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Please advise

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 25, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net



   I am a developer and can understand the .NET applications. But I would like to learn about 1).System Analysis and Design  and 2).Object Oriented Analysis and Design. I haven't participated in listening user stories and turning them into specs in my past development experience. I am just a developer and have been developing applications based on the specs provided. Now I want to be able to understand a business and listen to the requriements and be able to design the system. Can some one please take couple of minutes to recommend me few books that I can read from and understand from the scratch. I am looking for a book that takes a sample small business scenario and explain right from the requirments, design, Object Orientation of the Analysis and then creating those classes in .NET either in C# or vb.net and then building the UI i.e converting user stories into a system using Object Oriented Analysis and Design. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


Thank You,


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Advise on calculation of measure of Balance sheet account

I am building a cube on top of Navision. The transaction table contains all transactions since the start with Navision (1 July 2003) on General Ledger Account level. For the Balance Sheet accounts, we have imported/inserted opening balance amounts. For the calculation of a trial balance of the Profit and Loss accounts I can just SUM the transactions for the period and it gives me the result for the period. For the balance sheet however, I can only calculate the net change for the period but not the ending balance for that period. Does SSAS have some kind of function to calculation the amount since the first date entry? (in my case 1 July 2003) For the P&L for example I created a calculated measure by using the YTD function that gives me the SUM for January untill August, even if I have selected only the month of August. It would be nice if SSAS had some kind of STD (start to date) function. Or do you advise that I have SSIS insert an opening balance on 1 January for each General balance sheet account (if I would find out how to do that ;-)

need advise on developing an app

Hi I need some advise on the best approach to develop a web app using Asp.netthis is the scenario:a webserver with FTP folders, each belongs to a certain predefined user' each with multiple xml type files.1. login page - client enters user and password.2. on successful login, user is redirected to a download page.3. on download page: date range pick combo box (from date -> to date) +  download button. 4. on click the download button:   a. all *.xml files in the user's FTP folder which are in the selected range are assembled into a self extracting *.exe file.   b. exe file is downloaded to the client's machine.   c. after download has completed, user clicks on the exe file. -> file extracts all of the *.xml files into a predefined directory.Hope this makes sense. i need a direction on what tools / web services can be used to achieve this and where i can find them.If there are applications out there which can be bought for a reasonable price and tweaked , that is also an option.Thanks in advanceBoaz

Advise on Asp.net MVC for IE7 users


HI All,

I have been asked to write a large size web solution (approx 7000 man hour) to address identity management solution which is already implemented in Sharepoint in ASP.net MVC. We already have some performance trouble with jQuery and dynamic data load on IE7 for one of the user control we have hosted inside Sharepoint 2007. Now with ASP.net MVC where we will have extensive use of javascript and JQuery, can I have some advise on choice of platform where in my majority of users are using IE7 and unfortunately I can not ask them to upgrade(approx 100000 users). 

Should I use classic ASP.net model to implement the application or should I really consider MVC?

I have also observed that in IE 7 (Via fiddler) only 3 request to web server goes in parallel and if I have more load on demand or load on start up via jQUery page takes 40 seconds where in if i switch back to normal asp.net model it is less than 5 seconds. Can I have some guidance if i should use MVC or normal Asp.net in such scenerio?

Looking forward for your support and valuable input.

Thanks in advance.


Studying for MCTS - SQL Server 2008 DBA, need advise on best setup for home laptop.


I have laptop with XP Professional 2002 SP3, 64 bit, 1,79GHz, 2.37g RAM.

I am wondering if doing a vmplayer virtural appliance with Windows Server 2003 R2 and evaluation edition of SQL Server 2008 Developer edition is the best setup.  It really is getting tedious with reinstalling everything every 30 days.  My school is not yet registered with DreamSpark.  I found the virtual labs and will go through those but I was wondering if there was a better setup to study with. 

Thanks for your time.

Please advise on ROUND function


Not my original db, data or procedure as I have been tasked with developing an updated infosys (to a .NET app and SQLServer db).  Anyway, the original app/db has a rounding specification that is a bit strange to me and need some input on how I should proceed.  The original system architects decided they'd perform a round down on a particular field (int) which is ultimately used in a fee calculation.

Not a big deal because I could just issue a ROUND(theField, -2) --- But I found a problem.  At first glance it seemed that they wanted to round to the 10th:

3143 would round to 3100 with ROUND(3143, -2)

But if I come across a value such as 4075 this would then round to 4100 with ROUND(4075, -2)  WHEN THEY WANT THIS TO BE 4000.  That is, to arrive at 4000, then I'd need to issue a different ROUND(4075, -3)

Does this make sense? 

How should I approach this? 

 Is this a proceedure/logic probelm or am I looking at this with too limited vision in what needs to be done (SQL-wise)?


Thanks for your input,




James Crandall ~ http://javitechnologies.com Spatial Database Solutions

Best practice advise

Hi all, I'm after some advice on best the programming practice given my situation. I have a record in my DB which holds various bits of information. This information is used is multiple places throughout my intranet application and cannot be changed. I currently instantiate a new object each time I want to retrieve any of this info. What I would like to do is store this info somewhere when I first visit my app which will make it easier and quicker to access this information throughout my application. What is the best way to achieve this? Maybe use a static class, or session variables, or should I be revisiting the backend each time? Any advice much appreciated!!

Hi can any one please advise me how to acheive this structure?


ow to acheive this tabular structure using datacontrols of asp.net

I want to present data in tabular format using datacontrols and columns layouted from top to bottom( not from left to right).  Thanks in advance for u r suggestions.

Need some advise on starting a New Life with MVC 2 and which Tools to use for RAD in MVC2 ?


Dear All

I have finally decided to hop up on the train of MVC 2. Now i have doing alot of reading lately and following is the architecture, which i think will be good enough for most of Business Web Application.

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