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SSAS - Aggregation wizard not finding anly suitable aggregations

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 23, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Hi all

I am currently working on a financial reporting project. We created a cube that contains general ledger data. At the begining of the development phase, I run the aggregation wizard and SSAS was able to create aggregations. Yesterday I retried to run the wizard and to my surprise SSAS was not able to find any suitable aggregation. I searched on the internet to find out if someone experienced the same behavior and found the following link:

We have several defined hiearchies on the [Organization] dimension that can benefit from aggregations.

I looked at the design of the cube and could not find any reason that could explain the behavior of SSAS (not finding any aggreg.)

In the end I took the solution from the point where it was still able to create aggregations and started to redo all the modifications (one after the other) always running the aggregation wizard in-between. I was hoping that at some point aggregations would not work anymore and that I could identify which modification is guilty. 

Strangely I was able to perform all the modifications and the wizard was still able to build aggregations.

I the scripted the corrupt database and the non-corrupt database and compared them (using a text comparison tool). I was not able to find any significant difference.

Did someone exprience similar problems? :-) I kn

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In a production db server I have on the Analysis Server the SSAS 2005 database deployed from a SSAS 2005 prj. Is it possible to create the aggregations without BIDS?

Any suggests to me, please? Thanks

Creating aggregations in SSAS 2005



I'm beginning to use the SSAS aggregations. I have created the aggregations for a cube after I have specified the estimated count and I have saved them without deploy them. Is it possible to see the aggregations without the deploy?

Any helps to me, please? Thanks

How to create a specific aggregation in SSAS 2005



I have created a SSAS 2005 prj and the related cube. I have created a SSRS report to query the cube, but the execution take more time. I think to create some aggregations related to one-two MDX queries. I have tried to build aggregation in BIDS but this feature seems authomatic. Is it possible to create aggregations based only on one or two MDX queries, please?

Any suggests to me, please? Thanks

Explanation on Aggregation Design Tab in BIDS for SSAS 2008?

Is there info on how the new aggregation design TAB in BIDS for SSAS 2008 works? It looks great but I have no idea what it does and how to use it. Is that just me?

SSAS Deployment Wizard - Data Source connection string userid and Password getting removed



I have an SSAS database (Analysis Services 2005) which connects to Oracle for the data. I have the userid and password
saved in the connection string.


If I deploy the cube from Visual Studio I DON't have to manually edit the Data Source in the server to input the userid and password. The information is retained.


If I do a build and then deploy .asdatabase file using Deployment Wizard (Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Deployment.exe), the connection information dissappears. I have "Remove Passwords" = False in Project configuration. So when you build the project there will be a file with extension .assecurityinformation which holds the encrypted security info. Somehow

deployment wizard doesn't look at this file.


After the build I execute this command

Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Deployment.exe  .\Project.asdatabase /s:.\Deployment.log

I tried interactively and silent mode. Either way I cannot deploy the project with the userid and password in it.

Any clue?

Aggregation Wizard closes

I am trying to start aggregation design in my AS2005 cubes. I have set the counts and chosen the 30% performance improvement option. When I click Start, the Wizard just closes up. Nothing is recorded in the Event Viewer, so I am at a loss.

Has anyone seen this behavior or have an idea what causes it? I am on SP2.

aggregation design wizard is unstable?


hi all,

i lauched the aggregation design wizard, on the Set Aggregation Options page, i chose the 'I Click Stop' option,

and clicked Start, it ended up with a performance gain of 30% and 100 aggregations,

i then clicked Reset and then Start, however, this time it ended up with a performance gain of 40% and 122 aggregations.

curiously, i clicked Reset and then Start, and i found it always ended up with different results each run.

is aggregation design wizard designed to behave in this way?

seems the underlying aggregation design algorithm is NOT stable.


any suggestions will be appreciated.




BI, Data Mining, Analytical CRM

Deployment wizard - Aggregation assign


I have a problem with the cube deployment wizard.

I am working with SQL server 2008 R2.

I have created my Cube with BIDS, with a few partitions. Then I have a job which will add new partitions on a daily basis.
In BIDS, the Aggregation design is defined and assigned to the partitions.
I have 3 measure groups, each with 2 aggregations. Some partitions are assigned to the 'Day' aggregation, the other to the 'Month' aggregation design.

When I deploy with BIDS, all defined partitions are created with their 'Aggregation' assigned.

When I add new partitions with the job, the 'Day' aggregations are assigned to the new partitions. When I script the partitions with SSMS directly after the partitions are added, the 'AggregationDesignID' tag is in the script.

When I afterwards deploy some changes of my cube with the 'Deployment wizard', with 'Retain partitions' checked, then the aggregations are kept, but the assignment to ALL partitions is lost.
When I choose to create a deployment script, in the script I see all the existing partitions, with the 'estimated count' tag

A better way to reference your wizard steps using named steps

Note: this article uses the plain vanilla but the concepts apply equally well to its popular counterpart .

By far the most common way that I see wizard steps reference in code snippets is by their index.

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Finding Rows in ADO.NET

ADO.NET implements three basic forms to locate Rows - The Find method as applied to the Rows collection, the Find method as applied to the DataView object and the Contains method as applied to the Rows collection.

DataRowCollection Find and Contains Method

The DataRowCollection is a major component of the DataTable. While the DataColumnCollection defines the schema of the table, the DataRowCollection contains the actual data for the table, where each DataRow in the DataRowCollection represents a single row.

You can call the Add and Remove methods to insert and delete DataRow objects from the DataRowCollection. You can also call the Find method to search for DataRow objects that contain specific values in primary key columns, and the Contains method to search character-based data for single words or phrases.

DataView Find and FindRows Method

Using the Find and FindRows methods of the DataView, you can search for rows according to their sort key values. The case-sensitivity of search values in the Find and FindRows methods is determined by the CaseSensitive property of the underlying DataTable. Search values must match existing sort key values in their entirety in order to return a result.

Finding username


Im running a query where it selects a property from the user with the matching username but i dont know how to find out the username of the currently loggedin user.

Please Help!

no intellisense, smart tag, extender wizard etc


Development Environment:  VS 2008 Pro, IIS 6, asp.net 2.x, sql 2005 server

Installed the version of AJAX Toolkit and Library for the .net 2.0 compatibility (as IIS is still using 2.x)

The problem is as that within the vs 2008 pro, when I select for example a button control...there should be an additional pop-up intellisense indicating...add extender.

to compound this, within the extender control ... the TargetControlID -- should be a drop-down list, indicating which controls are compatible with the extender ... there is no drop-down list.

even if I manually type the control to associate the extender with, this has no effect on the control (such as textbox control) -- as there should be another option appear indicating the association has taken place).

 below is the steps to take (as written by MS) -- but this is what I am not getting:

"If the Button Tasks shortcut menu does not appear, right-click the Button control and then click Show Smart Tag."  -- the smart tag is not appearing

To add an AJAX extender control
Switch to Design view.

If the page does not already contain a ScriptManager control, from the AJAX Extensions tab of the Toolbox, drag one onto the page.

A ScriptManager c

how to get an array of all the asp.net textbox control inside create user wizard control?



How can I get all the textboxes inside a create user wizard control using getElementsByTagName().

Below is my JQuery code:

<script type="text/javascript">
        function addLoadEvent(func) {
            var oldonload = window.onload;
            if (typeof window.onload != 'function') {
                window.onload = func;
            } else {
                window.onload = function() {

        function prepareInputsForHints() {
            var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName("asp:TextBox");
            for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) {
                inputs[i].onfocus = function() {
                    this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName("span")[0].style.display = "inline";
                inputs[i].onblur = function() {
                    this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName("span")[0].style.display = "none";



<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"></asp:ScriptManager>

form feild hints are not displaying for textboxses inside create user wizard?



I'm using following JS code to display input hint box besides the textbox whenever that asp.net textbox receives focus. 

I'm doing this for a registration form and all of the textboxes are inside the asp.net create user wizard control.

<script type="text/javascript">
function addLoadEvent(func) {
  var oldonload = window.onload;
  if (typeof window.onload != 'function') {
    window.onload = func;
  } else {
    window.onload = function() {

function prepareInputsForHints() {
	var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName("TextBox");
	for (var i=0; i<inputs.length; i++){
		// test to see if the hint span exists first
		if (inputs[i].parentNode.getElementsByTagName("span")[0]) {
			// the span exists!  on focus, show the hint
			inputs[i].onfocus = function () {
				this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName("span")[0].style.display = "inline";
			// when the cursor moves away from the field, hide the hint
			inputs[i].onblur = function () {
				this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName("span")[0].style.display = "none";

create user wizard login error message dont show in a message box?




i am using create user wizard and capturing other information within content template when a new user

registers. Some of the textboxes are binded to required field validators.


there is a validation control on the page and ShowMessage box is True.

If they dont complete some of the text boxes then the message box pops Up with the error message.

It does not however include information errors like "User already exists" or Email address already exists

from the create user wizard membership  UserName and Password Textboxes


is it possilbe to hook all of these up so I get one message box with all errors including membership ones?




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