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Search Crawls Double-Take Replication Secondary

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

We have a multi-site, hub and spoke replication model using Double-Take software for file share services throughout the company.  All remote sites replicate into a single server as a secondary copy.  Sites are relatively well connected within a hosted MPLS cloud (T1+).  Users do not typically access the secondary copy of the file share sets.  Each site has a dedicated share established for its respective double-take replication set on the DT Hub Server.


We would like to use SharePoint 2010 search to crawl the replicated set at the hub and apply aliases for each spoke within the search application to mask the results. 

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double search results


I have a problem. Pages from certain layout appear twice in search results. It happens only with pages from that specific layout.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?


"secondary" search criteria


I have an asp.net web page that searches an SQL table based on a number of parameters, including city name (which is contained in a field called "City"). The results of this search are returned in a list of records grouped and ordered by city name.

Here's a random example of how the search results would be rendered on the web page:

  • New York:

    • record 1
    • record 2
    • record 3
  • Capetown:

    • record 4
    • record 5
    • record 6

This is working fine. But now I need to also include any records whose location is "nearby" the city. This is determined by 2 fields in the table, Alt_Locale1 and Alt_Locale2. For example, let's say that there's a record 7 which has "New York" as its "Alt_Locale1" value.

The results should look like this:

  • New York:

    • record 1
    • record 2
    • record 3
    • Nearby Results:

      • record 7
  • Capetown:

    • record 4
    • record 5
    • record 6

So, I need to revise my code behind to take the results of a query and check to see if the "City" values in any of the returned records match any values in "Alt_Locale1" and "Alt_Lo

Search Server 2010 slow crawls on CMS 2.0

My client is crawling a CMS 2.0 installation with SharePoint Search Server 2010 and we are noticing that crawls on this content source for roughly 250K pages can take anywhere between 1-3 days.  As a comparison, our WSS 3.0 farm, with roughly 150K items, finishes a full crawl in slightly under 7 hours.

I am trying to troubleshoot why the CMS crawl is taking so long.  We have a small farm configuration with a dedicated DB server (which is a cental server for all applications requiring databases organization wide), a single crawl server hosting CA and the crawler component and two WFE/query servers that have one index partition spread over both of them.  All servers are virtualized Windows 2008 SP2 64-bit instances.

The CPU on the crawl server is pinned at 100% during crawls, usually consumed between various msdmn.exe processes and the mssearch.exe process.  The crawl server consistently uses roughly 3GB of the 4GB of allocated memory (I have advised them to at least double the amout of RAM, though Microsoft's recommendation of 16 GB per server would be the best practice.  This request is in process and it takes the organization a couple of weeks to fulfill any hardware upgrade requests!).

Here are some steps I have taken in an attempt to alleviate the slowdown

MS SQL Server: Search All Tables, Columns & Rows For Data or Keyword Query

If you need to search your entire database for specific data, this query will come in handy.

So when a client needs a custom report or some sort of custom development using Great Plains, most of the time I will have to track down the data in the system by running this query and find the table(s) it is in.

SharePoint Gets Search Analytics

Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server 2003 was sold into a large number of organizations based solely on the strength of the search tool. Organizations hungered for a way to find the data they had generated.

Using SharePoint Search feature in ASP.Net Application

Integrating ASP.Net application in to MOSS 2007 to utilize SharePoint Enterprise Search Feature can be done by using Business Data Search.

Get more then google search from here

Just make it home page and enjoy more then google search you not only get google result and prizes for searching but also free ebooks and link from here like orkut,facebook,twitter,yahoomail etc...


Adding Search Refinements in SharePoint 2010

I have been playing around with SharePoint 2010 Search this morning. I love the new UI. The search refinements panel is just begging to be messed with. In my case I wanted to add the file extension JPG as an Image Type refiner.

Search Engines and Multilanguage Websites - using .resx


I have a website (asp.net 3.5+c# +linq ) having thopition to change languages (2) by the user, Am using the search engine like in the example of:


this search will find any searched word in all the pages and return the link in the default language of the site, but problem for the second language , because by default the site language is English and the user have the option to change to other language.

and as I understood that the .resx files can not be searched like the aspx by the search engines.

I looked in many blogs and discussion boards for similar  case but unfortunately no clues on this issue .
The only same case posted :


and also I could not find any clue to move on, 

 Kindly requsted to guide me for the soultio

Thanks for your time and wish you all the best
your help is always appreciated


how to make a dropdownlist looks like google search box


dear all...

any idea how to do that ?

Thnx in advance

Membership Search user


Is there a membership function to search a username Like this:   LIKE '%UserName%' ?

This is not working.

MembershipUser User = Membership.GetUser("%" + TextBox1.Text + "%");

Thank you.

Search for a string in my datasource dynamically


I am displaying an Rssfeed on my page by using XmlDataSource and Datalist controls.

I want the user to be able to limit the information that is returned to my datalist.  To do this I have a textbox on the form that allows the user to enter their search criteria.

I need to be able to dynamically create a query string utilizing the information that the user entered in the textbox.  I am also using a drop down list and allowing the user to select whether they want to search in the title, description, or all parts of the xml file.

I am having trouble figuring out how to reference the data contained in my textbox in my query string.  Where the query string says 'asp', I want to replace 'asp' with the content from my sSearch variable.  Can anyone tell me how to reference my variable in the query string???

string sSearch = txtSearch.Text;
        string SQuery = "";

        if (DropDownList2.SelectedIndex == 0)
            SQuery = "[contains(title), 'asp')]";

search in mysql database, mvc



I have set up a mysql connection in visual studio 2010 and now i have a connection and dont really know where to go next.

I want to be able to search the data and get the result in a view.

using asp.net mvc

Active Directory and .NET: paging the search result

Hi everybody!

I have a question about Active Directory in .NET
For my project I need to fetch results from Active Directory search page by page, because later I would need to bind it to the pageable DataGrid.

I tried to use .NET library DirectoryServices for that, but paging provided by this library is transparent to the user and is used only to increase the efficiency of searching, when results are too big. I.e. I cannot tell the DirectorySearcher to give me first page, then the next or previous page, it returns me all resulting pages in one bundle.

However, what I need is to explicitely get page after page directly from the AD searcher and to be able to go at least one page forward or backward.

The solution with copying all results to the DataBase and then do the paging is not accepeted by the clent, since it is too inefficient. And since it's a Web app, I cannot keep results in memory either.

I found some hints about COM Interface, but I could not find good and detailed examples or explanations. I aslo found this line of code: DirectoryServices.Interop.IDirectorySearch.ExecuteSearch(), but I don't know which libraries should i add to be able to compile this code.

If somebody could help me out with that problem, any suggestion is welcome, 'cause this issue is eating me alive :)

Thank you!

The provider does not support searching and cannot search


Hi All,

I am having some trouble with searching on Active Directroy.

Here is the code I used to connect to Active Directory.


DirectoryEntry de = new DirectoryEntry( "LDAP://subdomain.domain.co.uk/rootDSE", ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[

How to display a count of search results with keywords in a label?


Sorry for a basic post here; I am very new to VB!

I am currently building a search page, which includes a textbox and two drop-down lists, a search button, and a datagrid. If results are found and displayed, I would like a label to display:

(e.g.) "24 results found for 'blue sky clouds' "

...where the integer represents the results count, and the keywords and/or drop-down list selections are included in the string.

If no results are found I would like the label to display:

(e.g.) "No results were found that match your selection. Please try again"

I would also like the label to be invisible until a search occurs.

Thanks in advance!

SharePoint Security: Trim SharePoint Search Results for Better Security


SharePoint search may return too much information, causing data security problems. Learn how to use the custom security trimmer to ensure users see only the documents they have permission to view.

Ashley Elenjickal, Pooja Harjani

MSDN Magazine July 2010

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