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VB.net examples?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I'm having a really hard time finding much support in the MVC world for anything other then C#. I found several websites that help in the translation from C# to VB.Net. What I really, really need is a website or tool to translate view source from C# to VB.Net. i'm assuming I'm not the only one out there. Or has VB.Net become the red head step child of .Net? 

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WPF examples: the very basics of the ContentControl

At the very base, we have controls and containers, or as I found somewhere, "bits of content and behavior" and "containers of bits of content and behavior". However, there are 2 special things about the content containment.

explain me how many functions are their in sql server with examples

explain me how many functions are their in sql server with examples ?

Examples for custom query using nhibernate in asp.net 3.5

I am doing a project in which i am using nhiberante ORM, In that they provide default method, but i req. more custom query like getting data by using join, to get particular column, So, i req. help from expert developers, plz help me. Thanks in advanced.

while trading in stock market it was chnaging dynamically how it was working explain with examples

while trading in stock market it was chnaging dynamically how it was working explain with examples

examples of recomended linq to sql n-tier application

Hi Are there any best practise examples of a c# n-tier solution. Perhaps showing the dal, business layers caching etc, with example files, projects and code? I've read lots of theory, but I'd like to actually see an example of something. Thanks Stu

print friendly linkbutton examples

using asp.net/vb.net 2005.I have to create 2 print friendly buttons for a page, 1 is to create a print friendly version of a page inside  a div and the second to create the same but the area to print is instead inside an <asp:Panel>.I assume using javascript to open a new window and then displaying the div or panel would be the best way, I've done this in the past but dont recall all the details.Does anyone have any good samples for doing something like this?  thanks

Realtime examples on OOP's in asp.net website developing


Can any one give me realtime examples on OOP's concept's





While developing a website how can use these concepts.

x:Subclass explanation, examples?



I have read the MSDN documentation about x:Subclass, but I still do not get it, could anybody please help me understanding how it should be used and, perhaps post a working example?

Thank you,

WPF PageFunction: Exceptions in downloaded examples


I am looking at the Page-Functions so I read the documantation and downloaded some examples.

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa972122.aspx: Structured Navigation Sample
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa972123.aspx: the wizard sample.

I get an error in all the examples.

When I start with the first example and I click on the first arrow just after the window opend (wich should not be working at all and is greyed-out) I get the error: System.ArgumentException: De aangevraagde waarde LINKS is niet gevonden.

 Whenever I go to the first navigation-page and try to insert a text in the textbox it fails on the statement:
System.ArgumentException was unhandled

  Message="De aangevraagde waarde LINKS is niet gevonden."
       bij System.Enum.Parse(Type enumType, String value, Boolean ignoreCase)
       bij System.Windows.Input.KeyConverter.GetKey(String keyToken, CultureInfo culture)
       bij System.Windows.Input.KeyConverter.ConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext context, CultureInfo culture, Object source)
       bij System.Windows.Input.KeyGestureConverter.ConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext context,

Examples of accessible sites

There would be benefits for us all (I think) if we could make a list of SharePoint sites that are accessible, sites we could show clients that don't believe that this can be done with SharePoint.

Lets help eachother and make a list!

// Chris

date format examples: Dumb question


I can't find a table that shows what different SSIS data flow date formats look like.

What IS a dt_dbdate, vs. a dt_dbtime or a dt_dbtimestamp?

I know these must be right under my nose on MSDN somewhere. 


All I can find is http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms141704.aspx.

If there's "Business Intelligence", there's bound to be "Business Stupidity".

Page layout template examples



I'm still learning to design my own custom page layouts especially liquid layouts expanding the full browser window width.

Is there a site anywhere that has free downloadable page layouts or examples how to develop different designs?

Trouble working examples of Cumulative columns in SQL Query


I can run the following query without the built in query in the select statement and it works fine.  All i am trying to do is to create a cumulative total for each day for a specific date range.  Any ideas?


SELECT OrderHed.OrderDate,

     (SELECT SUM(OD.OrderQty * OD.ListPrice)

        FROM   MFGSYS.PUB.OrderDtl OD INNER JOIN MFGSYS.PUB.OrderHed OH ON (OD.Company=OH.Company) AND (OD.OrderNum=OH.OrderNum)

        WHERE OH.orderdate<=OrderHed.OrderDate)

 FROM   MFGSYS.PUB.OrderDtl OrderDtl INNER JOIN MFGSYS.PUB.OrderHed OrderHed ON (OrderDtl.Company=OrderHed.Company)

    AND (OrderDtl.OrderNum=OrderHed.OrderNum)

 WHERE  (OrderHed.OrderDate>={d '2010-10-01'}

    AND OrderHed.OrderDate<={d '2010-10-31'})

    AND OrderDtl.Company='HEAPG'

    AND OrderDtl.RMANum<1

 GROUP BY OrderHed.OrderDate

 ORDER BY OrderHed.OrderDate

need examples of how to use: ToString method, and Copy methods


Hi.  I'm new to Visual Studio 2008 and this is my first time using the forum.  Could someone give me examples of how to use the ToString(), Copy()?  I know how to use the "ToLower() which converts the current string to lower case.  I would code:

Dim str1 As String = "Hello World!"
Dim str2 As String = str1.ToLower()

Result: str2 contains "hello world!"

I only need to have examples of how I would code the two methods mentioned above.  Thanks you inadvance

Stored aProcedure book for examples




I am MS SQL Developer and i know the basic stuff for stored procedure and got theoretical knowledge. But i would really like to be an expert to write store procedure with some high level coding. Could anyone suggest any book which has given some good examples and exercises with solution? I do not mind if i need to pay higher price. I appreciate you in advance.




Good examples of the entity framework 2


Hi, All

  Can someone please tell me some good examples of the entity framework version 2 please or any books that are due out or are out already.

Many Thanks


Looking for examples on WCF for Web-Services, and database use.



I am looking for an example of WCF, and Web-Services use.

(VS 2010, Windows 7, Framwork 4),


Thanks :)

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