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Customizing the StartDate/EndDate DateTime Site Columns

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I was wondering if it is possible to customize the StartDate/EndDate DateTime columns in SharePoint to behave similarly to ASP.Net Calendar controls.  That is to say, I would like the ability to filter out dates which should not be eligible for selection.  For example, for certain lists, I would like to only allow the user the ability to select dates which are neither weekends, nor holidays. 

Currently, the DateTime column only allows a limited set of criteria for setting date values which is not sufficient for my needs.

Please let me know how to accomplish this (preferably in SharePoint 2007, but a SharePoint 2010 solution is also welcome).


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Unable to create columns in document library after applying custom master page to site

Hi, I have applied a custom master page to a site.There is a document library in it. I am unable to add columns in it or change the default view.Nothing happens when I click on OK butoon after making my changes. However the columns are created/default view is changed when I apply the default master page. Guess I am missing some TagPrefix or sharepoint control on master page.I had solved this problem earlier in this way but don't remeber it now. Can anyone help?

Customizing Sharepoint site

Hi dude, I wanna customize my sharepoint site... if i customize my site in sharepoint designer then how can i deploy like wsp.. is it right way to customize by designer??? (As per my knowledge customize by designer will update content database...so i should backup my content database also...but i don't want to take backup...i want to deploy like WSP) Please give your suggestions..   Thanks ___________ arWINdh  

Site Columns

I have Created Site Columns using CAML in feature and deploy it. Now when i deactive feature for Site columns they are still there techanically they should go away. Please advise  Thanks Ron

Duplicate Fields during list creation from content types and site columns


I am trying to create a List in Sharepoint 2010 using Site Columns and Content Types. It results in creating duplicate fields in the list for the Site Columns used. Here is the details description of what I was doing.

I have created two site columns 


<Field Type="Number" DisplayName="Start Coordinate" Required="TRUE" EnforceUniqueValues="FALSE" Indexed="FALSE"
Group="QMS" ID="{A3F2D108-11B5-4B49-9633-338D27227E12}"
Name="StartCoordinate" Overwrite="TRUE" />

<Field Type="Number" DisplayName="End Coordinate" Required="TRUE" EnforceUniqueValues="FALSE" Indexed="FALSE"
Group="QMS" ID="{06B927BB-C354-4A0A-AE88-9C14E55EAB27}"
Name="EndCoordinate" Overwrite="TRUE" />

Then added these to a new content type I

Upgrade to 2010 with corrupt site columns


Hope someone can help, have exhausted all googled solutions.

Recently upgraded from Moss 2007- ent to 2010 ent using database attach method, the only outstanding problem is with a custom site column type from codeplex -filtered lookup.

  1. When trying to access the site columns/ mngfields.aspx from the ui/sharepoint designer or  SharePoint manager I get the error- Field type FilteredLookup is not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete this field  -  or some variation
  2. When I try to view the site columns based on the 'filtered lookup type' using power-shell I cannot access them, zero return, yet can view all the other site columns (using names from the 2007 box)

So if the columns are not there where is the reference that is causing the problem and how to fix?.

Have been thru every site and list and deleted the offending columns, but surely this does not have any effect on the site columns mngmt page?

I don't want to remove the type from the 2007 server as this is our working model


MMS & Tags & Site Columns oh my hee hee ha ha ho ho


Feel like I'm missing something big and obvious.

Is it possible (and, advisable) to create a Site Column that is linked to Managed Metadata and then to have that automatically always be a column on all content?

I've been through creating it, and adding it to e.g. a list via Add from Existing Site Column, but that would require that everyone who uses a list remember and then take the time to actually add it.

Can't one make it an automagic field, like Created, Modified By, etc?


Updating the site columns failed


Hi all

When I try to publish an InfoPath form to a site content type I get this message "Updating the site columns failed".
I have not managed to find out why it does that. Any one that has had success with it, or got any smart tips? :)


Add a field to site columns using Client Object Model



I am having an issue when trying to add a field to the web.AvailableFields.  I am using web.AvailableFields.AddFieldAsXml(...)  but it seem that you need to associate the field with a list.  Is it not possible to add a field to the site collection columns using the client object model?

What I am doing is creating a content type and then adding fields to this content type, if the fields dont exist I what to create them but an having a problem doing so.



Conversion failed when converting datetime from character string. SQL Server @StartDate as datetime



Can you please help me on this?

When I try to pass my parameter it doesn't work. See below is my code :


declare @SQL Varchar(4000)

declare @CRM_FilteredAppointment nvarchar(2000)

declare @CRM_FilteredSystemUser nvarchar(2000)

declare @StartDate datetime

declare @EndDate datetime

set @CRM_FilteredSystemUser = 'Select * from FilteredSystemUser'

set @StartDate = '20080101'

set @EndDate = '20100101'

set @CRM_FilteredAppointment = 'SELECT activityid, participationtypemask 

FROM FilteredAppointment 

WHERE FilteredAppointment.eu_calltype = 2

AND FilteredAppointment.statecode = 1

AND FilteredAppointment.scheduledend >= DateAdd( month, -1, GetD

Easy way to migrate site columns and content types from moss 2007 to sharepoint 2010?

Easy way to migrate site columns and content types from moss 2007 to sharepoint 2010?

Join related data by using content types and site columns?


Hi guys

Say for instance if I have process column and a sub - process column, and if I chose a process I want to only show the relevant sub - processes instead of all. I need to solve this by using content types and site columns. Any ideas, or guides on how I can acheive that?


Programatically adding the "SummaryLinks" type column to the Site columns list



Can anyone help me with the sample code to programatically add the "SummaryLinks" type column to the Site columns list.



Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation Error when customizing theme of a new site


I am just trying to change the color of the site.  when I click apply, i get this error.



Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.


Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID: 6164e755-f413-4e3b-a79b-be7bf7739f42

Date and Time: 11/23/2010 1:18:20 PM


Any help will be greatly appreciated

sharepoint Duplicate Site columns and updating content type failed when publishing to sharepoint


1many duplicate columns in my library

we can see image here:

2run  sql :

select * from AllUserData 
where  tp_LeafName = 'xxxx.xml' and tpid='1123' 
and tp_DeleteTransactionid = 0x 

should find only one row,but then can find 7 rows:

row1                    0
row2                    1
row3                    3
row4                    4
row5                    6
row6               &

SharePoint lookup site columns and Word Content Controls

I discovered that when you bind lookup columns in SharePoint to a Content Type that in turn pushed these properties to the document, the value actually stored is the ID and not the text that is displayed. What is the correct way to use such site columns to enable users to select the data they want to be associated with a document and then to have the display values be populated in the Content Controls?

Customizing My site under MOSS

Hi Everyone,
I am planning to use My site link as a org chart, but I need to customize it to some extent.
basic things I am looking for are as follows:

1) Data entered by the different users should be approved by a moderator(Site Admin) before it's visible to others.
2) Site Admin?moderator should have access to update/edit any person's information, but once its changed the Site Admin, the affected person should get an e-mail notification
3) Is there a way I can add more fields and I can search a person by the skill sets?
4) I am planning to show a Org-Chart on the home page which will be read from the Active Directory, please let me know how can I do this..
By now you guys would have judged that I am not much into coding :)

Any help you guys can offer is highly appreciated.


Is there a maximum limit to site columns?

I am trying to re-publish an infopath form that currently has 8 site columns specified.  I am trying to add one more column, but each time I attempt ot add a column I get the message, "The selected group does not have any remaining site columns for use".  I can't find any reference to this error message.

What is the limit I am reaching?

We are using MOSS2007 and InfoPath 2007.
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