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SQLExpress 2008 and VS2010

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

I can create a Database Connection from VS 2010 Server Explorer but unable to create a database in App_Data folder (using add new item).  I receive a Warning Dialog Box stating:

"Connections to SQL Server database files (.mdf) require SQL Server 2005 Express  or SQL Server 2008 Express to be installed and running on the local computer......" and tells me where to download SSE.

SQLExpress 2008 r2 is running on local computer (Network Services account).  SSE configuration has the SharedMemory, TCP/IP and NamedPipes all enabled.   I should mention that SSE was installed befored VS2010.

Appreciate any help,



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Convert 2005 RDLC to 2008 using VS2010


Hi and thanks.


I'm getting an error on serveral reports that I built  in VWD2005 (express) using the reportviewer control.  Trying to edit the rdlc file in VS2010, VS2010 asks if i want to convert the file to RDLC 2008 format and I click ok.  When I build the site, I get this error (and of course also when the report is ran):


Error 1 The report definition is not valid.  Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/reporting/2008/01/reportdefinition' which cannot be upgraded. C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mastercardlcm\Reports\WorkLists\OpenSRStatus.rdlc 1 


Here is my web.config concerning the RDLC assemblies, etc.

			<add path="Reserved.ReportViewerWebControl.axd" verb="*" type="Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.HttpHandler, Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" validate="false"/>
		<compilation debug="true">
				<add assembly="Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B03F5F7F11D50A3A"/>
				<add assembly="Microsof

SSIS 2005 & 2008 BIDS and VS2005/2008 Will VS2010 work with either SSIS package?

I've read the old posts about having to have the BIDS version match the SSIS package version. My question is with VS2010 is there any change? Can I edit either of the old versions of SSIS packages in VS2010 or do I have to have 3 versions of Visual Studio/BIDS on my machine? TIA J

Upgraded to SQL Server 2008 Express R2 64bit and now all my VS2010 db apps won't run

I am running WIN764bit, VS2010 and just "upgraded" from SQL server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 Express R2 64 bit.  When I went back into VS2010 and tried to run and test several database apps that I have developed, I find that I keep getting the error "Failed to generate a user instance of SQL server due to a failure in starting the process for the user instrance".  I have read a lot of threads here but I am not getting anywhere.  I can create a new SQL Server database, but can't find any of my existing .dbo connections and can't open any of the .mdf's from within Server Explorer (VS2010).  Any ideas? BTW the install went fine. And I have User Instance set to True in VS2010.

Installing 2008 express after VS2010 pro

I have just installed Visual Studio 2010 Professional on my laptop and it installed a basic version of SQL Server 2008 Express with no management tools. I would like to install the Full SQL Server 2008 Express on my laptop, but when I download and run SQLEXPRADV_x86_ENU.exe (advanced version with tools) or even just 2008SQLManagementStudio_x86_ENU.exe (management studio only), it extracts the files, runs a command prompt window for about 2 seconds and then closes and deletes the files it just extracted. I am installing on a laptop with Windows XP Pro SP3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!j

"Load Report failed " after migration of VS 2008 to VS2010 with SAP crystal reports installed

i have migrated VS 2008 application in VS2010  including crystal report. i have installed SAP crystal reports to support  crystal reports in VS 2010. how can i migrate the old reports into SAP crystal reports please suggest me.

SQLExpress 2008 R2 64bit using NewName results in logical filename losing last letter in Backup


We have a problem that is only occurring on the 64 bit edition of SQL 2008 R2 (the 32 bit R2, and 64 bit original are fine). 

As part of our install we restore a database called TaxMasterFresh’ and rename it to ‘TaxMaster’. We have a step to rename the logical files of the database to complete the operation:



SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer with Visual Studio 2010 Pro always defaults using SQLEXPRESS


I had un-installed SQL Server 2008 Express that came with the Visual Studio 2010 Pro.

I had installed SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer, and Im able to connect through the Management Studio and Visual Studio itself.

The problem is: whenever I create a new ASP.NET Web Application, the web.config always defaults using SQLEXPRESS.

How can I change this within Visual Studio 2010 so that the web.config defaults to the new database SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer that I installed?

SQL Server Express 2008 R2 and VS2010


Is anyone using this combination together?

I ask because I have posted previous questions without reply.  There seems to be a compatibility issue with the database in VS once opened up in R2 - any got any experience of this and how to work round it?



oledbdm.h is missing (Win7, MSSQL 2008 & VS2010 beta)

Hello All,

I decided to write my first plug-in algorithm. I downloaded the DMMgdPlugInAPI.msi package, but the wrapper will not compile due to oledbdm.h missing on my system. I've searched my filesystem and double-checked to ensure I had the MMSQL SDK installed. Do I need to install SQL 2005(The word doc says it is installed with 2005) or is there some other way to get the header & library files under 2008? I can successfully compile SQL Server assemblies that have custom aggregates and functions in them. So, I know the compiler install works. 

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appearciated.


How to connect a remote Sqlserver 2008 r2 server with IP address and port? I use SMO and VS2010.


how to write SMO's conn.ConnectionString with IP address and port?

Backup sqlserver 2008 express in VS2010



i serach for back up of data base from code in my wpf application

i find many article but that wasent complate ,


how can i craete backup from sqlserver 2008 express in VS 2010


Upgrading Visual Studio 2008 Pro to VS2010 Pro


I apologize in advance, but I don't know where to post this question. I have VS2008 Pro installed on my PC, and want to upgrade to VS2010 Pro. The only "upgrade" for 2010 Pro I see is from 2008 "Standard". Will that also upgrade my 2008 Pro? Or do I have to buy the full 2010 package? The upgrade is about $270, while the full version is almost $500.


Any insight into this would be appreciated.



Cannot connect to SQL Server 2008 after Uninstalling VS2010 ultimate and installing VS2010 premium


I installed VS2010 Ultimate to test it out but had license for the VS2010 premium only.  After uninstalling ultimate and reinstalling VS2010 premium, my SQL Server 2008 now refuses to connect to my databases stating: 

TITLE: Connect to Server

Cannot connect to Q9300\SQL200801.


VS2010 Pro and SQL Server 2008 R2 Express




I have installed VS2010 Pro Trial (with the intention of buying VS2010 Pro). If I understand well, during the installation, SQL Server 2008 Express was also installed. I wonder if there are any clear instructions somewhere of how to upgrade from the (existing) SQL Server 2008 Express to SQL Server 2008 R2 Express edition. I have already spent hours researching and I am very confused with the various editions of SQL Server 2008! :( (It took me forever to realize that SQL Server 2008 Express with SP2 is NOT the same as SQL Server 2008 R2 Express since many of the links of the R2 site forward one to 2008 pages!!! :( )

And a side question... Is there a way (that I obviously haven't figured out yet!) to manage SQL Server Express (2008 plain or 2008 R2) from OUTSIDE VS? (I'm an old programmer from the VS6/MSDE era :P )

Thanks for your patience and any responses!

SQL Server 2008 Development problems with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate uninstall and VS2010 premium i


I installed VS2010 Ultimate to test it out but had license for the VS2010 premium only.  After uninstalling ultimate and reinstalling VS2010 premium, my SQL Server 2008 now refuses to connect to my databases stating: 

TITLE: Connect to Server

Cannot connect to Q9300\SQL200801.


Issues with SQL CLR debugging using VS2010 and SQL 2008 R2

I upgraded a VS 2008 SQL CLR project, which worked perfectly, to VS 2010 SP1.  However, I did not have to debug the CLR routines until today.  Now, whenever I attempt to debug a change to my code, the deployment succeeds (the new function is listed in the database), but the debugging never occurs because although it says that is successfully attached (“Auto-attach to process '[1696] [SQL] stx3-desktopx64' on machine 'stx3-desktopx64' succeeded”).  It also says that it was “Canceled by user”, which it certainly was not.  I have also tried simply debugging on a different machine, which had NO changes made at all to the project, and it generates exactly the same messages.  I have also changed the target from Any CPU to x86 to x64 to no avail.  Both test machines use a local SQL instance that is x64, as is the version of Win 7.  I read one article that suggested manually deploying the routine would help, but it changes nothing.  Every debug attempt results in the same messages after 20-30 seconds of waiting.  On VS 2008, t

sqlexpress 2008 database size


For sqlexpress 2008 R2, various Microsoft web pages indicate 4GB and 10GB database size limits. I'm happy with sqlexpress 2005 but would upgrade to 2008 if indeed it had a 10GB database limit. So, the question is, which is correct - 4GB or 10GB?



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