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Ok I need some MAJOR help?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 24, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Ok i want to do something kind of like facebook in asp.net is it possible and what are the best tools/learning resources i can you 

and can i use godaddy for webhosting it?

it would have im,photos,somethemes,sign up box etc...

and if i cant make it in asp.net what could i use ?

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Delete major doucument version


Hi All,

I have a document library with versioning activated (0.1,0.2,0.3..). i want to keep only 0.1 version and rest delete. when iam trying to delete it is deleting minor version. Can any one tell me how to do this.

Thanks in advance.

RFC: I want your FB on "RS Parameters Enhancements" for the next major release

Hello,RS product team is looking into doing some substantive work in the next release of Reporting Services, related to enhancing parameters. This could include changes to RDL, design tools like BIDS and RB, SOAP API's, Report Manager and SharePoint UI's, and of course the Report Server internals. Without making any commitments, I'll just lob a few "top of the list" features out there to prime the pump:Prompt localizabilityValidation (value ranges, defining invalid values, extensible validation through assemblies, etc.)Tree view of heirarchical parametersHistory and Execution snapshot parameter controlSelect All configuration -- yes or no, top or bottom, etc.Multivalue usabilityPLZ reply to this thread with your "wish list" for better RS parameters. I'd also very much like to see sample reports that use parameters in creative ways, especially if you had to do extra work to compensate for missing features or unexepected behaviors. I'll take all the FB, filter it through the list we already have, and hopefully come up with a list of features we can pull off in time for the next major release that meets as much of your needs as possible.Thanks for your consideration, and regards.Mike

is the overarchitecting of a solution a major problem in the development world today.

Hello all,I have been on this project for a while and wanted to get your thoughts.I have been working on a Sharepoint solution for a while to create a ASP .Net feature in Visual Studio. Now this is your standard CRUD application that queries data, displays data, updates data etc.As I am proceeding to code in this the original developer has used quite a few patterns MVP, observer, commands, repository and a couple of others. Being that this is Sharepoint developement and integration with Sharepoint is not good at all, I am finding that to much time is spent managing facets of the patterns rather than actually finishing the app. Another point is that debugging a Sharepont app with VS2008 is a pain because I have to redeploy the app everytime to make sure my changes worked.My chief concern is that its taking me going through about5 hours, 8 different objects having to redeploy the app to sharepoint over 10 times to test my code just to populate a couple of grids and comboboxes. It just seems more efficient use of my time program this app just seperating out my data access and business logic layers and calling the them from my code behind in my ASP .Net pages. It just seemed like he used the patterns just to use them without understanding why they are needed or a patterns proper place in an app..What do you guys think?

Third Major Flaw with Reporting Services!


What is the way to keep multiple detail rows together on one page. There seems to be no future to keep multiple detail rows together. I'm not talking about table keep together, group page break or anything like that. I have 3 rows that need to be in one page at all times. Is there anyway that this is possible?



DetailsView Get Values on Insert. Major Problem :(



I'm having a problem to get the inserted values from the detailsview. I've tried the following things:

           // Get Value from DropDown
        int TopicID = 0;
        foreach (DetailsViewRow row in ItemsDetailsView.Rows)
            if (row.Cells[0].Text == "Topic")
                 DropDownList TopicDropDown = (DropDownList)row.Cells[1].FindControl("Topic_TopicIDList");
                 TopicID = int.Parse(TopicDropDown.SelectedValue.ToString());


            MsgBox(CType(DetailsView1.Rows(1).Cells(0).Controls(0), Label))

            For Each row As DetailsViewRow In DetailsView1.Rows

                Dim cell1 As TableCell = row.Cells(1)

                Dim value1 As String

                value1 = cell1.Text



            Dim item As New DetailsViewItem(col.ColumnName, row(index).ToString(), col.DataType.ToString(), col.DefaultValue)


            tb = DetailsView1.FindControl("Categorie")
            s = tb.Text


            For Each dvr As DetailsViewRow In DetailsView1.Rows
                If dvr.Cells.Count = 2 Th

Publish a major version after custom approval workflow



I want to create a custom approval workflow in SharePoint Designer that allows me to use the "Collect Data From a User" action. After data has been collected and if the document has been "approved" I want to publish a Major Version of the document. Until that point I want the document to be in draft. The whole idea is that certain users cannot see the document until it has been approved.

How do I manage to publish a major version of a document after completion of the custom SPD workflow? There doesn't seem to be an action that allows me to change the version. Is there a workaround I need to use?


Moss 2007 major error


i m getting  below error when i  open my sharepoint site even else when i m trying to take a backup from the site

i m using moss 2007 sp2

Operation aborted (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004004 (E_ABORT))




Check site compatibility against 3 major browsers


Hey Guys.

I'm trying to figure out a method to check my site in developing against the 3 major browsers: IE, FF & Chrome.

I don't want to install all 3 of them, so I was wondering if there any way to emulate the environment of the browser?

Thanks ahead 

Word does not overwrite minor version but creates new minor version (Major and minor versions)



I'm having a problem with our production sharepoint server. When editing a Word document you can choose to 'Overwrite the current minor version', but instead a new minor version is created. When i edit version 1.1 for instance, it does not overwrite 1.1, but i get a new 1.2 minor version. On the test-server this problem does not occur. On that server version 1.1 is correctly overwritten with the edited document.

I have checked differences between the 2 servers, but all versions are the same (MOSS, Servicepacks, SQL, OS etc). I compared setttings, the installed and activated features, but nothing seems different.

Has anyone seen this problem before? If so, were you able to solve it?

Hope to hear from you.

With regards,


(Versions : MOSS 2007, MOSS SP2, Office 2007 & 2010)

How to apply a filter to a library so that people only see major versions?


Hi all,

We would really like a filter (button or checkbox) that when viewing a library, you could switch on and off depending on whether you wanted to see major versions only or major and minor versions.

So, for example, you would see version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2.  Then after clicking the filter, you would just see 1.0 and 2.0.

Any ideas on how to make this happen?


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