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How to turn off "richtexteditorshortcutenabled"

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 25, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


I need to turn off shortcuts in rich text editor becouse I can't write some characters. I've tried to run command from old sharepoint

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\BIN>stsa
dm.exe -o setproperty -url http://something -pn "richtexteditorshortcutenabled"
 -pv "no" but I've got an error

 This operation can be performed only on a computer that is joined to a server fa
rm by users who have permissions in SQL Server to read from the configuration da
tabase. To connect this server to the server farm, use the SharePoint Products C
onfiguration Wizard, located on the Start menu in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Prod

I've sharepoint 2010 standard ed.

Any Idea how to turn off this feature ?


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How to turn off optimistic concurrency checking?


I have run into a problem with optimistic concurrency in my dynamic data application (where all relevant settings are at their default values); when I try to update or delete one of my tables, I see the following error:

 Exception type: ChangeConflictException
 Exception message: Row not found or changed.

I am the only user of my database at the moment, so I can guarantee that the data both exists and has not been changed outside the application!

Various forums have suggested that the way to deal with this is to set the column attributes so that the concurrency checking is disabled; i.e.

[global::System.Data.Linq.Mapping.ColumnAttribute(Storage="_PropSurname", DbType="NVarChar(255)", UpdateCheck=UpdateCheck.Never)]

However, to do this manually through the Visual Studio designer will take me hours (I have a lot of tables) and if I then change the schema of one of the tables in the DB, won't I then have to do it all again?  I've tried editing the .designer.cs file directly but my changes are subsequently overwritten (as expected).

All suggestions gratefully received!

Ed Graham

InfoPath: Turn User Input into XML with Custom Forms Using Office InfoPath 2003


Office InfoPath 2003 is a new Microsoft Office product that lets you design your own data collection forms that, when submitted, turn the user-entered data into XML for any XML-supporting process to use. With an InfoPath solution in place, you can convert all those commonly used paper forms into Microsoft Office-based forms and end the cycle of handwriting and reentering data into your systems. Today organizations are beginning to realize the value of the mountains of data they collect every day, how hard it is to access it, and are striving to mine it effectively. InfoPath will aid in the design of effective data collection systems. Here the author shows you how to get started.

Aaron Skonnard

MSDN Magazine September 2003

UH-OH! i turned Simple Publishing On - How do i turn it Off?


I have recently deployed a site, where i turned Simple Publishing On in my sitedefinition.


The reason why i turned it On was to get rid of the approval workflow which my client did not need.


However it appear that not only the approval workflow was removed, but also the scheduling feature - therefore i will have to turn it Off again.


It will be easy for me to deploy a new sitedefinition, whith the SimplePublishing set to Off, but a lot of sites has allready been created using the "On" version.


I was thinking about making a small application that enumerated my Webs collection to accomplish that - but i cannot find what properties to use.


Does anybody know how to do this? Or even better - know if there is a way to make a simpler approval workflow?



Reg: Turn on more accessible mode & Skip to main content link message on Infopath2007 browser form



I have a infopath 2007 browser enabled form with c# code behind . The Infopath form is embeded\hosted in to a custom layouts page (.aspx) on MOSS 2007. The issue is when users use keyboard to fill the form, they often use <TAB> & <Enter> keys. So when they are using the tabbing at one location in the form, I have a "Contact selector" field, I enter a name & then hit <TAB> key the focus now comes to "name cheker" I then hit <Enter> key, I hit <TAB> again, the focus now comes to a button named "Accept", I hit <Enter> key & a filed below is populated with the values from user profile service. Now when I hit <TAB> I expect the focus should now come to that automatically populated field below the "Contact selctor". Because Infopath assings the tab order by default form top to bottom & left to right and I havent changed that default tab order.   

But, the focus moves to top of the webpage with a clickable link to "Turn on more accessible mode" I hit tab one more time & the link on top changes to "Skip to main content". This bheaviour does not seem to be happning in other form controls when they hit <Tab>, <Enter>. There are couple of areas on the infopath form where I have such a controls (layed ou

Turn Alerts OFF on a single list


OK, I must be missing something here. 

If I turned on Alerts for one library and then decide I don't want to get the alerts anymore, how do I turn them Off?

How to turn on mex for simplified configuration WCF 4.0

I am trying to setup a simplified configuration file and was wondering how to enable MEX for all my services since I don't actually list any services explicitly in the simplified config file. Here is my current config file section for my services: <system.serviceModel>    <behaviors>      <serviceBehaviors>        <behavior>          <serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="True" />          <serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults="false" />        </behavior>      </serviceBehaviors>    </behaviors>    <bindings>      <basicHttpBinding>        <binding maxBufferSize="1024" />        <binding maxReceivedMessageSize="1024" />      </basicHttpBinding>    </bindings>  </system.serviceModel>

can not turn on .net framework 3.5 feature in win 7 x64

Hi. when check MS .net framework 3.5.1 in windows feature and press ok,windows give error "An error has occurred,Not all the features were successfully changed." how solve this problem?

turn off tag auto close

How do I turn off the feature where closing tags are automatically inserted when an opening tag is typed? I want all auto text turned off. Thanks

Change Bitmap Resolution and Turn Black & White

i use this method to resize bitmaps. Bitmap OriginalBM = (Bitmap)Bitmap.FromStream(fileUploader.PostedFile.InputStream); Size newSize = new Size(300, 500); Bitmap Resizebm = new Bitmap(OriginalBM, newSize); Resizebm.Save(HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(yourPath) + yourImage, ImageFormat.Jpeg); OriginalBM.Dispose(); My question is how can i Change Bitmap Resolution and Turn Black & White?

Turn off logon dialog box when using Sharepoint as an external homepage

This is a simple question.  I am creating a web site that is both external and extranet.  I wan to be able mak e like 5 page viewable to everyone on the net and 5 pages to viewable by authenitcated users.  I have extended the web application.  I cannot get rid of the darn authentication dialog.  It keeps popping up.  Only need it to pop up when you go the extra pages.   How is this done?   Thanks in advance Mike

Authentication Providers button greyed out. Trying to turn on anonymous access

Please can you assist. I am trying to enable anonymous access. Tutorials point me to: 'Central Admin > Site Actions > Site Settings > Application Management > Manage web applications > Sharepoint - 80' I should then click on 'Authentication Providers'. This button is greyed out. I am running in dev on windows 7 64bit. Thanks.

How to turn off or disable creation of SP Groups

Is there a way to delete, disable or turn them all off at once? How about disabling the automatic creation of SP groups when a site is created?

using pre-processor directives to turn off console.writeline statements?

I have a DOS console application that when processing files will output information to the screen.This is a nice feature when I run the program. But when in production it would somehow be niceto turn of all of my Console.WriteLine statements.  Because unlike my test environment, in production,several hundred files will be processed, and printing out console information will slow my console applicationdown. (I think. You see the console application is set up to run as a scheduled task everyday at 12 noon) So here is my question. Can the console.writilines be turned off in production using C# pre-processor directives?I have read about the Pre-Processor directives, but something is not clicking in regards to how I can apply it.So I am hoping I can apply it in the situation I just described.

How do I turn off HTML validation in the Content Editor Web Part?

I'm fairly used to SharePoint 2007, where I could inject pretty much whatever I wanted into the CEWP, and among other things affect the page style or create div-based layouts. However, in SharePoint 2010, inserting code into the CEWP seems to go through a HTML validation process, which inserts and converts the original HTML code and ends up in incorrect results. How can I turn off this HTML validation stuff, or alternatively, is there any other way for me to inject HTML into a web part as I wish?

Turn tabulated data into textbox


Hi. Really new to asp.net.

In a web site page, I have, for example, a 3r x 2c table and a Button


Lenght               |     100           |

| Width                  |       50           |

| Thickness            |         5           |


| Edit           |              

What I want is turn (or insert, whatever the best way is) the right cells into textboxes, to edit the data, when I push the "Edit Button". Once I push the button, its Text changes to

IBMDA400 driver, turn off commitment control

I am using IBMDA400 driver in SQL integration services. I do not want to turn on Journaling on the tables I am writing to. I need to figure out a way to turn off Commitment control with using the IBMDA400 driver properties. Can anybody help with me with this?

Turn capslock on and off problem..



In my WPF application I've few TextBoxes that I want to turn capslock on when they got the focus and off when they lose focus.

I've two API's:

private void Turn_CapsLOCK_ON()
            bool isCapsLock = (((ushort)GetKeyState(0x14 /*VK_CAPITAL*/)) & 0xffff) != 0;
            if (isCapsLock == false && this.check_capsLock == true)
                const int KEYEVENTF_EXTENDEDKEY = 0x1;
                const int KEYEVENTF_KEYUP = 0x2;
                keybd_event(0x14, 0x45, KEYEVENTF_EXTENDEDKEY, (UIntPtr)0);
                keybd_event(0x14, 0x45, KEYEVENTF_EXTENDEDKEY | KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, (UIntPtr)0);
                this.check_capsLock = false;

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