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How to setup global email alerts for lists? (rather than individual My Alerts)

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I would like to configure a calendar to send an email to the people who are attending the event. Is this possible through the SharePoint GUI just like you can configure a task to send an email to the person who was assigned the task? Additionally, are there options to send emails to everyone for generic lists? (rather than making people add it to their My Alerts) Thanks.

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How to send Viewers email alerts on approved items



I use the OOB Workflow approval to approve items in a document library. Once the items are approved I want to send out an email alert to a group of people with "read" access. The problem is that the email alerts don't fire. I even changed the alerts to fire on "All Changes", but still nothing coming through. I assume this is because of the workflow approval and perhaps that the event doesn't fire when an item gets published after approval?

But how can I get my readers to be notified of newly published (and approved) items? There must be a way of doing it?

how to Customize Alerts email

In the alert email directly under the "To" field there is section that shows a sharepoint image, the site name, list name and list url.I know that in the alertstemplates.xml file this line in the beginning of file controls it: <Header> <HTML> <![CDATA[<html dir = $Resources:core,PageDirection;> <head> <base href="]]> </HTML> <GetVar Name="SiteUrl" URLEncodeAsURL="TRUE" /> <HTML> <![CDATA["> What I want to do is remove the url from that and leave the image, site and list name.anyone know how to accomplish this?

Cannot create email alerts for multiple users

Hello, I created an email alert for a document in a library. In the "Send Alerts To" box, I added multiple user names separated by semicolons and saved the alert. However, when I open the alert again, only my user name appears and the additional user names are gone. Why is this happening and how do I fix this problem?  Thank you in advance.

Email alerts no longer working- please help.

Hello- I recently had a problem applying an SSL certificate to my MOSS 2007 site where I had to rebuild a lot things in order to get the site back up and running.  Now that it is, I can no longer get email alerts to the users.  The odd thing is that when I set up a calendar event, only me (the site administrator) receives an automated message from 'Administrator@xyz.com'???  This tells me that the smtp settings are correct.  I have found severl posts about this but they are all from developers who think that everyone knows how to program and so their answers are not step by step for me to at least try them out?  Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Blank SharePoint email Alerts

The message body of email alerts are completely blank.  Alerts have been working fine previously.  I tried the reset alert template command from this post with no joy

Also, our SQL Server has unlimited connections, so too many connections would not be an issue.

Any ideas I can try before rebooting and restarting services?  I can't do that stuff during the day as that will cause massive interuptions.

Custom Email Alerts using Helpdesk Template in MOSS 2007

Hi All,

I recently installed the Helpdesk template on our SharePoint 2007 Server but I want to find out how to set up alerts so that when a job request has been assigned to person X an email will automatically be sent to that person. Currently you can custimise the Service Request list so that whenever changes are made to it an email can be sent to a designated person, however, what we require is an email being sent to the service request owner.

I presume this will require custom coding but is there third party plug-ins which provide this functionality? As i have never programmed for MOSS i was wondering how much of a task is it to provide this functionality?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Custom Alerts email


Is there a way to change the subject of an alert email based on the email address it is going to?
For example if the email address contains "@yahoo.com" the subject should read "Yahoo Alert" and if it contains "@live.com" the subject should read "Live Alert".


Links in email alerts



After configuring an approval workflow, links to approval tasks that are sent to users come with the primary URL of the web application where the site is created.

The problem is that the site has AAM configured and the links sent to users are only available on the server it self.

How can i change this behaviour?



How to disable "All day event" of Calendar list in email alerts ?




I have hidded the All day event in display, edit, new forms using javascript code.

I want to hide the "All Day Event","Recurrence",Workspace of calendar list in email alerts



Srikanth Reddy


Sending Email alerts before expire date on document (using Sharepoint Designer)


I need to trigger an email alert 2 weeks before the expire date on document (document library).


The document library has a List/Site Column for an Expiry date.

I need to clarify the following:


I assume it is possible to create a CALCULATED field (Alert Date) of DATE (assigned to List/Site Column) that would

have a formula of: Expiry date - 14 days. 


Is it possible to trigger a workflow (created in Sharepoint Designer) AFTER the Alert + Expiry dates have been set

and ONLY if the Alert Date  = Todays Date? 


Is it possible to add a variable in the workflow of type DATE that MAPPED to the current item 'UPLOADED' to the

Document Library and was calculated against the number of days to be subtracted?


If this was possible could it be bound to the PAUSE UNTIL DATE action?


The Workflow would only then be triggered (p

Help with email alerts


Hello All,

I hope this is a easy one.  I'm trying to setup email alerts for a document library on a new site collection (that's using the Document Center Site Template).  The email alert is to just simply notify a user (or eventually users in a group) that a new item is there when items arrive.  I'm logged in as the site collection administrator as I'm doing all this.  When I initially setup the alert, I get the notification that there is an alert.  However, when I try and upload a document to the document library, I get no notification that the item has been added.  Any and all help would be great, thanks!

Setting up universal email alerts


Hello there.


I have MS SharePoint 2007 and would it is managed between me and one other technician. I will be the one maintaining the site, but the other technician would like an alert sent via email to the outlook account associated with the SharePoint account. However the only alerts I am finding are to specific topics, such as a helpdesk entry. So my question is, are there settings in each workspace or some sort of universal email alert to alert a distribution email or a specific email address that will notify them of a change or update to the SharePoint site?

Thanks, Tony.

Creating an Email Alerts to Task Assigned user to edit the task from Email


When we use the out of the box wf in sharepoint lets say Document approval then it sends an email to the assigned user where user can edit the task with in email, they don't have to come back to Sharepoint to edit the task.

I am looking for a way so that i can send email to the user with the controls in the custom task forms. So that they can just Complete the task from email. they dont have to come back to sharepoint task list to edit and complete the task.

Is there any workaround for this.


Custom email alerts SharePoint 2007


I'm developing a SharePoint system and I was wondering how to go about designing a custom email alert for new/updated/ tasks e.g. so as one person is assigned a task, an email alert is sent out. I know SP sends a standard default template design, however after speaking with colleagues, they have found this design to be confusing and often boring - it doesnt make the task/issue stand out from the hundreds of emails they deal with everyday. How to I design my own custom email alert - the layout, content, frequency, granualrity etc?

Alerts not working for Lists on FBA / Anonymous access site


Hi Folks,

I have a WSS3.0 site that allows anonymous access as well as using FBA. Another web application is configured to use the same content database but set with windows authentication.

Anonymous users are allowed to post to a few Lists. I am trying to create an alert for an authenticated user (either FBA or Windows). I receive the "You have successfully created an alert" email, but no emails are sent when new items are added. This is the case for all new list items whether they are added by an authenitcated user or an anonymous one.

I am sure the site config is set correctly (but I will double-check). Is there any reason for the behaviour I am experiencing? I'm not at the latest patch level (we are using the June 2009 CU), so perhaps this was an issue that has been resolved in a later patch/update that I ought to apply?

Would appreciate any gems of information anyone might have on the subject before I go away and write my own event handler to send an email!!!


Why are my links to images in email alerts broken?

We have a blog site running on WSS 3.0.

We post to this blog using Microsoft Word 2007's blog publishing feature, and our blog postings include images.

Additionally, many of our users subscribe to our blog postings using Sharepoint email alerts. The problem is that the emails generated contain broken/missing images from the postings. Upon inspecting the source code of the email, the URL's are not full, but relative to the site root, for example, our site is at "http://www.someserver.com/blog", and the src attribute in the img tags in the email are only "/blog/......". If I look at the source code directly on the blog itself, the URL is full.

Does anyone know a workaround or a fix for this? Or are we doing something wrong?

Setup alerts for multiple users



I am trying to figure out how to manage alerts for users of a Sharepoint site collection...

Essentially, we have a site collection - one main site and many subsites. Each subsite relates to a specific customer account. We have assigned various salespersons access to the sites based on what customer account they are assigned to. We are just using the site visitors group for this. In each one of these (sub)sites, we have 5 document libraries. What I would like to do is find an easy way where I can setup alerts so that if anything changes in any of the document libraries in subsite "A", that all users in the Site Visitors group will receive an alert (and so on for all of the sites). While we can certainly instruct the salespersons to add their own alerts for each of the libraries in each of the sites they have access to, this is perceived as very cumbersome.

Does anyone know of a way to manage (add/change/delete) alerts for users at a site level?

Thanks in advance...


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