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MOSS 07 Installation Quirks - SSRS Connectivity & SSP Permissions

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I'm new to MOSS 07 and am currently learning it.  I've done clean installs and post-install configuration a few times now and I've noticed 2 quirks associated with a fresh install.  I'm not sure what is going on or the best way to "fix" them.

1 - I install SQL 05 with SSRS prior to installing MOSS and I always check to make sure that SSRS is configured and I can connect to it in the SQL Management Studio.  Once the Default port 80 Web App is provisioned, however, I can no longer connect to SSRS via the SQL MS.  I understand that this is related to the fact that the default Web App that hosts the SSRS sites is the Default 80 Web Site and that this port is taken over by the SharePoint 80 portal.  My question is, how to handle this.  I understand that I can configure SSRS to run via SP Integration.  However, when I install SSRS 05 initially and prior to installing/configuring MOSS, should SSRS be installed under a separate Web App and Port than the Default?  Does SP Integration restore the ability to connect to SSRS via the SQL Mang. Studio?

2 - In an attempt to get used to a "production" way of doing things, I create Domain Service accounts for both installing MOSS and running the services.  My problem is with the results of using an installation account.  I call it "spinsta

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SQL 2008 servers and MOSS 2007 with SSRS


I need help figuring out the limitations in a multi-database server environment and MOSS 2007 installation with SSRS.  Here is the run down:

  • I currently have MOSS 2007 server with backend on SQL 2005, which also acts as the SSRS server.  In addition I have another SQL 2005 server where business data resides and against which most of the SSRS reports run.
  • Future plan (over which I don't really have a say) is MOSS 2007 with backend on SQL 2008, which will remain to be the SSRS server.  The second SQL server with business data will be migrated to SQL 2008 R2.

Questions: does this architecture requires SSRS 2008 add-in or SSRS 2008 R2 add-in (integrated mode)?  Will there be an issue of building SSRS 2008 reports that go after SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 data mix?

MOSS 2007 - "next 100" link missing from permissions pages


We're running two MOSS 2007 environments that are (should be!) identical for Development and Validation.  We don't have Production set up yet to compare...

In DEV, when you go to the Site Settings > View All Site Settings > People and Groups > Groups, you see a "1 - 100 >" link at the top right to page to the next 100 groups.  In VAL, we do not see that link even though we have more than 100 Groups (the list ends on the first page with the letter "l").

Everything we have looked at between the two systems looks identical, has anyone seen something similar and has a fix?  At this point we're waiting until we get the PRD environment set up to compare because we're stumped.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


MOSS 2007 Standard installation with SQL Server 2008 EXPRESS Edition server

Hello I have installed MOSS 2007 with SQL Server 2008 Express edition. Can anyone tell me what all features will be missing when compared this setup to MOSS 2007 Stanadard with SQL server 2008 lisenced editon? Specifically will I not be getting forms services with "MOSS 2007 with SQL Server 2008 EXPRESS edition"? Thanks in advance.

Office installation on MOSS Server Recommended or not ?

Hello All, I would like to know whether you recommend installing MS Office on MOSS Server or not ? Based on my knowledge it is not recommended but I need some article for same. Can you guys help me out ? Thanks in advance.

MOSS 2007 Standard installation with SQL Server 2008 EXPRESS Edition server

Hello I have installed MOSS 2007 with SQL Server 2008 Express edition. Can anyone tell me what all features will be missing when compared this setup to MOSS 2007 Stanadard with SQL server 2008 lisenced editon? Specifically will I not be getting forms services with "MOSS 2007 with SQL Server 2008 EXPRESS edition"? Thanks in advance.

SSRS IIS Permissions issue

SETUP: We have a server that runs SSRS and is also our webserver. Our reports are set up in two ways, one so that everyone can see some of the reports and a few are locked down so only admins and specific users can see and run the reports. These are set on the http://server/reports site under the security task on the report.  Issue: Some bright spark decided to change the permissions in IIS since then users can only see the "one to all reports" and not even admins could see the "locked down" reports. So not knowing much about IIS i tried to get the sites back to how they were by fiddling around with the Anonymous access and the windows authentication  on the properties on the default website, the reports site and the reports server site. I finally managed to get the users access though the reports server site but not the reports site as it has a better interface. I suddenly though of what i thought was a good idea and copped a backup to oversight the files within the sites forgetting that copy paste dosnt overwrite the permissions and now I dont have access to any site. Is there an easy way to set the permissions back to where they were and to get the sites back up.  Thanks

MOSS and SSRS Integration Problem



Hi all,


We're currently having a great deal of difficulty getting our MOSS/SSRS integration configured.  In short, we're getting "A connection to the computer cannot be established." message in the Grant Database Access page of the Reporting Services Integration settings. 


A few more points:


We have two servers:

  • Server A:  Win2K3 EE SP2, MOSS 2007, SSRS Integration Components
  • Server B:  Win2K3 EE SP2, SQL Server 2005 SP2, MOSS database, SSRS, WSS 3.0, SSRS Integration Components

A user in IE on Server A can successfully browse to the ReportServer virtual directory on Server B.


Another "test" MOSS server has been configured separately and successfully against Server B, so it seems like there's something amiss with Server A.  The report server configuation tool shows all green.  There are no entries in the App or System log that appear related to this issue.  We've looked at KB's 871179 and 896861; no luck there.


We've tried both Windows Authentication and Trusted Connection with a number of different accounts, including a domain admin.  N

MOSS 2007 can only grant permissions to users in the local domain...


Greetings all,

Where ever I go and attempt to add a user to a group or to grant permissions to a user I am never able to select users from other domains.  The only users I can select are users in the domain where MOSS 2007 was installed.  Is there a setting in MOSS that I need to change to be able to add users from other domains to groups in SharePoint?

Thanks for any and all insights.


Installation of SSRS 2008 ?


 I am beginner to the SSRS 2008. I have VS 2010 Ultimate and SQL 2008 installed on my machine. Also i have Reporting Services Configuration Manager installed with SQL 2008. I want to start to study and get hands on SSRS. Please tell me link from where i can install SSRS 2008 ? what else i will need to install to work with SSRS ?

Thanks in advance

List privileges temporarily disappear after installation auf MOSS 2007 August 2010 CU


Hi all,

after installing the August 2010 CU for our English Sharepoint 2007 farm I randomly have the list menu buttons "New" and "Settings" missing.

The farm consists of two frontend servers, one backend (all three W2003R2 x32) and a SQL 2005 x64 database, also running Windows server 2003.

This appears for all users, including the site administration account. Strangely, after about 10 .. 20 minutes, the buttons re-appear and everything works fine.

Since I installed the August 2010 CU two weeks ago, I have had three occurrences of this phenomenon. Sharepoint Event Logs show no error at the time. IISReset did not fix the issue, it just "went away" after a short time.

Did anybody else experience this issue? Does anybody have a hint where to look for errors here or what might cause this?


Many greetings,



MOSS 2007- In some subsites, I cannot enter the "advanced permissions" page anymore. " unknown error


I have a MOSS 2007 portal with some subsites. In some subsites, I
cannot enter the "advanced permissions" page anymore, giving "unknown error"


I disabled custom errors and enabled call stack to have a better error


This is the error i get :


Installation of SSRS 2008 in SharePoint integrated mode

Hi All,

I have got a server (Windows Server 2003 x64) which has the Office SharePoint server 2007 and SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 (in SharePoint Integrated mode) installed in a stand-alone machine (System configured and installed by some other guy). We want to use the SSRS 2008 in SharePoint integrated mode.

I want to make sure that installation and configuration of system is done properly. But i am a starter, so i don't know much where to start.

Please help me which points i have to check to make sure that system is configured properly.

Also i visited the server and found the followings:
1. In central administration, under Application Management tab, Report Services section is not there. ( I think SSRS 2008 AddIn is not installed)
2. Single MSSSQLServer is created for SQL Server 2008, SSRS 2008 and Office SharePoint Server 2007 (Not sure Please let me know where i can confirm this)

Any help is appreciated.


Thanks, Cool Developer

Migrating MOSS 2007 installation from one database server to another - configuration database issue


The database server which our sharepoint installation is currently using is going to be shutdown and a new one is going to be put in production.

I read in some post that the configuration database cannot be moved (while the same operation type is documented for content database). Is this correct?

Isn't there a way by which I can modify my current moss installation to define the use of another sql server for configuration (and then later for content) databases?

Any other workaround or procedure?

Thank you!


Query Wizard for Oracle Connectivity with Moss 2007 using BDC


I am able to connect Oracle using BDC Metaman and get the data using small queries. But i have a big query to retrieve the data from Oracle and not able to use that query using BDC Metaman. Is there any query wizard to run my query to retrieve Oracle data. 

Is there any other tools having this facility (Query Wizard). 

Please assist me for the same. 



softwares required / installation steps for using SSRS 2008 along with SQL server 2005 as DataSource



I want to use SSRS 2008 to develop reports, but SQL server 2005 should be used as datasource, so I assume that,

1) MS Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 should be installed to get SSRS 2008 and BIDS

2) SQL server 2005 should be installed and in "Reporting Services Configuration Manager" the Database section should point to SQL server 2005

Please suggest whether the approach is correct or not, if not please give me the correct way to achieve it.



MOSS SP2 Fails "The detection failed, this can be due to a corrupted installation database."

While upgrading MOSS 2007 SP1, IU to the newly released SP2 - I get the error "The detection failed, this can be due to a corrupted installation database."   This happens when attempting to run the WSS SP2 install and it won't continue.  I have tried
1)  editing the registry (the office suite workaround - renaming the patches keys to patches_old)
2)  re-downloading the install file
3)  cleaning up temp files and rebooting
4)  verify free space (C:\ drive has 3GB free, E:\ has 20GB+ free)

Environment:  1 SQL, 2 WFEs and 1 Application/Index/CA Server.

I would like to mention, we had a lot of trouble upgrading to IU, we had to detach a content database, then reattach -  we had to find an orphahed site and remove the reference.  I have a feeling this is playing into the corrupted database error, but I'm not sure what we can do at this point since we were last able to update to IU successfully.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated!

SSRS 2008 R2 Reportbuilder 3.0 and MOSS 2007


Hi all After installing integrating SSRS 2008 R2 with Sharepoint 2007 we are trying to implement the click once functionality for Report Builder 3.0 so that clients can download Reportbuilder. However I keep getting the following error: -

The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

Reading through various articles most notably: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms365173(v=SQL.105).aspx and http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc281309.aspx It seems the problem lies in the fact that the computers lie in different domains and the account being passed is that of the local client machine.

I have tried to implement the anonymous access as per the second article but this still fails with the same error, and the article is really only for native mode installs. Does anyone know a way around this when using Sharepoint Integration?

My clients will be accessing from the web so having then in the same domain is not an option and neither is anonymous access for the entire site as it is required that they authenticate.  This used to work with SQL 2005 SSRS and Reportbuilder but not for SQL 2008 R2 it seems.

Thanks for any help

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