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Site Move

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi, I'm little new to sharepoint and I have the following issue:

I have a site called http://server/sites/MySiteA with bunch of sub sites and document library.  Now I have another site called http://server/sites/MySiteB/moveThis and http://server/sites/MySiteB/staysHere.  Is it possible to move MySiteB/moveThis to under http://server/sites/MySiteA without deleting existing content MySiteA and keep the content of http://server/sites/MySitesB/staysHere to maintain it's existance?  I don't want to do a just a URL change I want to move this to the parent site of MySiteA.  Can anyone help me or direct me to any article on how this can be achieved?

thanks in advance. 

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sp2010 - move site template ( or site ) from one site collection to another ?

Is it possible to save a site as a template in site collection A and move it to site collection B ? Can this be done using out of the box functionality through the browser or do I need to use powershell or some other tool ? please advise. thanks and regards, Counie  

SP2010 - move libraries from a site in one site collection to a site on a different site collection

can this be done simply through 1) opening sitecollectionA.siteA in windows explorer 2) opening sitecollectionB.siteA in windows explorer 3) copying library in 1) to location in 2) Is this best practice or is there an OOTB option to achieve this ? could SharePoint WorkSpace be used ? thanks and regards, Counie

Move or Relocate Site(s)

Our developer built a site off of the Central Admin page, with the admin page located at: http://sp_server:8080/default.aspx and the main page of the site loacted at: http://sp_server:8080/Intranet/SitePages/Home.aspx. How do I disassociate the Central Admin page from the Main page, as well as change the port number to 80 for the main page? Thanks in advance. And yes. I'm a novice at these things. Tom

Site built off of Central Administration. How to I move it?

Our developer built a site off of the Central Admin page with the admin page located at: http://sp_server:8080/default.aspx and the main page of the site loacted at: http://sp_server:8080/Intranet/SitePages/Home.aspx. How do I disassociate the Central Admin page from the Main page, as well as change the port number to 80 for the main page? Thanks in advance. Tom

Move page in Site Content and Structure alters revision history and makes old content available


This sounds bizzare, I tried it on an OOTB publishing site.

I have a page X in site A. Page X has version 1.0 and 2.0 approved and published, no minor versions anywhere. I choose to move page X to site B. Page X now has revision history version 1.0 (published and available) and version 1.1, which is exactly the same as version 2.0 but no longer visible to the outside world.

So the first problem is that moving a page makes a previously published and overwritten version of the page content available again. If I publish the page it goes to version 2.0, but I have to remember to do this. Also because I approve the page, my user id is associated with the publication of the content (which is sorta ok) but the original author of version 2.0 has now presumably been lost to the ether ... or the green swirling icon of death.

But I don't publish page X because I think "oops I meant to move page Y" and move it back to site A, without first publishing version 1.1. Now I have version 0.1 and 0.2. 0.1 matches the original version 1.0, and version 0.2 matches the original version 2.0, however the best bit is that the timestamps are such that version 0.1 is now checked in after version 0.2.

I then publish the page, I now have version 0.1 and 1.0, where 0.1 matches the original version

MOSS 2010: how to move the "Search this site..." box to above the Nav Bar instead of on it

Am a novice, but can get around Sharepoint Designer. In MOSS 2010, how do I move the "Search this site..." box to above the Nav Bar instead of on it?

move the site from 2007 to 2010



I have to move one site collection from 2007 to 2010, is backup the database for that site and restore it on SharePoint 2010 enviornment is best way if so how to do that specific site.

Move Document Library Content From One Site To Other Site


Dear All,

                I have nearly 4 GB of document uploaded in one of my Document Library in my MOSS 2007 site. Now we have created other new Site in Moss 2007. Now i need to move this 4gb content to the newly created site. is there any workarounf for this

Site one something like http://sharepointsite:80

so i wanted to move content from 80 to 85

Note : I have many subsite in 80 site... i just wanted to move one particular Document Library to 85 site Document Library


Thanks in Advance

Narayanan Dayalan --------

How do you move an UI testing for a web site project to a web application project?


I was not able to do unit testing for our existing web site project. I converted the web site project to a web application project. I did some unit testing and changes on the converted web application project. However, my co-worker was doing UI testing on the web site project.  We need put UI testing and unit testing to the web application project. Is it possible to move the UI testing code that my co-worker did to the web application project I am working? If so, how do you do it? Thank you for your help.

Li Ai Shen

sharepoint security groups, ACL of site collection or subsite need to move in to sql server 2008 usi


HI Team,

I am new to sharepoint here is my query. i am working on MOSS 2007, SQL server 2008

I want to move the sharepoint security groups, ACL(access control list), user groups all the security and permission related data to sql server 2008 from a particular site collection or subsite. After getting the data in to sql server we should be able to update the users from sql server itself which should reflect in sharepoint sites.

No longer have the ability to move webparts to different zones on the default "team site" template

I noticed today that one of the default site templates that i most widely use in sharepoint 2007 -the "Team Site" template when used in sharepoint 2010 i can no longer move webparts on the main home page from one zone to another from the browser in sharepoint 2010, or specify where they should be when creating them.   I am able to do this if i create a blank site, but that would also involve creating all the neccesary document libraries and  other team site lists.  I suppose as a last resort i could make my own template off of the blank site template that is similar to the team site template. but i am curious as to why this has been setup this way, or if anyone else has noticed this behavior

Ryan Klick

Move document (and versions) from one library and/or site to another?


I may be at searches, but I couldn't find anything related to this... Honest, I looked!


Is there a way to move a file from library to library and make sure that the versions make the trip also?


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

best way to move site from one server to another?


I need to move one site (within a collection) from a development server to a production server.  Unfortunately, the site was used for quite a while and the amount of data in it makes it to large to save as a template with content.

Creating a Web Package (.fwp) is not an option as I need the data to go along with the site.

I read that a backup/restore (.cmp) does not include "some customizations and settings" as well as alerts.  Can anyone tell me what those type of customizations, and particularly settings these might be?

Also, if you know of another way to move a site, please let me know.

There are no mistakes; every result tells you something of value about what your are trying to accomplish.

Move the Office Server Web Services IIS Site


Is it possible to change the Home Directory of the Office Server Web Services IIS website (Sharepoint 2007) without breaking the shared services that are in use?  We would like to change the directory to a different folder on the same Web server.


How to move a Web part from one site collection to another sitecollection within a same Web Applicat


I have a web application under which 2 sitecollections are there ,i have a webpart on 1st site containing tasks of that site collection .I want that webpart on 2nd site collection so that i can get the tasks of both the  sitecollections at one place.

How could i do this?

Is it possible by tweaking some OOB features,or customization is required?


Web Parts move on site restore

I have an issue with web parts jumping to the bottom most web part area of my page. I backed up the site then restored it on another site. Then upon checking the pages all web parts were not in their proper places. Is there a solution to this issue or did I just do something wrong in restoring the site. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Changing the graphics on the home page of a SharePoint site

When you create a site in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services by using the default Team Site template, the home page includes two default graphics. A Windows SharePoint Services graphic appears in the body of the page, and a picture of a house in a circle appears near the site title. You can change these graphics to customize your site. Changing the smaller graphic requires a Windows SharePoint Services compatible Web page editor
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