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List views for versions

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


We have a list with versioning enabled. When an item is edited a new version is created for the particular item.
Is it possible to create a view to list only a particular version of items and data in that version?


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Workflow field not being added to list or views when adding a workflow


This problem just started happening in my entire site collection.  Anytime I associate a workflow to any list or doc lib the Workflow column that shows the status and links to the history is not beind added to the list or any views and is nowhere to be found.   Here's exactly what I'm doing:

1.  Go the List settings -> workflow settings -> add a workflow (for this example the OOB approval workflow)

2.  After adding I go to the List, the workflow column doesn't exist.

3.  I go to "modify view", and the workflow column is not listed in the available columns.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Customized list views and permissions to specific group users

Hi, I have created a custom list with 20 field/columns in wss3.0. I had four user groups(group1, group2,....3.....4) in my site collection with various levels of permissions. I have created four custom views (Group 1 view, Group2 view,...etc)in my list. Each view contains only certain fields out of 20. For example group 1 view contains field 1, 5, 7,10 and 13 of every item in my list.  My requirement is that when a user login, who is a member of group1. he should be able to view only Group1 view fields. He should not able to view other field/columns. I tried creating another field/column called as restricted users and wrote group names in that. In the View edit page I selected " show item when the column 'restricted users' is equl to [Me]. But I did not get it. Kindly help it out any one either programmatically or UI based. Thanks   

List View Permissions and Views for Web Parts

My fellow developers and I are going in circles a bit with our new Sharepoint 2010.  This question probably has several different answers.   I have a list of grades and comments that our Team Leaders want to create and save on Sharepoint.  When saved, the user who was graded should be able to see their own grades.  Its a pretty simple requirement and I'm 90% of the way there.   I created a list with the required fields, and two separate views.  The first view filters the list by the user's name so they see on their grades.  The second view shows all grades in a grouped order by the person who assigned the grade.  To make this second view more readable, I added some formatting with Sharepoint Designer 2010.  It looks nice.   Here's where the speed bump occurs.  I create a web parts page for each view.  The page showing only the user grades works as expected.  The other page, however, shows the list in a view that I didn't create.  No matter what view I select from the "Edit Web Part" menu, it always shows this strange view.  If I select the list, it says its current view is "Default".  The second view I created is set as default, but its not the view I see.  If I change the current view from list menu to the second view specifically, it shows up correctly. &n

Updating an InfoPath Form Library Template breaks preexisting SharePoint List Views

When updating an InfoPath template (e.g. adding a new field), any views I have created on the library lose their filters and sorting, as if the columns on which they were built no longer exist.  Has anyone else encountered this and, if so, is there a solution? V/r Noelle

Setting permissions to Items/Views in a list

I have a list containing 2 FY's data. I need to make one of the FY year's data as read-only. Can i create a view filtering only this data and make only this view as read-only or do i need to edit permissions of individual items of the filtered FY and set it as read-only. Is there any other way of doing this?

Possible bug: Calendar views browse month function not working when list is inserted as webpart.


Inserted a custom list with a calendar view on a page as webpart. Browse month function does not work, there is a postback but month is still the current month instead of the next or previous.

Is this a know issue/bug?

Unable to view data on list views

I have two lists. A List item in one list will be inserted to the other list based on the actions. This is easily achieved on the event receiver by adding the list item to the target list. Though I adds the list item to the target list; i am only able to view those data when i click on "Modify View" and simply click on "OK" button. Basically its a view refresh / commit. Has anyone came across such issue?

How can I add the same column to multiple list views in one operation?


Or do I have to go through my list of 20 views and do the changes to each one at a time?


Hide (More Links...) and (More Announcements...) and other similar stuff from list views?


Is it possible to hide the (More Links...) and (More Announcements...) from list views?

I've got a master list from which I filter three different views to the same page. Some of them have very few links and three times (More Links...) leading to the same master link list is slightly disturbing.

Pre-upgrade Checker - Customized List views that will not be upgraded report showing TONS of lists

OK - so, I haven't tried the actual upgrade yet, but I'm definitely concerned about the quantity of lists/pages that are showing up in this section of the report.  It appears that just about every list (and page?) shows up in this report.  I'm talking almost 9000 lines.  I've only just recently taken ownership of the SharePoint farm, but I find it hard to believe that all of these items have been manually customized.  Has anyone seen this before or have any idea as to why I'm seeing this?  Running MOSS SP2...

updating attachment in a versioned list with a multi-choice column produces extra versions?


the issue is that I can reproduce it consistently and also replicated it in a test site: if a list with versioned and attachments has a multi-choice column with choices from a list in the same site, when you make changes to attachments, then updating the item properties not including the multi-choice column you will get that issue – updates persisted but two versions created the older one with the multiple choice column set to empty and the new one set right.

If the issue happens, workflows associated with the item will not be triggered. If you follow the procedure listed below, the issue will go over. And then workflows will work.

for the sql error behind see another thread: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepointdevelopment/thread/f223d664-59e4-45f1-8553-20040c3e0d8c


List views - Can I create a filter for tomorrow's items?

I'm setting up some views for a list, and I've already got "John's Tasks for Today" created.  Is there a way to create a view that shows the items that are due tomorrow?  I tried to do this with a filter.  "Show the items when column (Due Date) (is equal to)" and then I typed [Tomorrow] in the field.  I get the error message "Filter value is not in a supported date format."

.How to Create Views Displaying Cross-Web and Joined List Data



This is said to be available option, and was planned for the series. We unfortunately didn't see anything after part 3, and I am asking part 9 topic!

Any help will be appreciated. I want to show a list frmo root site in sub-web.


limit to views in list/libraries in MOSS 2007?

Is there a limit to the number of views that can be created on a list or library in MOSS 2007?  I cannot find any such documentation.
There are no mistakes; every result tells you something of value about what your are trying to accomplish.

Webservice versions.asmx: Getversions-method returns error on an item of a custom list.


I using GetVersions from the webservice http://server/_vti_bin/versions.asmx. This method works Okay in SharePoint 2007, and in SharePoint 2010 it also works Okay on documents from a document library. But when I used on an item from a custom list, it returns an error stating: "Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: key". In SharePoint 2007 I could retrieve the histroy on an item with the call GetVersions("Lists/MyCustomList/5_.000"), in SharePoint 2010 this fails.

Do I need to change the parameter, or use another filename for an item instead of "5_.000"? Does any one have the same experience?

Thank you

How to Create views with Standard Custom List Fields


Hi Guys !

I have a requirement to create views with the following fields along with the fields created by us.

How to create this view ? Do we need to use SPD or VS or can we do it in the SharePoint using browser directly?

   Content Type ID   

   Has Copy Destinations

   Copy Source


   UI Version

   Select (web part connection)

   Instance ID


   Effective Permissions Mask

   Unique Id

   Client Id

   Edit Menu Table Start

   Edit Menu Table End

   Property Bag

   Level etc...



Thanks & Regards




Custom fields rendering on list views


I have a custom field on my sharepoint items which contains a multicolumnvalue. The field definition includes a RenderPattern which works in sp2007 to render the values as a link (it parses the name and url out of the MCV and then shows them as a link). This isn't working in sp2010 though - the list view just shows the entire contents of the MCV as one long string.

I've had a look at the FLDTYPES.xml and the format still looks unchanged, so I would expect my custom field definition to still work. Is that correct or has something changed? I did read something that sounds like it may apply to me here http://stsadm.blogspot.com/2008/12/custom-field-types-and-wss-40s-xslt.html, but I'm not sure what to do with this information and whether I'm on the right track at all.

Could someone help and explain this to me? Sorry for being dense!

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