding your Data Table and Dialog Controls with ComponentArt Styled Panels
.Building a Grouping Grid with the ASP.NET 3.5 LinqDataSource and ListView Controls
The first one is pure design tips one which I used for making good presentation of my demo here. The 2nd post is actually the idea.

ajax setting in web.config httpHandlers


 I'm using an autocomplete contol of ajax toolkit. Yesterday a user found that it had stopped working (it wasn't generating the list as you type letters in the textbox). After hours of troubleshooting, I found that in web.config <httpHandlers>, this line -- <remove verb="*" path="*.asmx" /> was placed after the <add> line like this:

    <add verb="*" path="*.asmx" validate="false" type="System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptHandlerFactory, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35"/>
    <add verb="*" path="*_AppService.axd" validate="false" type="System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptHandlerFactory, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35"/>
    <add verb="GET,HEAD" path="ScriptResource.axd" type="System.Web.Handlers.ScriptResourceHandler, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" validate="false"/>
    <remove verb="*" path="*.asmx"/>

I fixed the problem by removing the <remove> line, but it seem

displaying error message - Telerik MVC grid - AJAX mode

I want a common solution for handling error messages ON telerik mvc grid in ajax inline and popup edit modes. I am not talking about error messages that are related to single input field. These are business error messages that come back to grid from DB upon clicking grid edit or insert buttons. I want to dispaly error message and not loose data in input fields, bcaz in some cases we are talking about more than 20 fields. 1) I want to know the best way to handle error messges received from backend while using telerik mvc grid. 2) Is it possbile to display error message in a message dialog box?

how to stop refresing data grid when selection changed

Hi , I have datagrid on my page bounded with linq datasource. I want to stop refresing datagrid when I need to show details of selected row. Could you please help me to do that. Regards Reside 

setting inline image size with css?

I have an inline image in the header of a page that's height is being set with CSS.  The actual height of the image is slightly taller than what it's currently set to with css.  I like doing this this way because it was easier to get the image to the right size.  It avoided multiple attempts in photoshop.Is it a bad idea to set the height of an image this way?   I'm only concerned with the major modern browsers.  Are there any side effects of this that I should be aware of?

How to access ServerSide control Value in Javascript changed by Ajax

Hello,I have a Textbox whose value is been changed using ServerSide code (AJAX based - Partial postback) and now I want to access that changed value in JavaScript. Please suggest me that how can I access that value.document.getElementByID is displaying old value.Things work fine with full postback but are creating above issue with Partial Postback.Thanks, in Advance....

SSRS BUG? When a FontStyle expression is used in a report, the Browser Text Size setting overrides t

I have created a report that has the same font size for all the sections in the report. Some sections' fields use a FontStyle expression that changes the FontStyle between Normal and Italics conditionally. I run the report through the reportserver interface and the report looks fine. I run the report through the ReportViewer control and the the fields which use the FontStyle formula are overridden by the Browser's Page Text Size. Also, when I look at the inline HTML Style that's generated, the fields with the formula don't have a style, they are blank, while the fields with without a FontStyle expression have an inline HTML Style generated. And this is probably why the browser text size setting can override. This seems like a ReportViewer HTML render bug... Or is there a way around it??

SQLSRV PHP returning "Changed language setting to us_english"

We are getting an intermittent error and I hoping someone can help determine the cause or a workaround. We are calling sqlsrv_query() to execute a stored procedure. Sometimes the function returns false and sqlsrv_errors() returns this message: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Changed language setting to us_english. In the last 5 months, this has happened 6 times when calling 3 different stored procedures. The web site that does the database access is fairly busy, so you can see that this is very intermittent. I have seen a number of Internet sites that say that this is just information and can be ignored. But how can I ignore? sqlsrv_query() returns false. We are using: Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7 Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server v1.1 PHP v5.3.3 (was 5.3.2) FastCGI (these errors did not appear before switching from standard CGI about 5 months ago)

Get a changed Setting from the app.exe.config


I've got settings that I use in my app (paths, etc - My.Settings.whatever), but with the app. config file, the user can change them.

I'd like to get one or more of the changed settings and put them in a log file.....

How can I retrieve the changed setting?


Ajax on grid view


VisualStudio 2008


I have multiple gridviews in my .aspx page. Each grid view lists differnt items (like contact, locations, country...)

I have a DIV associated with each grid view. Each gridview displays records as list.

On click of a row in gridview (say Contact) I need to open DIV as modal popup.
This modal popup should go to database and get complete detalis about Contact selected in GridView. It should be done using AJAX.

Can someone give me some idea on how to achieve this.

Setting the size of the tab indent for a rich text box


I have a form with a rich text box on it. I have the "AcceptsTab" property set to true. What I would like to do now is set the size of the indent that is made when you press the tab key.

Does anyone know how to do this?


hi problem with grid paging when grid is placed in ajax model popup extender


hi i had one ajax tab containeer.in that i placed a grid on click of the grid i am showing another grid which has pagination in a popup. the popup grid has the pagination(custom) which iam showing prev and next button in middle drop downlist the code is as fllows


<asp:ImageButton ID="imgbtnOPrev" runat="server" CommandArgument="prev" CommandName="Page"

 ImageUrl="~/Images/prev.gif" OnCommand="imgbtnOPre

AJAX web form size


We have developed an ASP.Net 3.5 application which includes a form for the user to fill in and submit to the server. The form contains some 40 controls or so (mostly textboxes, drop down listboxes, and some custom web controls) which are being validated (some using Custom Validators and server-side logic). To make the user experience feel like a connected session we have used AJAX (a ScriptManager and an Update Panel containing all page controls.)

Although the application is performing quite well when deployed onto a LAN environment, when published onto the web, the users experience long delays (some 20 seconds to refresh the page or to have validators check each control); for slow link users, this can take up to a minute or more.

After investigating the issue a bit, I discovered that if I save the page from the browser, it saves some 600K, most of which being some 13 ScriptResource.axd files and a couple WebResource.axd. I have no idea of what these are, but I suspect they are AJAX javascript libraries..

By removing the ScriptManager from the page, I get the page size to a more reasonable 90K size.


Can somebody please explain to me why this is happening? Is there a way to minimise my page size and still use AJAX?



Setting partition alighment and allocation unit size


I am looking at setting the partition offset and allocation unit size for a database drive. below are the configuration that i am looking to use.


partition offset: 1024K

allocation unit size: 64KB

If the database drive is to be exclusively used for OlTP, will a 8K allocation unit size make for better performance ?

Grid's PreviewMouseRightButtonUp event handler not firing until I changed something...don't unders


So to keep this brief, my heirarchy is: Window ->Canvas ->Listbox -> Grid (part of template for listbox) -> etc.


I wanted a draggable selection box so I did the fairly standard thing of rendering a square to the screen by using a drawing visual within a host class and then adding that drawing visual to the tree with the main helper methods. The PreviewMouseRightButtonUp event handler however, of my grid, was never being fired unless I just clicked without dragging. In other words, if I dragged on my grid to create my selection square, the PreviewMouseRightButtonUp event handler of the grid is never being fired. So, instead I associated this eventhandler with the PreviewMouseRightButtonUp event of my Visual host (which contains my square drawing visual) and the event fires.

Pretty much, the PreviewMouseRightButtonUp event never bubbles down the grid for some reason after I my drawing is rendered to the screen. Can anyone answer why or do you need to see source code?

Setting the size of my website as a percentage of users monitor and asp.net2.0 and c#



Hi Guys

Can anyone show me how to set the size (Height and Width) of my website so that it will be displayed as a percentage of the user's  monitor? Please a working code would be useful. I am using c# and asp.net 2.0.





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