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PrintWindow and WPF / DirectX

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 23, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF
I understand from my testing and other posts in this forum that PrintWindow does not work with WPF. Actually, it seems that PrintWindow doesn't work with any DirectX application (which includes WPF). Is there a way to capture the "current" image of a WPF / DirectX hwnd from another process?


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{ End Bracket }: Improving Managed DirectX Performance


It seems that at least twice a week, I am asked about poor performance in Managed DirectX®. This frequency is actually a big improvement over the 5-10 times a week I was asked a few years ago when the technology first came out.

Tom Miller

MSDN Magazine August 2005

DirectX 9.0: Introducing the New Managed Direct3D Graphics API in the .NET Framework


DirectX 9.0 is the latest evolution of the Microsoft 3D graphics technology for Windows. Direct3D, a major component of the DirectX Graphics subsystem, has evolved so rapidly in the last few years that the underlying programming paradigm has changed quite a bit from its origin. This article introduces the fundamental concepts of the unmanaged Direct3D architecture and illustrates how the managed Direct3D layer abstracts the unmanaged layer. Also, the author describes the Geometry, Texture, Device, and other classes and uses code from the Samples SDK.

Yahya H. Mirza and Henry da Costa

MSDN Magazine July 2003

DirectX 8.0: Enhancing Real-Time Character Animation with Matrix Palette Skinning and Vertex Shaders


DirectX 8.0 allows the creation of smooth and realistic character movements that are more life-like than simple articulated structure animations. This is made possible by its improved support for vertex tweening and blended vertex deformations, also known as soft-skinning. After a brief history of the use of these techniques in DirectX, soft-skinning using the fixed function pipeline is discussed. This is followed by the use of matrix palettes from within vertex shaders to create a customized soft-skinning solution that takes advantage of the benefits of vertex shaders, such as hardware acceleration and custom lighting algorithms without the limitations of fixed-function solutions.

Benjamin Freidlin

MSDN Magazine June 2001

Graphics: Manipulate Digital Images in Internet Explorer with the DirectX Transform SDK


The Microsoft DirectX Transform is a Microsoft DirectX media API that can be used to create animated effects as well as to create and edit digital images for Windows-based applications. Scripting and HTML can be used to display an existing transform on a Web page, and improved transform support in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 makes it easy to use transforms. This article provides step-by-step instructions for writing a transform as an ATL project and shows an example of an image transform. C++ is used to instantiate, configure, and display transforms in this project.

Alex Lerner

MSDN Magazine March 2001

Rendering tier 0 despite the DirectX 9.0 installed (Asus ET1602)

Hi,   i have Asus EeeTop PC ET1602 with integrated graphics Intel GMA 950 which supports DirectX 9. Despite the DirectX 9 is installed, WPF is running at tier 0. Regarding to the documentation (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms742196.aspx) it should run at least at tier 1. Do you have any idea why it does not?   Thanks in advance.   Regards, Dejadine

DirectX in .Net as COM interop.

Hello. I'm want to discuss question about "how to debug COM interop" in the DirectX interop scenarios. I'm have pure C# DXGI component wrapper on codeplex. Here it is MDXGI. There are not a problem to write interop for all DirectX component. But the main problem is that some funtions doesn't work and i don't know why. I try use many of possible signatures but problem still exist. Is there are some mechanism to check what actualy does in interop code. And why there are no any pure .Net interop. All working interop code for DirectX use CLI C++.

How to pause video using Directx.Capture?


I just checked the dll methods and I found that there are two methods Start and Stop and there is no pause method. But I need to implement pause functionality for my project during video recording by web cam using DirectX.Capture. How can I do that? Anybody can help me? thx in advance

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