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Customize DefaultTemplates.ascx in sharepoint

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I have wiki site. When I click on History link of any document, it takes me to versiondiff.aspx page.
On this page at the left hand side there is HyperLink control for each version number which contains the UI version number followed by the Modified timestamp – for example, “3.0 9/20/2008 1:02 AM”. Each HyperLink control that is built as child control points to the VersionDiff.aspx page located at the _layouts folder.

Instead of showing modified timestamp in hyperlink, I'ld like to display my own custom properties values (custom date and time entered by user).

Please advice, how to achieve this. I am trapped in this problem since last week.



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Six easy ways to customize your site using Web Parts in SharePoint

Becoming familiar with Web Part customization techniques gives you a range of page-customization choices. For example, you can customize your site's home page so that it displays the specific information that your team needs. You can rearrange the list items on the home page, add lists, and even change the images on the home page. As you become more familiar with Web Part Page customization techniques, you can build interactive Web Part Pages that makes the data in lists more dynamic and useful, and you can add new Web Parts that provide access to external data and Web services.

Customize SharePoint Library Menu Items

Hi, In a library with file, the menu items available for any file is: View Properties, Edit Properties, Manage Permissions, Edit in <ApplicationName>, Delete, Send To, Check Out, Workflows, Alert Me . Now, I want to get rid of Edit Properties, Manage Permissions, Edit in <ApplicationName>, Delete, Check Out . Added to this is the need to remove the option in the Actions menu that states "Open With Windows Explorer " and finally the "Upload " menu is to go out. Any JScript for this or a file I need to edit to get this result? I need this because the business wants it out, its bordering on security. ThanksYou've only got one life; help as many people as you can, and enjoy it while it lasts.

Unable to Customize Custom Lists. Sharepoint Error: User cannot be found.

I am not sure what the best way to put/describe my issue . I am unable to customize my custom list. Steps: 1. Login to sharepoint site. 2. Site Actions -> Site Settings 3. Under Site Administration -> Site Libraries and lists 4. Clicked on a custom list.   Error: Error User cannot be found.   Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Correlation ID: 4063bf58-9cb7-4204-8cc4-cc2889abffe3 Date and Time: 9/9/2010 5:51:58 PM   I figured this may be an issue with site permissions, so I have went into site permissions and removed and re-added Administrator into Homeowners group.   Thank you in advance.   Howie

How to customize or call the _Layouts/upload.aspx in Sharepoint Foundation on TopNavigationMenuV4

Hii All, Am having a req to upload the files or documents whatever the default Sharepoint upload.aspx is doing but which i need to call it from TopNavigationMenuV4 ,not from the default Upload menu, it will be there in TopNavigationMenuV4 which i did the customization according to the requirement . Kindly help me how to proceed !!!!!   Thanks in Advance Praveen      

Customize MYSites in SharePoint 2010

Hi, I have to add few webparts to MY Contentin My sites, And change the existing web part name from Shared Document to Documents but when i do that it is applying only in my page & I want this to be done for all the users, I tryed to login with firm account and change but it is changing only with that user Is there any way that it will apply to all the users in my sites? 

Can't reset DefaultTemplates.ascx to original state after some changes

Hello everyone. I've made some changes in DefaultTemplates.ascx and save the file. Nothing serious, just added some plain text to RichTextField template to test it. This changes are immediately applied to my site so i can see them. But when i decided to rollback changes and return template to it original state, it didn't have any effect. Control is still in customized state. Iisreset doesn't help at all. Maybe anyone know what it can be? It really makes me crazy. Please, tell me how i can reset my page and this template to its original state. I am using SP 2007. Thanks. P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

SharePoint Branding: How can one customize Silverlight WebParts?

Hello, I've designed my own custom master pages. However, the Silverlight WebParts in the, for instance, Site Settings > New Site dialog is unaffected by the changes. What is the most easy approach to change these colours in the Silverlight WebPart in the dialog? Is it possible to customise them with a style file like a CSS file or XAML file? or do I have to use themes in order to accomplish customization of Silverlight WebParts?   Regards, Jan Maximilian Kristiansen

Customize Sharepoint OOB Search




I want to customize Sharepoint OOB Search. I want to add two static radio buttons (All Sites and People) in place of Dropdown. Depending on the radio button selected, I want to call appropriate search.

Please tell me if there is any way to extend OOB Search.


How to customize the SharePoint Gantt view


A SharePoint Gantt view is made of two sections: the Gantt view itself (not customizable), and underneath a “summary list” that displays the task properties. How can we remove the “Summary list” sections? We want to display only the Gantt view itself at one place on our site.

How to add a Repeating Table to Sharepoint Custom List (via Customize Form)



I have create a InfoPath Form Library, and I have a repeating table on the InfoPath form. Now I want to submit the same Templete to a SharePoint List(with the repeating table), is it possible?  



SharePoint Designer 2007 - Customize List View - Error when saving view ASPX page


We have a custom list definition that includes custom site columns.  When we try to open one of the list view aspx pages in SharePoint to update the view query we get an error when trying to save the page in SharePoint Designer 2007.  We receive a warning that the operation will customize the page from the site definition, which is fine.  And then get a general "Server error: ServiceRequestorID" alert.  ServiceRequestorID is a custom site column used by the list definition.

ServiceRequestorID field definition:

<Field ID="{FA39D24D-AB40-4b1d-BD80-94ABE34A7578}" Name="ServiceRequestorID" DisplayName="Service Requestor ID" StaticName="

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Template: Bug Database - can you customize the emails?

My company is using a ms appliation template downloaded here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=C72D23AF-F556-47AA-A6F2-0027246A9928&displaylang=en#RelatedLinks.  How can I change the emails that get sent when an application is assigned?

sharepoint designer 2010 customize xslt "entire view" or "customize item"


In SharePoint Designer 2010, under Customize XSLT what is the difference between "Customize Entire View" and "Customize Item"

I ask this in part because neither Google nor Bing can find any result for the query ´sharepoint designer 2010 customize xslt "entire view" or "customize item"´

how to avoid dynamic change of controls names in ascx page sharepoint


when creating webpart contols using ascx in sharepoint deployed . the webpart added to site. the controls name is page has changed. please provide detials to avoid name changes

Thanks in advance

Customize a Sharepoint Site with MS 2007



I work for a large company and we (our IT) buy a number of licenses for Sharepoint sites.  When we need a Sharepoint site, we contact IT and they set-up the basic site with a name/title and an owner.  I need to learn how to customize the various sites for what they need to be used for.  Can you please recommend a good resource for this (book, on-line, etc.)?

Thanks so much!

Sharepoint 2010 features customize deployment(Upgrade)


Dear All

I am using site definition approach for development and so i have created features for each and everything , i.e for content types,master page and layout pages, variations,Lists instances etc.

When i deploy solution from VS 2010, it first retreat solution and so removing everything and again in next steps add and activates each and everything.

In package, if i take some selected feature E.g Lists Features then it deploys only that but before it retract steps removes everything.

So in this case only Lists available in Site.

My question is : how i can customize deployent for some particular features ?

means if i just want to change only one column of list then only that feature need to updated on site and all other features should remain unchanged at all.

As i guess i can not remove retreat step from deployment steps as for add and activate solution retract is necessary


So kindly reply what is proper approach to upgrade only selected features and also if i am not on right track

SharePoint 2010 Customize Form Did Not Functioning



I want to customize my custom list using infopath 2010 but when i click at the Customize Form button, nothing happen.

Is there any setting that need to be done at the list or at my browser?

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