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How to Create Discussion Forum

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 23, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

How to create discussion forum like forums.asp.net in asp.net 3.5? Is there any control available? should i create usercontrol? please suggest what is the best approach?

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Create discussion list item from another (non-discussion) list item ?

I am looking at creating a custom list to track bugs. I would like to have a comments/description field that either embeds or links to a discussion. is there a way to automate the creation of a discussion item from the bug list item or is the process 1) create bug list item 2) create discussion item 3) paste URL of discussion list item in 2) to the comments field/column in 1) All opinions/thoughts/advice appreciated regards, Counie

Reply by email to thread in discussion forum?

1. Will Sharepoint 2010 allows user to reply a discussion thread from the email alert? 2. How should I install social networking features on sharepoint 2010? 3. When "Version" is turned on, system is always asking to login in back. Can we bypass the login in all browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. ? 4.Mac users has little issues in check-in/check-out functionality in SP 2007, Is SP 2010 doing same thing?     Thanks in Advance!!

Workflow - automatically create discussion item using title field of of custom list item as its subj

Anyone any ideas as to how I can configure SharePoint to create a discussion item using the title of a list item. e.g. user creates list item on a custom list - SP automatically creates a Discussion thread for this list item in the discussions list. I'm guessing this can't be down OOTB . would I be looking at SPD or a coded solution ? regards, Counie

Workflow will not create a new Discussion


Trying to find a way for a workflow to create a new discussion using SharePoint Designer in WSS v3. The workflow action "Create List Item" will create an item in the existing discussion board, but it doesn't work like a discussion that is created manually. For instance, on the workflow created discussion, there is no threading and if you hit reply, it  creates a new discussion, not a reply message.


The idea behind this is someone is nominated for an award and for the person to receive the award they need 5 different people to agree to it and discuss why they should or should not get it. Trying to make this easy using the discussion board, but an open to any other ideas since the above doesn't seem to be possible.

How to insert a button or link inside a discussion forum


When users are inside the discussion list they want a link or button to return to the home page. How do I insert this on the discussion page?

cindi bethel carmona

Can't create threaded view in Discussion board..


I swear to science this worked before on a MOSS server at my old company - I had set up a discussion board, created a threaded view, and users could see the threads added, and use the expand option to see some of the replies.

I tried recently setting this up at my new company, both on a MOSS server, and a new 2010 server (that I just set up to trial Project Server 2010).

What is strange is for both servers, when I select create a new view, one of the options is the threaded view, I select that, add a name for the veiw, set it to the default view, add a other few columns, and then hit okay.

But it doesn't save the view - I have admin rights to the site, I can make other views, am I missing something here? Is there no longer an option to create a threaded view using the create view function?


How can i create a forum like structure in ASP C#


Hi all

i want to create a forum like page in ASP ,C# where

user can enter some question.
Administrator reply this question,
according to if user does not satisfied with the solution then in same thread he may ask for further clearance.
for example the forum of asp.net ( the current page) 

Download all attachments from SharePoint WIKI, Discussion Forum & Blogs



I have created one WIKI in SharePoint 2010 and uploaded some documents in the WIKI. Also i uploaded some images in the SharePOint 2010 Blog.

Now I want to download all the attachments to the each wiki as well as download the attachments for each blog.


Thanks, TusharG [There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't]

Accessing Discussion Forum in other's profile


Can we set up someone (Person A) to access to see and make changes to other's (Person B) Discussion Forum in his profile? We don’t want Person A to have access to Person B's whole profile but just the discussion forum – although Person A could have access to the main landing page of Person B's profile, just not anything inside the various sections.

Thanks in advance


How to create 3 tier application using LINQ

As you know that in 3 tier architecture there are three layers

User interface layer. (Is our Form in Windows application and .aspx page in Web application)
Data Access layer. (Which provides interface between Business logic layer and Database)
Business Logic layer.(Which stores your application logic)

Create ToolTip for GridView Header

The following allows you to add a tooltip to the header links of your GridView, a feature that is lacking.

Create And Run Excel Macro At Runtime in C#

You've been tasked with writing a Windows Form application using the .NET Framework that interacts with Microsoft Excel. If you are new to working with Excel in .NET and are having trouble learning how to format certain cells or cell ranges, then this little tip will come in handy. Rather than scour the internet hoping to find the correct set of constants or method syntax for formatting your spreadsheet, use the built in tools in Excel to write the familiar VBA code for you. Then, you can paste the VBA code generated by Excel into the sample C# code below and run it dynamically at runtime.

Create and Use a Typed DataSet by Using Visual C# .NET

This article shows you how to create and use a typed DataSet in a small Web application. Typed DataSets, which inherit from the DataSet class, create first-class members of a DataSet's DataTables and DataColumns, yielding the many benefits that come with the use of strong typing.

Connestion string create any database server

This links important to how to create connection string to any data base sever.

Dynamically Create Controls in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET

This article demonstrates how to dynamically create a control for an .aspx page. The sample project does the following:
Creates two TextBox controls.
Verifies that the contents (TextBox.text) and the attributes of the TextBox are saved across posts to the server.
Illustrates handling events that are posted by a dynamically-created control

Dynamically Create Controls in ASP.NET with Visual Basic .NET

This step-by-step article describes how to dynamically create controls for an ASPX Web page.

The sample project does the following:
It creates two TextBox controls.
It verifies that the TextBox contents (TextBox.text) and attributes are saved across posts to the server.
It describes how events that are posted by a dynamically created control are handled.

How to create a windows mobile (Smart Device) .Cab installer

A Cab file is the default setup format for Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices (similar to windows .msi files). You probably already have installed several application using .cab files, and are familiar with the concept. One point which is often unknown is that .cab files are processed by wceloader.exe, and it can only install one .cab file at a time. That means we cannot have nested .cab files. It doesn't mean we cannot have .cab files contained by another .cab, but the contained .cab files will not be installed during the installation of the container .cab. We should install it manually after the container .cab file installation has been completed.

There are two ways to create a cabinet (.Cab) file. The traditional one, and the friendly VS Smart Device Cab project which doesn't require additional coding, but which also relies on the traditional one at low-level.
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