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Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
How to increse the query processing time while working with Stored Procedure.

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Improve Perfomance in ASP.net

While developing any web site, one should keep some points in mind.
1) Set debug=false under compilation as follows:

2) Use Server.Transfer instead of Response.Redirect.

3) Always check Page.IsValid when using Validator Controls

perfomance of query


hi friends,

how can i check perfomance of my sql query or stored procedure

and how can i improve that

Sql ce Insert perfomance??

I was  trying to insert a .wav file to sql server CE..The file is of size 1 Mb,but it takes a long time to perform the action (more than 1 min).Anybody have solution ? please help me..
Visit http://libinjose.blogspot.com

in sql server 2005 ";" is introduced ,can it inrease perfomance,pls tel me where i should use with

n sql server 2005 ";"  is introduced

1)can it inrease perfomance (with explanation).

2)pls tel me where i should use (with explanation).

perfomance issue with 'order by' clause



  I have copied 2 queries and their execution plans below.first one taking long time to execute and the second one finishes with in a second.can u guys pls explain what is happening inside sql server engine.


--first part

select   se.eventdate
haregistration r inner join
screening_event_slot ses

on r.ScreeningSlotID=ses.SlotId
inner join screening_event se
on se.eventid=ses.eventid  order by EventDate

 |--Nested Loops(Inner Join, WHERE:([microsoft].[dbo].[HARegistration].[ScreeningSlotID] as [r].[ScreeningSlotID]=[microsoft].[dbo].[screening_event_slot].[SlotId] as [ses].[SlotId]))
       |--Nested Loops(Inner Join, OUTER REFERENCES:([se].[EventId], [Expr1006]) WITH ORDERED PREFETCH)
       |    |--Index Scan(OBJECT:([microsoft].[dbo].[screening_event].[IX_EventDate] AS [se]), ORDERED FORWARD)
       |    |--Index Seek(OBJECT:([microsoft].[dbo].[screening_event_slot].[AK_screening_event_slot] AS [ses]), SEEK:([ses].[EventId]=[microsoft].[dbo].[screening_event].[EventId] as [se].[EventId]) ORDERED FORWARD)
       |--Clustered Index Scan(OBJECT:([microsoft].[dbo].[HARegistration].[PK_HAR

Perfomance of EXISTS clause with different result styles of nested SELECT


Is there any difference (perfomance difference) between:


and another variant




why will the sql server instanse use the a lot of memeory .
there are no jobs running at the moment.
the server has 24G of RAm and is using 19G and it is very slow.on the resource monitor and task manager
it only shows the SQL server instances has the highest number in memory usage.What will cause the this problem?

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