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Posted By:      Posted Date: October 24, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

i have used stand alown computer with sqlserver2008 ihave problem with schedule my schedule property is not showing folder and report property so how can i attach my report.rdl with jobs or schedule please reply me on tufail_76@hotmail.com


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SSRS2008: no Integrated Security; MOSS integrated; WebfrontEnd separate

Hi, we have the following setup: 2 webfrontend servers MOSS 2007 with RS addin 1 MSSQL 2008 Cluster 1 MSSQL 2008 with Reporting Services installed when trying to use integrated security in the datasource, i receive the exception saying that integrated security is not configured. doing this on a standalone (MOSS, SQL, SSRS) environment everything works. Do I need to configure the usage of integrated security? Maybe Kerberos ? Regards Sven

Performance problem when rendering in PDF, printing (SSRS2008)

Hi I have a report containing a rectangle/tablix attached to a dataset of course details. The rectange contains a number of text boxes showing course details (fields from the dataset: course title, department etc.) and a sub-report which is a list of students on that course (controlled by passing appropriate parameters). This worked fine until I decided I wanted one of the text boxes (course_title) to repeat on each page whilst printing. To achieve this I added a column group on course_title and set the header to repeat on each page, as suggested elsewhere on this forum. This works fine when simply viewing the report in BIDS or after deployment (SharePoint), but not when attempting to print, print preview or convert to another format (e.g. pdf). The report itself runs in a matter of seconds (<10) but the conversion runs for about 90 seconds before aborting (probably due to server settings) and in IE taking the browser down with it. I've tried not repeating the group header on each page but the problem persists, unless I remove the group altogether. I've also tried adding the student dataset and the list directly into the main report, but that created too many restrictions on the list (e.g. not enabling list column headers to be repeated on each page). Is there a known issues with grouping affecting the performance in this way? Are there other ways around any of these p

Drillthrough not functioning on deployed report (SSRS2008)

Hi I have a report with a drillthrough functionality on two cells in a tablix, the intention is for each cell to pass different parameters to the target report. The report fuctions exactly as expected when previewing in BIDS, each drillthough passing the appropriate parameters to the target report. However once the report is deployed (to a SharePoint environment), only one of the drillthroughs will function. In the other, the pointer recognises some kind of link (it changed to a 'clickable' icon) but it won't function (and there is no target displayed at the bottom of the browser as there is with the working link). I've cheked the html source for the page and it appears not to have an onclick command for the first cell (contianing the text 'BSC C701 - BIOCHEMISTRY (4 YR)(I)'): <TD ID="11iT0r9c0" class="a144c"><br/> <DIV class="a144"><br/> <DIV style="overflow-x:hidden;WIDTH:73.14mm;" class="r13"><br/> <DIV class="a143"><br/> <span style="font-style:normal;" class="a140">BSC C701 </span><br/> <span style="font-style:normal;" class="a141"> - </span><br/> <span style="font-style:normal;" class="a142">BIOCHEMISTRY (4 YR)(I) </span><br/> </DIV><

SSRS2008 Sort columns by row Subtotals

Hi! Have problem with sort some data report. Use Tablix in report, where have Total, Month, Subtotal, Week, Day as ROWS and City as COLUMN. In data cell there is SaleAmount. So in Subtotal and Total there is SUM(SaleAmount) for every City - properly view because of grouping. I'm wondering how to make parameter for sorting data in this report, where have to choose 1.Sort WeekSale 2.Sort MonthSale greets Tomek

How to Display a row as the last row of a table - SSRS2008




How can i set a specific row to be always displayed as the last row in a tablix,in SSRS 2008.

I have grouped some columns and in them, i always want to display a column which has "Manual Counts" name as the last row in that group.

Can anyone please help me on this?




SSRS2008 Report email subscription not working

Using our local smtp server i am trying to do a report subscription to mail the report to certain mail ids. In report manager getting the status as 'Mail sent to <>' But originally no mail were sent. what might the problem be?
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