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Deep Dive Into VLF's anyone?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 24, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Can someone please provide a  DETAILED explaination on VLF's.

1. Why are they created? are they only created with Replication ?

2. what details can we find using dbcc loginfo? and what usalbe information does it provide?

3. How do they impact performance?

4. What actions can be taken with regards to VLF's and performance tuning?

Thank you!

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sql convert vertical table to horizontal (deep to wide)

Hi I have 2 tables, where one holds Name and address information in a wide format, second table is a deep version where i have the records with field names (i.e. Date Of Birth) in the value and then another field with the actual value. I need to merge both tables together to create a new 3rd table and have everything in a wide format, so name and address for one record plus another new column with Date of Birth, so in the end i would just have one row for a person. i am using sql 2008, i dont have any examples to show, which makes it difficult to explain. a visual example would be table 1 id   name  address1      address2  postalcode 100 john    1 anystreet  anywhere  125254 table 2 id  fieldname  fieldvalue 100 dateofbirth  1 jan 1900 100 age         10 100 mobile     123456789 new table should look like table 3 id   name  address1      address2  postalcode   dateofbirth  age  mobile 100 john    1 anystreet  anywhere  125254      1 jan 1900    10   123456789 i have a very large dataset so need something generic and fast as there are lots of different field names so i would need to add th

Deep Copy Vs Shallow Copy


HI Guys,


I have gone through some of the articles over internet but not been able to get hold of whether we can do a deep copy of an object using Icloneable interface Clone Method without using serialization.  If Yes then please provide some working snippets to understand the concept of both of them. I am looking for examples which will help me understand the concept.



Deep Zoom and WPF PDC 2008


Watching keynote from PDC 2008 and it had listed WPF improvements with .NET 4 and VS 2010

it had DeepZoom listed.

WHAT HAPPENED? Where is the DeepZoom WPF control? I have a real need for a DeepZoom control that

I can draw on with  DrawingVisual's



Dataset has one field, populate a table 2 columns wide n rows deep



A dataset returns a single field of child names, instead of presenting this as a single column table, I would like it to be multi column.

Dataset returns:


I would like to display it as:

Child1 Child2 
Child3 Child4


Moss Deep Integration with Reporting Services Issue - 3rd time lucky!



Raised this on the SSRS Newsgroup, and even SharePoint WSS Newsgroups but they say needs to be put here instead -
HELP Please!

When I try to run a report that uses a Report Model, MOSS says it cannot be
found when it is there. A different report that use Data Source without
Report Model works ok. Any ideas anyone please.

Thing is when I use the Report Center template and do the same thing it
works fine!!!

What is MOSS doing, to not be able to find the Report Model please and how
can I fix it urgently....

Deep Clone (copy) Lazy type of objects


For deep cloning (copy) objects there is a many ways. One good document for cloning is here http://www.csharp411.com/c-object-clone-wars/ . The document shows six different ways to clone objects.

In our architecture we can’t use memorystreams for serializing and deserializing objects because some classes are part of the WCF datacontract and Serializable attribute on classes will force DatacontractSerializer to act way that we don’t want.

For cloning objects we use reflection technic. We create new object based on source object type and then loop all object field and copy source objects values to the copy. Everything works fine until we implement System.Lazy variables in our classes. How to deep c

Deep-copy on Activity instance


Hi all,

I want to perform deep-copy on my custom Activity below:

  public sealed class MyCustomActivities: NativeActivity<MyResultObj>, ICloneable
    public OutArgument OutArgument { get; set; }
    public InArgument InArgument{ get; set; }

    protected override void CacheMetadata(NativeActivityMetadata metadata)
      //do something here

    protected override void Execute(NativeActivityContext context)
      //do something here

    #region ICloneable Members

    public object Clone()
      //How do I clone OutArgument and InArgument?
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