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Disable or modify user alerts

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Question from my staff was how can we limit an internal site from sending out alerts for all changes made from a site.  We only want to give users on certain sites the ability to view their own alerts when they post under their name and not view when others post to the site?  Reason being we are limiting users to view only what we want them to view and not all views are for everyone.  That is why we created certain pages to allow users access to see what is available for them or their group.  As it turns out if we limit them to this and they setup an alert to view all changes they bypass our security restrictions to view only what we want them to view.  They need to be able to contribute to the site and we don't want to create two sites for the same purpose.  That would just make matters worse so its best to keep all users adding to a single task database then having two of them use the same functionality.  There are other reason we don't want to create other sites as well but I just wanted to see if anyone out there has used been able to find out if alerts are manageable from the administrator point of view.

I know I can view all alerts for the site and remove those that user create but that defeats the purspose of having them set up alerts on their own.  We just want to disable the feature that any changes on the list ar

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Modify User in Collect Data from User Workflow


I've created a workflow with a Collect Data from User action that emails a Group when the task is created. Once the task is claimed by an individual, the Assigned To column in the task list is updated to display that person's name but once the task is completed the email variable for the action is not updated and the group is emailed instead of the person listed as Assigned To.

So the question is this: Is there a way to update the user varialbe in the workflow task once the task is completed, or would I need to build my own workflow and use the Send Email action?

User Alerts don't work


Hi there

our webmaster added a group and a few users on a page via Actions -> Alert Me -> Send Alerts To
the users are also viewable via Site Actions -> Site Settings -> User alerts
all neccessary users or groups are added for alerting.

even if everything looks okay, on just one site the alerting does not work when a user uploads a new document.

question: does anybody have any clue what i could test or do to correct this?

as i told, the same users work on another site, so it's not possible, that users or groups are not mail enabled.

thanks for any help.

sitemap control user rights enable and disable



iam using masterpage and sitemap in my project, what i want to is that

if user login is did, based on the user previlage in need to show the sitemap menu page

if user i have the previlage to see the page then i should enable that page otherwise

i need disable that page

looking for the valuable suggestions

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user . Reason: The account is disable


Hi All,

Thank you for advance.

I created a widows service for mail schedule with c#.net and sql server 2005 and it is working fine for past one year.

now sometimes i am getting the "System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user '<UserName>'. Reason: The account is disabled." error.

then i restarted the windows service manually and working.

what is the problem in my sql server connection and how to fix that issue?

Modify workflow function by user

Hi can user modify the work flow based on the requirements...i saw some 3rd party tools...but is it possible to do by default in sharepoint with out external tools   Thanks _________ arWINdh  

Modify a batch of user controls

In a regular webform, I can enable a batch of textboxes Visibility switch on with the following command... Private Sub SetTextBoxesVisible(ByVal Page As Control) 'Iterate through controls, setting data textboxes visible For Each ctrl As Control In Page.Controls If TypeOf ctrl Is TextBox And Strings.Left(ctrl.ID, 4) = "dtxt" Then CType(ctrl, TextBox).Visible = True Else If ctrl.Controls.Count > 0 Then SetTextBoxesVisible(ctrl) End If End If Next End SubBut in an ajax webform, the above code will not work.Does anyone has any suggestion on how to tweak this subroutine?

Alerts - 1 user fails with "PermissionMask check failed. asking for 0x00000055, have 0x3C4312EF", ot

I have set Alerts for 3 users on a Document Library in our Team Site in a MOSS 2007 environment.  Alerts go out for every other person I set alerts for, with the exception of this person.  Our Exchange Admin tracked down the Alert email and saw that while everyone else was listed, this person was not.  At the same time I turned on Verbose logging for the log files and found the PermissionMask failure.  The problem is I cannot figure out why this person is failing this check. This person happens to be a member of our IT team, as are the other people I added Alerts for.  I should also note that this problem occurs whether I add the alert for this person, or this person adds the alert themselves.  I have checked the permissions on the Library and they are inherited from the Site level.  When I check the permissions on the Site level, the IT team has Contribute permissions, I did then check the AD Security Group to be sure that this person is in the group, and they are. Any ideas as to why this would happen for this person only?  This person can access, and add content, to the Library which puzzles me more.  My next test will be to add this permission to the Site permissions explicity with Full Control to see if that matters. In Googling for this, I find a number of PermissionMask posts, but none that seem to address this specific pro

Enable/Disable controls dynamically based on User settings

In my project I have a requirement that all controls in each window shall be enabled or visible dependent on user and the admin shall be able to change is a user will be able to use or see the control. I made a very simple test application that creates a user and gives him a list (will be loaded from db in real app) of the name of the controls in the window and also his settings. Then after initializing the window I use reflection to find the controls and set their isenabled/visibility properties. This solution does the thing but I'm wondering if there is a better solution. The main issue here is that each control must be set per user and thus roles wont work appropriate and also that I need to be able to change the settings at runtime.  

User Alerts

Is it possible for a site administrator to actually create users alerts for site libraries and lists. In other words to ensure that all users have alerts for certain lists regardless of whether they cretae the or not?

how can i disable a Login when the user is already online somewhere?

i need a code to disable someone who automatic Logout the second login of the same user at the same time. EXPLANATION: when a user is online on a particular system and he tries to Login on another system without Logging out on the previous system, so i need a code to Log him/she out since he/she Login is still online on another system

Can not send SharePoint alerts to the user outside domain

The SharePoint alerts would not go outside company domain. We have many partners users (some have active directory account and some are only in exchange 2007 contacts) and none of them recieve alerts. The internal users recieve alerts no problem there. I have setup relay in exchange 2007. From SharePoint webserver I can telnet/smtp to exchange on port 25 and able to send message. Not sure where  is the problem? can any one help?

New user cannot modify table.



I have made a new sql user and add him to my database role called MyRole,then i add permissions on the rolles in dbo schema permissions options,all of my data tables are in default dbo schema.But when i try to modify my data table i can't it say somthing like this:

"You are not logged on as the database owner or system administrator.You might not be able to save changes to tables that you do not own.

Certain edits require CREATE TABLE permission."





Blog - Disable hyperlink for user accounts posting and commenting

Hello Everyone,

Is there a way to disable the Hyperlink created when a user creates a blog entry and when someone comments on the post? We want limit any redirection to user profile pages within the sharepoint site and this is last part we need to figure out.

Example: "Posted at 12:39 PM by Employee Blog"

Thoughts or solutions?

Regards. D

Disable/Lock user out of a database


is there an easy way to disable or lock a user at the database level?   eg:  a user has access to several DB's on a server and I want to disable/lock them out of just 1 or 2 DB's but not all the DB's on that server.   I also would need a convenient way to re-enable them to that database.


How to disable "All day event" of Calendar list in email alerts ?




I have hidded the All day event in display, edit, new forms using javascript code.

I want to hide the "All Day Event","Recurrence",Workspace of calendar list in email alerts



Srikanth Reddy


How to disable User Control page_load



I have a user control (ascx) which is part of a web form page (aspx). I would like that the page_load of the ascx file is not run in some situations. Is there any way I can disable running the page_load on the fly?

Thanks in advance


How to Disable Add all authenticated users link in Add user page of Sharepoint



I want to disable the link "Add all authenticated users " appearing on "Add user" page. Is there a way to disable or remove this link from the "add user" page.

I referred a blog http://sfguyalex.blogspot.com/2008/08/all-authenticated-users-please-stand-up.html where it mentions to remove the link by editing page in 12 hive AclInv.aspx.

Before doing that, is there any way thru configuration I stop users by clicking on this link?



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