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Creating a Group Policy to restrict prompt window

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 25, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hi All,

I have created a Group Policy to restrict asking a prompt window in IE for Intranet Web Application with Windows Authentication enabled.

Now I want to create other than IE browsers. How can I achive that?

It would be very appreciable if any one comes up with the solution.

Thanks in Advance,

Sateesh Nagalla.

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How to Restrict Windows Credentials Prompt Window for the Application


Hi All,

We have created an Intranet Web Application with Windows Authentication.

That asking a prompt to get Username and Password each time when we access the application.

How can we restrict that prompt other than IE --> Security --> Custom Level --> User Authentication. (Because, with this option we need to set these settings in each and every user's system)

Thanks in Advance,

Sateesh N.


Read Only / Edit Prompt window


Dear all,

As a default, my SharePoint farms are showing a pop up window from IE asking if users want to open the doc in read only or in edit mode. Is there a way to get rid of this window as chose one of the options for default? Where can I do this?

Thanks in advance.




Can't find AD security group while creating Audience rule


Hi guys,

I'm trying to create audience rule : all members of AD group. But when I try to choose a security group I need I can't find in search window. Though I see another groups. So in a whole the problem is I can't see all the AD groups but only some of them. It doesn't depends on on its type (global or local domain).

What could be a reason?

In Sharepoint 2007 while creating a group "Give Group Permission to this Site" section is missing

I have a strange anamoly in Sharepoint 2007 but I am guessing I am missing some minor step since I am new to Sharepoint. I am trying to create a new group which I have done before successfully. 1.On the home page of the site,  I click Site Actions, point to Site Settings, and then click People and Groups. 2.On the New menu, I click New Group. 3.Type a name for the group, and then type a brief description of the group's attributes in About Me. 4.I change the owner of the group or click Browse to find an individual's account name. 5.In the Group Settings section, I click the options to specify who can see the members of this group and who can add or remove members. 6.In the Membership Requests section, I click the options (No, No) and no email address entered Here is the problem part: I am supposed to see  the "Give Group Permission to this Site section"  but I see only Create and Cancel buttons.   Can you please help why I do not see  "Give Group Permission to this Site section". Is there another way to assign group permission?

Creating Dynamic Group Fields for a Crystal Report?

I have a VB.Net application which generates quite a few Crystal Reports. One report in particular has a Group Section. What I am trying to do with my VB.Net app is pass a value (a sql server column name used in the report). This value is represented by radio buttons. For example, the user may check either "ZipCode" or "State" or "Category" or "Type" or "Vendor". Each of these options represent a column in the database table used in the report. I simply want to be able to write the "SelectionFormula" using one of these options but not sure how to go about it. Thanks, Blake

ODBC connection in group policy

Hello, We want to apply ODBC connection setting for all users in AD. We did googling but could not able to find any help. We've SQL 2005 database package which will be used by all users and users have very limited access i.e., only to run this package. Nothing else access given to users. User unable to use package as ODBC connection is set fo them. We do ODBC setting for every users one by one giving control panel setting and then again revert it with limited access. It is very difficult task to for 100 users. Please suggest GP where in we can set the ODBC for all users at the time. Your early response will great and appreciated. Thanks!!!   Regards, Shaikh Sameer

restrict access for a single group to a single folder in a list


Hello and Goodmorning,

I have one list, organized with 3 folders.

I can create a group(s), add user(s) to this group(s). 

Now i need to assign access like this:  group1 can only see and 'readonly' folder1, group2 can only see and 'readonly' folder2, group3 can only see and 'readonly'...folder3!

Im sure this is possible, from similar non-programming posts on the forum.

I have been looking into SPRoleAssignment and SPRoleDefinition to define Group permissions but its the mapping them to specific folders that I am missing...

Enjoy your tea.







SQL Server 2008: When creating database with filestream group pc hangs


I am facing this STRANGE problem with sql server 2008. When I try to create a new database with filestream group my system hangs. When I restart pc by direct power off and then on, I cannot see the new database but at the given location I could see that database files and filestream group has been created. 

Solutions Tried.
Uninstall, download new version then reinstall but to no use.
Set maximum permissions to current user (according to my knowledge).
Using Mix mode authentication.

PC configuraion:
XP Home Edition SP2,
Intel Dual Core 2.0 GHZ Processor
4GB Ram,
SQL Server express SP1 installed on NTFS Partition
Plenty of Disk Space
Comodo Firewall pro, Avast Antivirus ( Already tried to stop firewall and antivirus still no use)

Any help would be appreciated.

Programmatically creating a Person or Group type field Textbox (similar to 'Assigned To' field in Ta


In our ASP.NET application created with SharePoint object model, we have a user interface with a Contact Person TextBox, we want this TextBox to be similar to the “Assigned To” filed in out-of-the-box Task List where you can search for a particular site user by typing in his/her name. How can we achieve this functionality programmatically?

Thanks in advance………

Creating a Child Window in WPF GRID



I'm using a grid that has a WindowsFormHost element in it and in the WindowsFormHost I have a win32 ActiveX control running this is working fine. I would like to place a set of WPF controls over the ActiveX object, I understand that the ActiveX object will always be the top most item so in order to place my controls on top I will need to create a separate window and put the controls in to it. I have looked at using a popup but would have to write extra code to get it to follow the main window if it's position changes and also size. What I'd like to do is create a new window and make it a child of the Grid to display the controls in. My questions are:

1) Can I attach the window as a child of the grid?

2) Would I need to change the zorder of the child window to ensure it was above the activex control?

3) Example code if possible would help.



TableLayoutControl exception "Error creating window handle"

I am using a TableLayoutPanel to create a report on a form. The layout is 1 column, with a 
variable number of rows added based on the number of lines in the report. As I step through
a list of reports, the layout is cleared and rebuilt. After a few iterations of this an
exception in CreateHandle is thrown. Several hundred lines are destroyed and created each
time I switch reports.

I can't find a lot of mention of the error I'm seeing. Here is one of the better ones:


tableLayoutPanel1.SuspendLayout(); tableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Clear(); tableLayoutPanel1.RowStyles.Clear(); tableLayoutPanel1.RowCount = 0; tableLayoutPanel1.RowStyles.Add(new RowStyle(SizeType.Absolute, 30F)); tableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(header, 0, 0); tableLayoutPanel1.RowCount++; foreach(Measurement meas in list2) { ReportLine line = new ReportLine(meas); line.Anchor = AnchorStyles.Top | AnchorStyles.Left | AnchorStyles.Right; tableLayoutPanel1.RowStyles.Add(new RowStyle(SizeType.Absolute, 23F)); // "Unable to create window handle" exception here: tableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(line, 0, tableLayoutPanel1.RowCount); tableLayoutPanel1.RowCount++; } tableLayoutPanel1.ResumeLayout();

Domain Group Policy to Map user folder in Sharepoint Library to network drive


This is complicated- and try as I might I can't get it right. I am running SBS 2008 SP2 with WSS 3.0 SP3.

I have my sharepoint site at http://companyweb. I have WebClient and WebPublishing services enabled.

The scenario I am trying for:

I have a document library in Sharepoint called Wellness Boxes. Inside this library each domain user has a folder- these folders are to store personal files. Each folder is configured with permissions via Sharepoint so that only the user and their direct manager has access. When a user enters the library, they only see their own folder.

I am trying to map this situation to network places. I want users to be able to click Start>Computer>Network and see a drive labeled Companyweb. Entering that drive will show them the document library Wellness Boxes, and only their own folder will be visible.

I need to do this at a domain level through Group Policy so it applies to all users and all computers. Drive letters do not matter. Permissions do matter.

Can anyone help me please?


Blog@ http://chrisdill.wordpress.com

Christopher Dill Network Engineer | Solace Healthcare Group, Inc. SBS 2008 | Exchange 2007 | WSS 3.0

Creating ASP.NET using NTLM gets login prompt


I have an ASP.NET that uses NTLM that is getting a login prompt. I am not sure why. This is a typical AD domain and I have created other web apps using NTLM which do not prompt for a username and password. Any ideas?

KB943280 - Group policy solution


Maybe this is not the right place, because i think this is a common WebDaw problem.

Really common scenario: Server 2008R2, 25x Win7 client, Sharepoint 2010, domain enviroment

My question is: really the only one possibility to solve problem described in KB943280 in a domain enviroment with 25 client machines to execute a registry edit at the client machines?

There is no written administrative template exists for it?



Creating your SharePoint Governance Plan

One of the most common questions that I get from prospects as I'm talking to them about the creation of a governance plan and process is what does it look like. In other words, there are materials available which describe what should be in a governance plan but there isn't a ton of guidance on what the process of creating a governance plan and process are.

Creating Paging for a Repeater Control

A common question is "How do I implement paging within a Repeater?" Although the beauty of the Repeater control is its flexibility, you're on your own for building most functions. ASP.NET 2.0 has included some new controls that provide paging, as does the DataGrid in ASP.NET 1.1. However, this tip shows you how to roll your own paging for a simple data viewer.
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