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RDL Report Design Specification Template

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Hi all,
Don't think this is suitable to post the question here but I found no where to put it.
May i know where can I get the sample template for report functional design specification?

The design specification must be helpful in requirement gathering and make sure the report developed correctly.

It should include:
1. input filters
2. dataset and its search condition
3. report layout - title, table / matrix, chart
4. what to include in header / footer

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creating different sub page design template in sharepoint website


I know very little about sharepoint and have outsourced the design of a master page and sub page design for a new website using sharepoint. i received a site master file with all of the necessary images and the home page works just fine. However the file i received for the sub page design template was an ASPX file with the following instructions:


Here I enclosed the inner page layout file. You upload this file by using following instructions. you can change & edit the blue menu section in the master page itself. If I change into modifiable section you need to add the menu in each and every page, otherwise it will show as empty block. Please let me know your comments.


Steps for uploading inner page layout page.


1.Select the Site Actions button and click on Site Settings->Modify All site settings

Make dynamic changes to ReportViewer Report design InteractiveSize property


Hello all,

Could someone share with me how to dynamically change the Report design InteractiveSize property?  I want to use a radiobutton list which has two options (complete list, paginated list) which changes the height of the Report display.  I wonder if I need to use the Report Parameters but how do I change and refresh to display the selected option.  Thank you.


Advanced HTML Report Design

Aside from using Reporting Services an such - I was wondering if there were any suggestions to this logic: * ASP.NET Repeaters to generate the output of the report - sortable columns. * Use SQL Stored Procedures to generate the data. My painful hurdle right now is sorting (eventually implement throttling with SQL paging). I really don't want to do stored procedure sorting nor do I want to call the stored procedure every time I want to sort. So my solutions I've came up with so far: 1. Store a datatable in session and do sorting on it and bind it to the repeater. 2. Store the datatable as xml form in a blob field in SQL database - when the user sorts, we retrive the xml, convert to datatable, then sort, rebind repeater. 3. Insert all the report data into a "temp" (a more permenant table used just for storing output) sql table, and just perform queries off of it with sorting. - I really don't like this option. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Is it the norm out there to use reporting services? I'm wondering what everyone else is doing when it comes to web based reporting without licensing other products. Thanks in advance,Reece

Report Service Design Questions


Hey all,

after 3 weeks working with SQL and RS i'm done.

Now i've got some problems with the design..


my first question;

There are several pages saved in a PDF, and I've created a header. Now I need to get an issue where the header only is viewed on the first page. But if I select in properties "Print options" it works only for the first and last page but i need it also between.


my second question;

In my report is a tablix where i need "break page". But if i select "start" or "start and end" it display the first page without the tablix (header and footer displayed) and if select "end" it wont work.


my third question;

I need to show another Tablix on every page. how can i do that?


Regards Patrick

One who can read, have a clear advantage!

resource for visual report design

Anyone have any links to good resources for visual design of reports?  That is, making them look great.  We have a request to make our reports more visually appealing.  I'm not finding much help out on the interweb.  This is for SSRS 2005.  Thanks for any help!

Design question in Report Manager?

When you view/launch a report by clicking on it in Report Manager you get a "double arrow" on the right side of the window with the help text "Full screen". If you push that button the top area with links to for example "Site settings" disapears. Is there any way to make that the default setting when you view a report?

I cant find anything about this in my books, can anyone help me?


How to design InfoPath form template in Sharepoint?



I need to implement an opportunity to design InfoPath form template by administrator in Sharepoint. It is required that he could add new fields to the form, hide, delete them. How is it possible to modify InfoPath Form Template in Sharepoint? What should I use for it?( an API, win32 or smth else, from code wich classes should I use?) 

How to design an rdl file to generate a report.


hi im new can any one tell me How to design an rdl file to generate a report.

any code help any link would be really helpful


i have tables n triggers created.

i use sql server  2005.




Build Report using asp.net with .RDL template and report viewer


hi i am trying to build a report using VS 2005 ,i have a sample .rdl file ,i used report viewer and in code page i gave the fallowing details



i amgetting the fallowing error can some one please help me out

An error occurred during local report processing. The definition of the report 'Main Report' is invalid. The report definition is not valid. Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/reporting/2008/01/reportdefinition' which cannot be upgraded.




How to design an rdl file to generate a report


hi im new can any one tell me How to design an rdl file to generate a report.

any code help any link would be really helpful


i have tables n triggers created.





Not able to see Infopath design in infopath 2007 Form Template


Hi All,

           I have created template part using infopath 2007 and i  have added as custom control in form template to reuse using in built options in form template,if i add to another infopath form as a control,i can see only data sources  NOT the design of the form(No controls,it's showing blank form).I checked in design checker it's showing zero errors and checked in logic inspector,can see all the rules in template part what i have written except design of the form.This error is strange to me.

Please provide me if you have any solution or idea




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Provide an interface for creating families of related or dependent objects without specifying their concrete classes

Prototype Design Pattern in C#. Vb.NET

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Singleton Design Pattern in C#, Vb.NET

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