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SharePoint WebApplication with SSL best practices

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


I have a question about best practices when I use SSL and SharePoint. My scenario is:

I have a WebApplication where allow anonymous access to public, windows authentication to the content editor and a FBA to the external users. The public area should works without SSL and the restrict area with SSL.

My question is what's best to do, create a new WebApplication to the restrict area or even extend it? Or keep only one WebApplication and create a partial SSL(Is it possible?)

If I extend it to a new port 443 for example my public area will be avaible on it and the users could be access it via HTTPS(SSL) I really don't want to give this possibility to that.

Another question is in my application the login(FBA) is a webpart that's in a masterpage, this means that my login webpart is in a HTTP website and I need to log in restrict area that is HTTPS(SSL) area. How the best form to do that?

Thanks in advanced.



André Rentes

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How to enable Mixed authentication for single webapplication in sharepoint 2007?


Hi All,

      I have requiremnt to enable Mixed mode ( Windows & Forms Based) authentication on Single web application( with out extending). I have done it in Sharepoint server 2010, It is so simple also. But my requirement is on Moss 2007. I have found some Post and gone through Those posts, in those posts, all are suggesting to extend the default webapllication and enabling forms authentication on extending/Default application another one is on Wondows authentication.

  Is it way to suggest the client or any other alternative to enable the mixed mode authentication?

please suggest me with right solution. Thank you in advance.

Thanks & regards,

Naresh Kapa.


Best Practices for developing accessible web sites in SharePoint 2007


I'm currently busy with an overview of Best Practices for developing accessible web sites in SharePoint 2007. After a little research I have noticed that the challenges I have faced so far are mostly XHTML/CSS/JS related and there are actually very few SharePoint 2007 specific issues: this has to do with the fact that we use very little to none of standard SharePoint controls in the Internet facing web sites we deliver.


As I would like to share the Best Practices I'm writing with the community I've been wondering whether you have tried to develop an accessible web site in SharePoint 2007 yourself and faced any challenges you would like to share. To make myself clear I'm looking for issues and challenges and not solutions in particular (these are welcome as well by the way).

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I'd need to move the SharePoint 2010 databases (preferably all of them) with as little hassle as possibly from one partition to another. I tried once, and ended up with a broken SharePoint and had to recover from backups. What's the best practices for moving the databases without breaking SharePoint completely in the process? I'm guessing I need to shut down the SharePoint server for this... That's not impossible if needed.

SharePoint subdomain URL to webapplication


I have tried severl things to get this to work.  I have found a lot of good information but nothing about my particular situation. 

I have a run of the mill html page running in IIS off port 80 (for this example using url as http://www.thesite.com).  I have host(a) www setup.  I have SharePoint installed and two web applications .. one running off port 50009 and one running off of port 50010 (lets say internal names of http://internalsite1:50009 and http://internalsite2:50010) .  I am trying to subdomain the sites so I can access them over the internet as http://internalsite1.thesite.com and http://internalsite2.thesite.com).  I followed several instructions on how I could do this but never had any luck, most example assume you have a sharepoint site running off of 80 already.

The most promising solution I found was to create a new host(a) for the subdomain on the dns, and the AAM the full URL to Internet zone in SharePoint for the web app.  When I do this however and then try and access the site it just brings me to the top level http://www.thesite.com even though the url will r

Can the Best Practices link on the SharePoint 2010 Upgrade home page get fixed?

The Best Practices link on the SharePoint 2010 Upgrade page goes to a page in SPS2003


Any chance of getting that fixed, so it goes somewhere to talk about upgrading to SharePoint 2010?

Original page: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/ee514557.aspx

Link title: Best Practices for Ensuring Application Reusability and Upgrade in Windows SharePoint Services

Drops you right into SPS2003 documentation.

Seems an embarrassing bug.

SharePoint 2007 Designer workflow Migration from a Webapplication.


Is it possible to migrate the workflow (SharePoint 2007 Designer Workflow) from a SharePoint 2007 Webapplication to another SharePoint 2007 Webapplication?If so, how?

Can I use the tool  @http://spwflmigrator.codeplex.com/ for the same?

Crazy Nick | MCTS | India

Sharepoint 2010 - Not able to Browse webapplication


I have installed SharePoint server 2010 (server farm).Then using central administration site, I have created web application and site collections.


Issue: Not able to browse the web application

Error: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage


Tried the following

1.      Iisreset/noforce

2.      Rebooted the machine

  Please provide the solutions, for this


Thanks in advance


User profile not sync Sharepoint webapplication


I've got the following problem:

We have a Sharepoint farm with one  frontend and one indexing server(s). We also have many sitecollections running in different web applications. Userprofiles are imported into Sharepoint from ActiveDirectory. Profile changes (here: name and email changed due to marriage) are refected in SSP User table, but unfortunately not in all UserInfo tables of the sitecollections. It seems that these changes are only made in some of the web applications, where in others the changes aren't made. Surprisingly the alias (Account field) changed from DOMAIN\oldname to DOMAIN\newname, but all the other fields still contain the old values.
 this problem is created after change   sharepoint 2 Tier actecture  to 3 Tier Artiectrure.webaplication port 80 userinfo table not updated afte change user profile any Column .

I then accesseall webapplication are userinfo table updated. the userinfo table of the sitecollection through (http://sitecollection/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx) and still found the old profile (with the old login name DOMAIN\oldname). Wether the new profile nor any changes are visible in this table

i have not installed Sharepoint service pack2 our server .we are used only Sharepoint service pack1.

problem with webapplication for sharepoint 2007 site



 I create WebApplication with the Object Model (like below)of SharePoint in vs 2008.

SPSite TmpsiteCollection = new SPSite("http://ServerName:7000/managment");

SPWebCollection Tmpsites = TmpsiteCollection.AllWebs;

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Coordinate projects, calendars, and schedules.
Discuss ideas and review documents or proposals.
Share information and keep in touch with other people.
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