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Changing the report width.

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Hi All,

I have an sql server 2008 report with two tablixes: small one and a very wide one. The report has a Yes/No parameter which I use to show/hide appropriate tablix.

Is there way to shrink the report width when a user chooses to see small tablix? 


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Report Viewer column width too small when viewing in IE 8, works in IE 8 compatibility view and Fire


IE 8 Version 8.0.7600.16385 64-Bit Edition
Report Viewer

The web page is just the report viewer control (see code below).  

When the report is rendered in Report Viewer   (IE 8), the width of the first column is much smaller than it should be. 
When the report is rendered in Report Manager (IE 8), the width of the first column is normal size.  
When the report is rendered in Report Viewer (Firefox or IE 7 compatibility view), the width of the first column is normal size.


<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="test.aspx.cs" Inherits="test" %>
<%@ Regi

HistoryID pertaining to changing report history


I am trying to change the historical data in an apartment vacancy report. 

Below you will see the actual report [exported as PDF]. Here you will see the form as users enter report requests:

Here is the report [exported to PDF] - the red box indicates what I would like to change.

Currently it looks like the History is reported as previous quarter (March '10), quarter before that (Dec '09), etc... going four or five quarters back. I need help changing the History reported [and it's respective data] to report: Six (6) months ago (ie Dec '09 first), 1 yr ago (ie June '09), 2 years ago (ie June '08) and 3 years ago (ie June '07). The related information I found as it correlates to this issue is as follows:


As you can see under Year built is the expression


I do not understand how I can change that expression to reflect the correct historical data in our database. If that is not the file you need to help me, perhaps the XML file is (Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms.xml). The only reference to "History" I found was this:<

Report Parameter value not changing


I have a report (that I will use as a sub report later) with a parameter declared like this:

Name: MyID

Prompt: My ID

Data Type: Integer

Select parameter visibility: Hidden

I then insert a sub report onto my report and point it to my 'sub' report above. My question is, how do I setup a parameter in the main report that passes my ID form the report to the MyID parameter of the sub report?

I have tried setting up the report parameter like this:

Name: LinkToSubReport

Data Type: Integer

Select Parameter Visibility: Internal

Now, in the Availbale Values and Default Values tabs, I have set teh Dataset to my dataset, and the value fields to my ID field, but when I run the report and flick through the pages of result, my sub report values do not change.

problems column width after deploying the report



I have created a report using SSRS 2008. Report has two tables. They are almost identical(columns and rows.but data comes from two different data sets).

After deploying the report, it works fine when it is viewed on IE7. But after installing IE8, There is a problem with column width.

Width of the columns of the second table is much wider, although column width of both tables are set to a one value(1.20).

Can any one tell me how to fix this pls?




Changing form width on loading or ... ??


I have a form for showing short messages to the user while program is running.

I want the form width to fit to the length of the message + some left/right margins.

I set the changing in the Form_Load with this code:

    private void formShortMessageForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
      timer1.Interval = (int)tid;
      timer1.Enabled = true;
      const int margin = 50;
      this.Width = margin + label1.Text.Length * 6 + margin;

 but it don't work - the width does NOT change on the screen - where should I put the "changing-lines" so they do the job = changing the width on the screen ?

Best regards KSor, Denmark

Changing the column width in Transactional Replication

I changed  the column width on the publisher and all of sudden my replication failed saying unable to insert identity value.And finally I had to remove the article from the publisher.
How can I increase the column width of table without any impact  thats published as article in Transactional Replication?

Changing the Title of Report in SSRS 2008



I have deployed my reports in SSRS 2008. Everything is running fine now, but i am facing a little issue with all the reports. Whenever i access any report from the application, the report name on the top tab bar of the new opened window comes as 

"Report Viewer - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Softpedia"

which should actually be the name of the report which is getting generated like "rptCustomerDetails"

Can somebody tell me how can i make it appear as my report name?

I would be very grateful if someone can respond and help me with this..



Width of report longer when report is published to sharepoint


I am new to Reporting Services.  I have created a report (.rdl file) in Visual Studio 2005 to publish to SharePoint 2007.  When I create the report, the report is ok.  It fits the width of a normal page.  However, when I publish the report to SharePoint, the width of the report is longer.  The width is about the size of two pages.  I looked at the settings in visual studio and it shows the property of "Interactive Size" as being "8.5in, 11in" which seems correct.  I am attaching two images, one of the report in Visual Studio and one of the published report in SharePoint.  My question is how to set the width so that it will correctly display the report to fit the width of the page?


Visual Studio 2005 view with the correct width:

Visual Studio 2005 view with the correct width

SharePoint View with the incorrect width:

SharePoint View with the incorrect width


Thanks Before Hand,

DataGridCell Alignment Style Changing Width of Content?


It appears to when I use the following style to alter the cell alignment of a column, it is changing the width of the cell's contents to no longer expand to fill. This is problematic as it means I have to click in the narrow region shown in the second picture to edit the contents. What's the proper way to fix this?

Style code:


<Style x:Key="RightAlignStyle" TargetType="{x:Type DataGridCell}">
  <Setter Property="HorizontalAlignment" Value="Right" />


Width without Style:


Width with Style:

Changing the graphics on the home page of a SharePoint site

When you create a site in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services by using the default Team Site template, the home page includes two default graphics. A Windows SharePoint Services graphic appears in the body of the page, and a picture of a house in a circle appears near the site title. You can change these graphics to customize your site. Changing the smaller graphic requires a Windows SharePoint Services compatible Web page editor

Convert English to Arabic number without changing any regional settings in .net

Well, most applications that I worked with was multilingual that supports English UI and Arabic UI.

And one of the major issue that we have faced is displaying Arabic numbers without the need of changing the regional settings of the PC.

So the code below will help you to display Arabic number without changing any regional settings.

Alternating row background for first column of a report


is there a way to make the first column of a report use the an alternating background color? 

I have the background color set for the entire row however it does not work for the first column if the color is set to an expression.  If I just set it to a color i.e. red it works just fine. If I insert a dummy column to the left it works just fine (but the dummy column does not work, presumably because it is first??).

In the file below only the textbox for part number does not show an alternating background.  All others work correctly.

                    <Textbox Name="PartNumber">

Problem with changing language using culture info


I'm using the following msdn article to use different languages in my web application:


I'm following the instructions step by step in VS 2010, and it creates the resource files exactly how it's supposed to. 

However, when I run the program it just doesn't apply it. I don't see the different values from the resource file. 

If I leave my resource file name as sample.aspx.resx, it works. But when I change it to sample.aspx.en-us.resx, it doesn't work. I'm supplying culture from the aspx page's Culter and UICulture properties. I'm being very careful in choosing the correct file name, as that could be the issue,  but it just doesn't work. I also tried changing the culture in the backend code this way:

Changing direction of pop-ups/alerts in RTL


Hello All,

I am not able to change the direction of popups/Alerts in Arabic culture which should be RTL direction.

Rest of my application is changed in above culture, only problem is with popups and alerts.

Thanks in advance.

Changing from Local to WCF


I've been handed an application thats connection string implies a local host connection.

I want to make this connection a remote connection, to a database located on a Server.  I want the client and server to be able to communicate with one another remotely, instead of a local connection.

How does one create the Data Service, and establish end points to Server and Client?  Is it as simple as creating a contract (which I have limited knowledge on constructing), between the two locations, setting up the dataservice, security, and ratifying the 'connetions'?

A smidge of insight, please ;-)

How to use report viewer 2010 in VS 2008


I downloaded report viewer 2010 from here


Now I want to actually use it in a website.  How do I do that?  Do I have to modify some part of web.config?  Specifically, what do I need to change?


populate report viewer by code


Hi all

I have a button "Show Report" to show some data from table

what I should write under this button to populate the reports ?

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