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unable to login into website on iis 6.0

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 22, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I have created a website that uses the default aspnetdb.mdf database for membership and I have a login control on my index.aspx page. I have restricted access to certain pages through using roles and it all works fine. But when I deploy the website to my iis site that uses the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot i am simply unable to login. It does not come up with an error it just says my username or password were unsuccessful. I cannot find why it is not working. I believe iis is configured correctly, and I have made sure all my application names are correct as per scott guthrie's blog on the subject. My site still implements an authentication system because i cannot type in a page in the url that is restricted, its just that i cannot login myself.

 Any help would be very much appreciated i am struggling with this.

 Thanks in advance


p.s if there is any part of my web config or anything that you need me to post please tell me.

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Login database with visual studio 2010 asp website template


Has anyone deployed a website using the login database in the visual studio 2010 asp website template? I was wondering if I could look at someone's example to see how the integrated this into their website.

>>> Open a Popup window on Successful Login if something new added to website.

Hi, I would like to open a Popup window in Parallel if user Login successfully. The popup will give updates to the user that what's new added to the website. The popup will open only once if user login. If he logout and will re-login then it should not popup as we'll assume that he has been notified earlier. I have users table with user id's. It is for information that I am working in Framework 2.0 and not allowed to use any third party or AjaxToolkit. Therefore javascript or any other technique will resolve the issue. Any idea with coding example would be helpful.

Unable to login

 Hi everyone. I am struck with this simple configuration problem that just doesn't let me login to my application.  I have a project to which I added a simple login page with an ASP.NET login control on it. Then I configured the web.config to add connection strings /membership settings etc. I used the ASPNet_regsql.exe tool to point to my database instead of the default. Then I used the ASP.NET website administration tool to create few users. But when I try to login, I get an error---- "Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again." I see the users that I created in the membership table of my database. In the provider tab, when I go for advanced settings (Select a different provider for each feature (advanced)), I see both  MySqlMembershipProvider. When I click "Test" it works fine (successfully connects to the DB).However, in the "Select a single provider for all site management data", I do not see my default provider. Can anybody please help me with why my login page isn't working? It should be pretty simple but I can't figure out why it isn't working. Here's my web.config: ( I replaced the actual server and DB names with generic names)   <configuration>      <connectionStrings>      <add connectionString="Data Source=ServerName\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=DatabaseName;In

unable to login to web application on windows 7

hi friends, i've created a web application called www.something.com on my windows 7 machine, i get the windows prompt, but when i try to login, it dosen't allow me to login and after 3 wrong password attempts nothing happens. i've done a sharepoint 2010 standalone installation and the default sharepoint80 web application that's created by sharepoint is allowing me to login but not the web application i created, pls help wht's wrong ? 

Can I have an SQL Express database open in VS2010E along with the website? "Login failed for user ..

Hi, as the topic says..Whenever I have my database open in Visual Studio 2010 Express, I get this error:Cannot open user default database. Login failed.Login failed for user 'IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool'.Cannot open user default database. Login failed.Login failed for user 'IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool'.

Unable to login using Management Studio




I installed SQL Server 2005 Express Edition - not Surface Area manager or any other tool - and the default server ./SQLExpress is created but I am unable to login using my Windows domain account. The service is started using the local account.

This is the message.


Testing the registered server failed. Verify the server name, login credentials, and database, and then click Test again.

Additional information :

This version of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express can only be used to connect to SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 servers.(Microsoft.SqlServer.Express.ConnectionDlg)



I am able to login using ‘sqlcmd –S./SQLEXPRESS’ command .


Original_login       Effective_login      Db_user

-------------------- -----------------

how to get user name in window login and show in our website


if any one login how to get user name and show in our web page

and how to get location of client side (Physically Ex-India -Delhi-Anand Vihar)

Login from another domain to my website


Hello every one and thanks in advance any help is much appreciated.

I have a small website that uses the asp login control and now i want to allow a user login from another website that i have. The problem is the other website is only html not aspx and i'm not sure how to write the form to login. here is the login i'm currently using:

  <asp:Login ID="Login1" runat="server" onauthenticate="Login1_Authenticate" Width="235px">
                                        <table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse:collapse;">
                                                    <table border="0" cellpadding="0">
                                                            <td align="center" colspan="2">
                                                                Customer Login</td>

Password protecting entire website (that already has a login feature)?



I have a website that's still in development however I've placed it up onto our new domain name to allow a few others to see what's going on with the site development.

I want to prevent anyone else from coming in to see the site just yet however, so I want to have the site redirect to a login whenever you try to hit any page within the site.  Here's the problem though....my website already has it's own login included as part of the website in order for a member to get to their account info.  So I essentially want 2 separate logins: 1 just to see the site and a 2nd one as part of my overall website user account details section.  My concern is if I develop this new login to block users to see the site, my other login may experience issues.

How can I create this login to protect my entire site while still in development and yet keep login credentials separate from my actual website's login feature?  Or even better yet, is there some 3rd party tool I can implement to do this for me?


Can't login to website from Visual Studio 2010


I created a local copy of my website, so I could work on it in Visual Studio 2010. I am using a SQL membership provider that is running on discountAsp.net's SQL Server 2008 R2. The website works fine online, but when I run the website from Visual Studio, I can't log in. It's strange because if I open up my website in Visual Studio I can still use my admin pages to add and delete users, view users info, change passwords, etc., but I just can't get authenticated. This just makes it hard to test my pages that are restricted to certain users and roles.


Anybody know what this might be? Thanks in advance.

Unable to display this Web Part. Error while displaying External list in sharepoint website

I tried to create an external content type for a website and I got an error....here are the details of the steps I followed:

1. I created an team site in sharepoint server 2010.Nothing I added extra to the site.

2. Then I opened that site in sharepoint designer and created a new external data type.

this is an SQL server. I have a small database in my server, I added that as an external data type to this site.

3. I am able to add the database to my site.

4. Then I created an External List of type contact list as my database has article ID, author, data of creation etc.

5. This creation also sucessfull and when I clicked on create button , my external list appeared on the quick launch but it didn't displayed anything on the page it showed up the below error on the page.


Error Message :


ASP.NET Website Login


Hi All,

   I am using the Login Object with ASPNETDB. Very strangely, a user account will no longer be allowed to login. It returns an error message that the "login attempt was not successful". If I recreate the account in the database, it will work again. Any ideas what is going on? Looks like the user account gets corrupted.


Thank you in advance,

Restrict login access to website from specific machine


Not sure if this is the correct forum section but I need to restrict access to my website by physical PC.  When a user signs up I want to be able to restrict access to one machine for that account so it cannot be shared round, if, for example, somebody else in the same office wanted to access the system on their PC they would need a seperate sign in.

I have done some investigation and I "think" the only way is installing an ActiveX component (which isn't an issue that is restricts to IE only) and then read the users MAC address.  Am I trying to over complicate things or is that the only way?  I realise that MACS can be spoofed but this is not much of an issue.


Login problem with multi website on a server.


I write 2 websites and deloy on a server, they're difference folder. A problem when I login on a website, then open 2nd site I see login cookie still keep in 2nd site. My system: Window server 2003, .Net 2.0, IIS. 

Login code:

FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(dataUserName.Text, true);   


<authentication mode="Forms" >
<forms loginUrl="~/Login.aspx" timeout="2880"/>

Unable to crawl External Website for indexing


I have been trying to add an external site to crawl on our SharePoint 2010 site for a few days now and keep recieving the same error with nothing getting crawled.  Error in Crawl Logs says...

"Item not crawled due to one of the following reasons: Preventive crawl rule; Specified content source hops/depth exceeded; URL has query string parameter; Required protocol handler not found; Preventive robots directive."

To set it up I went to CENTRAL ADMIN > SEARCH SERVICE APPLICATION > CONTENT SOURCES and added the URL of the site I wanted to crawl.  This is actually the first time I have set something like this up so not even sure I am doing it correctly.

I thank you in advance for any help with this problem!

Also the external site does not have any permissions set up.  Let me know if you need anymore info.  Thanks again!

Unable to login to express 2008 remotely

I am using mssql express 2008 on a remote server.  I can VPN into the server and log on via my local account (Michael) with the appropriate password in either Windows mode or SQL mode.  I cannot log in from my remote client which is VPNed in.  The error is "Password mismatch".  I have set the user password for 'Michael" on the server as well as on the local machine but still no luck.  Where is the password that it is attempting to match?

Creating Website for app causes login authenticaiton not to work


I have an ASP.NET application that uses the security created by an aspnetdb database.   The application works OK when it is running under the default web of IIS.   But I am working with my Network group and we are trying to create a simpler url for the application.  The network group asked that I create a Website for the application.  I did this in IIS 6.0 and I have the website point at the folder where the application resides.   But now the login dialog does not work right.  When I try to login using the new Website that application gives off an message that the password or login is incorrect.  This seems to be a configuration problem with the new website.  Perhaps that authentication database does not match the application name correctly.   How can I configure this new website so that the login dialog works OK.  It still works when I run the application from the old web located under the Default Web Site.  Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,  Ed


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