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Under Construction on new Web Front End

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Our MOSS 2007 SP1 Farm is working fine. We are adding web front ends to replace existing WFEs running on end of life hardware.

I installed SharePoint and ran SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard. Everything completed successfully, no errors.

When I point my browser to the new WFE using my hosts file, I do not see SharePoint, I see the  IIS Under Construction page.

What have I missed?


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Web Security: Putting a Secure Front End on Your COM+ Distributed Applications


The Internet requires that developers provide a different security model for clients than is used on a closed network. Because it would be too resource-intensive for both the client and server to prove their identity to each other, you need to look at other ways to ensure secure communications. This article covers the options, from digital certificates to public and private key encryption to Secure Sockets Layer and Web certificates. The discussion covers the installation of certificates in Microsoft Internet Information Services along with other options specific to IIS. This article was adapted from Keith Brown's Programming Windows Security (Addison-Wesley), due out in July 2000.

Keith Brown

MSDN Magazine June 2000

Unablke to logon on Sharepoint 2007 front-end with remote IE8 client


We are having problems to logon on the sharepoint front-end server from a client pc, within the same network. The Sharepoint 2007 servers are running on WIndows 2008 Datacenter (2 Front ends, 1 index, 1 SQL database 2008 server).

When we try to logon the server creates an event with id 4625, status: 6d, sub-status: 6a. When we use the same account from IE 8.0 on one of the servers within the farm, then it works.

The same configuration is installed within another environment where evereything works.

Is there somebody that solved this issue??

Web Front End does not work - service unavailable

Greetings I had problem with installing reporting services integrated with moss 2007, i somehow installed moss 2007 (web front end for the pc which will have RS instaled) without IIS, then IIS wouldnt install at all, and i decided to start over: So, i have two PC's (a PC and a virtual, to be percise). CONDORPC Has the Office Sharepoint 2007 installed and running (main server). Has SQL for the sharepoint and everything. MOSS2K7 Is the new clean install of 2008 server.   What i have installed and done to 2008 server: - Installed IIS. At first it didnt install because it had numerous problems (error log was infested with something like "could not change state of package XXX to installed state"). It asked to reboot to rollback. After reboot at second install attempt it installed correctly. - Turned off default IIS website - Installed SQL database engine as in this tutorial (http://mosshowto.blogspot.com/2009/03/reporting-services-sharepoint-multiple.html#Step-4:-Installation-of-SharePoint-2007-on-SSRS2008SPIM) This SQL will house my reporting services databases. The service is ran by network service local account. - Installed SQL RS as in the tutorial. Didnt configure it yet. It is running as domain account. - Installed .NET framework required by moss (funny how it tried to access the internet to download something athough it was a complete full download for standal

Missing/Required binary files on one Web-front-end after installed the CU aug 2010 hotfix?

Hi! I have installed the binary files for CU aug 2010 hotfix in a farm with two web-front-ends. In Central Administration you can see that on Web-front-end one (that also is hosting the Central Administration app) the binary files are missing but not on the second Web-Front-End. The installation went fine on both servers with the exception that I had to reboot the Web-Front-end one. When I try to run Psconfig to update my databases I get en error message like this in my command prompt. The upgrade command is invalid or a failure has been encountered. The server farm will not work with missing installs. Add "-cmd installcheck -noi nstallcheck" to the command-line to ignore this warning. The following is missing on web-front-end one: Hotfix for Office (KB2352342) Hotfix for Office (KB2352342) Hotfix for Office (KB2352342) Hotfix for Office (KB2352342) Hotfix for Office (KB2352342) Hotfix for Office (KB2352342) Hotfix for Office (KB2352342) Hotfix for Office (KB2352342) In the event log I get a lot of these errormessages too (EventID 3351): SQL database login for 'SharePoint_Config' on instance 'SqlAliasName' failed. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. Login failed for user 'Domian\servername (one)$'. The thing is that the files is installed in the filesystems aswell as the dll files in the GAC on both servers. You can´t unistal

How to distribute web applications among web front end servers

I have a three WFE and a SQL server in my farm. I have 9 web applications.  (every web application has its own app. pool & web site on IIS) When I create a web application on CA it creates it on all 3 WFE servers. (I can see on their IIS manager) Is there a way to separete them? I mean I want 1 web application to be separeted on a WFE, I want to dedicate 1 wfe for that web application. Is there a way to do that? Or at least is there a way to divide/distribute  web applications between servers? (3 pairs, each on one)

Excel as front end and SQL Server as back end

I read some documentation on the web today about using Excel as front end and SQL Server as back end. Actually, this link was pretty good: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321686 This is pretty good too: http://bytes.com/topic/sql-server/answers/486783-updating-sql-server-Table-using-excel This is very good; gets pretty complicated though: http://www.simple-talk.com/sql/t-sql-programming/sql-server-excel-workbench/ I’m still pretty confused about how it all works. I found a sample of VBA online that lets me import a couple columns from a Table: Sub Import() ' Declare the QueryTable object Dim qt As QueryTable ' Set up the SQL Statement sqlstring = "select LastName, FirstName from Employees" ' Set up the connection string, reference an ODBC connection connstring = _ "ODBC;DSN=Northwind;UID=;PWD=;Database=Northwind" ' Now implement the connection, run the Query, and add ' the results to the spreadsheet starting at row A1 With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:=connstring, Destination:=Range("A1"), Sql:=sqlstring) .Refresh End With End Sub That’s pretty slick, actually! However, I’m thinking I need to use Excel to LINK to SQL Server, not COPY or IMPORT. Basically, I’m trying to find an easy way to use Excel as a front end interface so that a user may

Menu is behind the gridview, how can I put in front?

Hi all Maybe this is a simple question but I can't do this... I work with VS2010, c#, my webapp has a MasterPage that containt the "Menu" control. I have some pages and one of them has a gridview, everytime that this gridview appears the menu still behind the control, I put the image. Here is an example of mi problem, I need that the menu comes in front of the content. May be the problem is in the div control? I use a div in order to put my gridview control, or may be the problem is in the menu? Thanks for your help. henpat 

How to list my workspaces to the front-end?

I have several workspaces in the SharePoint 2010 Server ent portal. I would like to show list of workspaces where user have membership. How to do? 1. User is contributor to the "IT workspace" and "HR workspace" sites. 2. User sees in the front page of the Portal links "IT workspace" and "HR workspace". 3. user click the workspace link and his is directed to the workspace site.Kenny_I

The difference between code behind and front side html



This is a basic understanding I miss, 

On our aspx page most actions can be done from code behind or from aspx.cs page 

If it is done from aspx.cs page then there is no access to the code , unlike Javascript, css or plain html, for example changing font color can be done both ways:

In code behind:  lblMessage.ForeColor = Drawing.Color.DarkRed

Or in html: style="font-family:verdana;color:DarkRed"

when should I be using code behind and when html?

If the only difference is privacy then why not using only code behind?

External content types are not working in SharePoint 2010 Web Front End in DMZ


I have discovered that my Web Front End server will try to connect directly to the SQL server I have listed in my external content type.  I am able to render the contenct properly on my SharePoint 2010 App server, but when I try to render the list on the DMZ server I receive Cannot connect to the LobSystem (External System).   Is there a way around this?  I would like my Web Front End to connect only to my SharePoint 2010 App tier which has access to all of the databases in my infrastructure.  The Web Front End only has access to the App tier.



Migrate MOSS 2007 to a new Web Front End Server


I have a MOSS 2007 WFE that on a VMWare virtual machine that has extreme lag.  The SQL backend is reporting no issues.  Just accessing the VM to move around in the OS (start, run, etc) takes 2-5 minutes, and as a result the users are seeing extreme delays in accessing pages, search results populate 30+ secs rather than sub-second, if at all, clicking links take forever to respond, if at all, etc.

i'd like to move the a new VM because attempting to work in that VM is maddening.  Whats the proper procedure to migrate all the pertinent configs etc for the WFE to another machine?  NOTE:  The second VM has been created and already has a different name and IP.

Is it back-end or front-end?




As you know there are front-end tasks and back-end tasks associated with the Web. What could we consider ASP.NET, is it suited only for front-end tasks or it could reach to write any "sort of middle-layer system for a three-tier architecture"?



Invalid Handle exception when browsing a site on the web front end


We are building a 3-tiered SharePoint 2010 farm that consists of 1 web front end (WFE), 1 app/CA server, and 1 database server.  All servers are running Windows 2008 service pack 1.  We can browse the Central admin site without any issue, but when we attempt to access sites on the WFE we get the following exception:


Server Error in '/' Application.

The handle is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070006 (E_HANDLE))

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack t

SharePoint Search not working on all front ends


SharePoint Server 2010  wfe1 - hosts the CA and the Search Service Service Application.  It is hosting the only crawler, and the admin component.  the DBS are on the SQL Server. The SharePoint Search Service 14 is running on this server.

SharePoint Server 2010 wfe2 - nothing on this but duplicates to the site collections on wfe1 which are being served from theis wfe with no issues to clients
The SharePoint Search Service 14 is NOT running on this server, it is present, it's disabled and will not start from within 'Services on Server' in the CA.

On a client machine loading a site from wfe1 i can search content with no issues.
on the same client accessing the same site but only being served from wfe2 - receive the following error:

"The Web application at http://f2wfe10-2/ could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application."

running get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstances returns only the wfe1 server with a status of online.
if i try to add the wfe2 server start-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstances it just stays in 'provisioning' status.  so i removed it by issuing the 'stop-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance

Ugly SSRS Front Page?!

Is there any way to make the SSRS Front page (Home page) a little better?  I've seen SSRS used at some sites, where the Home Page looks much more professional than the default one.    I don't really want to go and edit the asp pages and do a lot of manual stuff to make this happen.   Any other better way? 


SSP Web Sites not replicated on Front-end


Hi all,

I created a second SSP on my farm. After creation, the Web Site for Mysite and SSP administration are only on the Application server where there is the Central Admin site. No Sites are created on the Web Frontend and in the other Application server.

Where is the issue?

Many Thanks

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