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Login redirect to different pages

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


I'm new to this forum (was always a reader, not a poster). And I'll hope to learn alot here.

I have to admit, I'm a total newbie to the ASP programming language.

Now onto my problem: I want to make a login, which redirects to different pages bound to the username after the login

I already tried solutions offered on : http://forums.asp.net/t/1079990.aspx?PageIndex=1

So basically what I want is for example this:

I have 2 users: Timon & Bob

Timon logs in, Timon gets redirected to the page Timon.aspx

Bob logs in, Bob gets redirected to the page Bob.aspx

My loginform ID is called Login1, and its on the Default.aspx page, since I want users to login before viewing any content.

At the moment, I just login and it works (if I type wrong info it gives error etc), but when I login I just get redirected to Default.aspx again.

The code in my Default.aspx.cs at the moment is:

protected void Login1_LoggedIn(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (Roles.IsUserInRole("Bob"))
    else if (Roles.IsUserInRole("Timon"))

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Hi,   Just a simple question. After I click login button, I want to page be redirected to display.aspx. How to set up it? Sorry for the silly question.

Authentication required, redirect to login page

Hi,I want authentication required for all webpages in a site. If i copy the url of any of the web page in the current site and paste it in the url address i should redirect to login page. If you have any solution please suggest it.

How to redirect incorrect login?

I have a Membership login.If the "login incorrect", the page is redirected to www.domain.com / LoginError.aspx,If the "login incorrect" the page is redirected to the previous web page history.back ()What do I do?Please Help.

how to redirect user to login page if session is null

i have 2 page,1.login.aspx ---  2.welcome.aspxin my login.aspx im storing username into sesssion as below:Session["usernm"] = txtUsername.Text;in my welcome.aspx  pagein page_load event if (Session["usernm"]==null)        {            Response.Redirect("Login.aspx");        }----- here if i manulally paste the url ( http://localhost:4125/Loginado/welcome.aspx) it should go to  login.aspx for user credentialsbut its going directly to welcome.aspx  page.

How do I allow some .net pages to be used from a login page before the user is authenticated?

Ok, I have a .net homepage (viewable and useable to everyone) which is "login.aspx".  There is a header with a menu and three columns under that.  The header has a "home" button which will display a page (standings.aspx) with data from a gridview control which gets its data from an access db in a directory called Access_DB from the root level of the site. The next menu in the header is "Schedules", which uses the same db and a set of .aspx files (i.g. MondaySched.aspx, ThursdaySched.aspx, etc) to populate NFL schedules in various formats, and the last column "About" is just some html files.  All of this data is placed in an IFRAME in the middle column of the page.  The left column is where the login textboxes/submit button reside, the last column is just some html.I am using form level authentication as follows:<authentication mode="forms"><forms name="BTGAppSec" loginUrl="login.aspx" protection="All" timeout="30" path="/" /></authentication><authorization><deny users="?" /></authorization>The problem is when you go to the site and it tries to load the "standings.aspx" into the IFRAME on page load, it sees that as an unauthorized user and sends the IFRAME back to login.aspx.  So what you get is a &qu

Redirect to Login Page from Generic Handler

Hi,I have created a asp.net generic handler to use it in auto-complete text box. Here is my code to it /// <summary>     /// Summary description for $codebehindclassname$     /// </summary>     [WebService(Namespace = "http://tempuri.org/")]     [WebServiceBinding(ConformsTo = WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1)]     public class ProductSearch : IHttpHandler, IReadOnlySessionState     {         public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)         {             String query = context.Request.QueryString["q"];             if (! string.IsNullOrEmpty(query))             {                 int sid =  Convert.ToInt32(HttpContext.Current.Session["ScenarioID"]);                 int evId =  Convert.ToInt32(HttpContext.Current.Session["EventID"]);                 var products = from p in Data.BO.Product.GetScenarioProducts(sid, evId, query) select new { id = p.ID, name = p.Name };                &nbs

Session time out alert box and redirect login page


Dear all,

Now I am using Form authentication for my website. 

It is something like that below. But if I left the website without using it for quite some time and when I used it back, it is redirected to the login page. 

The one I want to know is that it is because of session expire or cookies expire. And if it is session expired, I want to show the alert box and redirect to the login page. And one more thing is that if the user keeps on using the website, I want to extend the session expire time. If you do not mind, I want to have some references for this scenario. Thank you so much.


If myUser.IsValidUser(txtUserName.Text.Trim, txtPassword.Text.Trim) = True Then

user login & secured access pages via web part?

The client wants to have certain sharepoint-driven pages available only to their end customers who login to the site via secured login (to the site content, not the sharepoint CMS).  Can this be done via a web part somehow?  We're not a sharepoint house, and have been asked to take over management of this sharepoint driven site! Normally we'd write an ASP chunk to validate against a database but not sure how to do this (or by some other method) in the Sharepoint CMS. Thanks...

redirect to pages?


I have a page called ViewMessage. Also, there is a Inbox.aspx, Deleted.aspx and Sent.aspx. If the user is on the ViewMassage page and is in the Inbox mode I need to redirect back to the Inbox. If the user is on the ViewMessage page and is in the Deleted mode I need to redirect back to the Delete.aspx and so on, how do I call or tell which page to return to.

Can I only create session on login and redirect to login from other apps if not using custom provide


I have created custom a MembershipProvider, SessionIDManager, and SessionStateStore since I need to use custom legacy sessions and logins.. When the Application is ran, it runs the GetSessionID in the SessionIDManager(which is correct)..

The problem then is if there is no session meaning the GetSessionID method returns null, it tries to create a new session using CreateSessionID.. I want it to redirect to the login application(another application)..

We only create and store session information for logged in users and the "session id numbers" come from a file that is pre-populated with "session id numbers"(I didnt design this and its out of my control).. So its not feasable to give everyone who visits the site one of the "session id" numbers..

I also need for users with an "invalid" session(when checked through Validate()) to be redirected to the login page..


Any help here would be great..

Response.Redirect Holds Other Pages from Loading


Here's the scenario.

I've got a form with a button on it. You have to be logged in to see this form. I use this code to check if the user is logged in and act appropriatley.

Dim isLoggedIn As Boolean = CType(Session("LoggedIn"), Boolean)

        If isLoggedIn = False Then
        End If

The button runs a report that takes anywhere from 0.5 to 20 seconds. For testing it just sleeps for 10 seconds.


The problem is this. Say User1 comes to the form, logs in and runs the report. If User2 comes to the form, the page will not load until User1's report is done.

Now, the bonus is if I comment out the response.redirect line, everything works fine. But if that line is in there I will get this problem.

My quesiton is why is this happening? What's going on in the background that's causing this? Any way around it?

After Login , Redirect To Previous Page Instead Of Destination URL set


Hi .

I have developed an asp.net project with asp.net membership for login.

I have login control in a page and for that I have set the property destination URL to a particular page say defaultlogin.aspx.

It is also working fine, when I use to login from home page.

But if i navigate to different pages of my website say first to home page, contact us page, about us page etc. Then after that when I click on login page and key up the login information in the login control.

I use to redirect to the last page which I have visited the last. It is not redirecting to the destination page which I have set in the login control.

What's the problem here?

Plz help me with the above issue.

Thanx in advance.

Ajax timeout redirect to login again



I have some problems whereby sometimes my application redirects to the login page if the users sessions timesout.

What I'm finding though is that pages that are ajaxified with update panels etc don't appear to redirect to the login correctly.

Meaning that my users come back and click a button and a horrible 'object not set to an instance of an object' error appears.

I was wondering if anyone has a fix for this - or if they recommend some javascript on the page to return the user to login (and therefore load session stuff).


hyperlink in Excel and login redirect


The user has a .xlsx with links pointing to a portal page witch require user logon.

First time (clicking on a link) the login.aspx?ReturnUrl=... is displayed, as expected. User logs in.

Second time, login.aspx?ReturnUrl=... displayed again, wrongly, bec user is already loged on.

It's seems, Excel calls the original link directly, server redirects (bec, excel is not loged in), than excel lunch the browser with new redirected url.

I can't simply redirect the user automatically, bec login.aspx is displayed also when the user has no permmissons.

What can I do?


login pages without using Forms authentication



I want to create a website that a user can logon and view their data. They should also be able to logout. I'm wondering how to achieve this WITHOUT using the Membership provider api provided by Microsoft. This is what I think should happen , please advise me if I'm incorrect.

1. user enters name and password and clicks button.

2.If username and password are correct the user is redirected to a webpage with their details.

3.A session is created.

4.The user logouts and the session is deleted.

Is this the way to go about it? If anyone has some similar code that I could reference that would be great

FileUpload redirect to login page


FileUpload works OK on my local site. When I moved my web application to a web host server, I tested to upload a file with this application, It's OK to upload file to the server before login. But after login, the FileUpload kept redirecting to login page without uploading. Any help? Thanks!

how to redirect from login page?



I have three master pages in my projects. I would like to allocate each master page to each role(Admin, ValidUsers, nativeUsers). how can i do it plz any one explain me.

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