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Can MS-SQL SERVER make over-utilization?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 20, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server


I'm hosting my website on Godaddy.com

Godaddy.com send me a message below.

"Upon review of your hosting account, it appears that the database has been disabled for over-utilization of resources. You will need to review the queries being run on the database and reply to the original email notifying you of the database being disabled."

They said that my queries make problems.

They sent also this message.

"..were the cause of SQL Server running at 100% CPU with
the inability to take backups or service other customers."

If I use wrong queries, can MS-SQL Server make these problems?

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WCF - First call to Callback instance from Server takes considerable time to make it to the client.

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(1) I have a working WPF 2010 program that manipulates a table in SQL Server 2008 Express (2) the program does delete, update, select and insert correctly however in its own project file folder logbooklmk.mdf   logbooklmk_log.ldf (3) I want the actual SQL Server 2008 express files to be changed yes I know the issue is sharing and the copy option only applies to the local project files. I found this out by trying always copy, never copy and copy if newer. I probably have to change the .xsd folder to refer to the actual SQL Server 2008 Express file. Tried that once and it failed. Something about sharing not allowed.

Is there an Sharepoint Server 2010 add-on download to make Adobe Acrobat Reader....readable?

I'd like to be able to make the occasional Adobe Acrobat Reader document available for viewing on our Sharepoint Server 2010.  How do I do this?

Using SIP make a connection and call in Asterisk Server using c#

Hi all,

       I am new to Telecommunication but now my situation is want to use the SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) with Asterisk Server. So some one pls help me that is how i connect with Asterisk server and make a call using the SIP and c#.

how to make my sql server express 2005 a remote server



how can i access my sql express 2005 database from other computers...



How to run SQL Server 2005 Setup to make SKUUPGRADE=1?


How can I run SQL Server 2005 Setup to make SKUUPGRADE=1?


Believe you can do it, and you will!!

How to make my own AJAX Server Control



The title says it all.

please give a very very clear tutorial preferebly video.


Any hint to make a join between different server run on local machine?


if join remote table and local table, one execution plan is

1:  fetch the data from remote, and then run the sql at local.

2: push the data to remote, and execute the sql on remote, and fetch the result back.

which one is better depends. Does sql server support to use hint to use plan 1 or plan 2?

Make a C# WinForm Call a JS code in a Data server??!!

I have a situation as follows:
My company has its Customers Data stored in a server, and we as employees use Internet Explorer to find the data needed through a page that contains some textboxes to supply info to the server and some other textboxes that shows Data retrieved from server. So fro example I put the customerID in a textbox, press the search button near this textbox, and I get the customerName and customerAge and so on in another textboxes in the same webpage. I konw this is done via JavaScripts.

I hope the scene is clear, Now when I need to print a report about certain customer I have to copy/paste every single textbox content to Word individually.

So I know how to export from C# to Word or at least to Excel .., But is it possible to make a C# WinForms App that can read the contents of these textboxes OR call the JS function that is executed when I press the (Search) button shown in the IE WebPage.

I dont know if my question is clear enough but I hope you can help me. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

How to make linked server to Access 2007 db on 64-bit server


It seems that Microsoft created ____ for a lot of people trying to migrate applications to 64-bit platforms that use an Access database.  My situation:  need to create linked server in SQL Server Express 2008 R2 to an Access 2007 database.  The provider "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 " might work but is not listed as one of the available providers in the linked servers properties dialog.  I have office 2007 installed on the machine, so I can't install the 2010 access database engine.

Can I somehow make the Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider avialable on my system in this circumstance?

Make IIS As default server


Hello all,

I want to know how to make IIS as default web server on machine instaead of built cassini web server..

Thanks in advance.

SQL Server CPU utilization high when idle



I'm running SQL Server 2008 on an 8 CPU machine with 32 gigs of RAM.  When the SQL Server instance is idle, no client requests, the sqlservr.exe process consumes about 10-18% of the CPU on the machine.  I can't seem to figure out why it is consuming this much.  

I found another post here suggesting a user run a script which gets the processor utilization history.  I ran this command and it returns SQLProcessUtilization as 12-13% for the last 30 minutes of usage.  

I ran the profiler and captured the SQL and there was very little being run, all I saw was a query for the DBVersion every 10 seconds or so, and the Duration was 1 with the SQLBatch::Completed in 20 ms.

I'm not as familiar with SQL Server as I am with Oracle, so any help would be appreciated. 



Understanding Memory Utilization in SQL Server



I'm trying to understand multiple aspects of how memory is allocated and used within SQL Server.  The primary goal I have is to find the optimum amount of memory for our current server AND optimum if we were to split multiple databases out into separate physical servers.

Current environment:

  • SQL Server 2005 Standard x64
  • Windows 2003 R2
  • 98GB RAM
  • 3 primary databases residing on this single physical server
  • currently has both min and max memory configured to 91GB

My understanding (and this seems to be backed up by books online) is that SQL Server will allocate memory as needed but not release any until it hits the min memory value, if it exceeds min it will release as SQL Server decides is appropriate but will not drop below min.  Am I correct in my understanding so far?

The 91GB is used on this server which tells me (if my understanding is correct) that this box is potentially benefiting from that full amount of memory or it never would have fully allocated.  I still suspect that I have much more RAM than I really need (in a practical sense if not a technical one).  I suspect that there may be data cached that is never being hit again but SQL Server is simply using the memory because it can and if we were to cut available RAM in half or even third it would sti

Trying to make a SQL Server Reporting Service 2008 report public for basic users


Hey.  I'm somewhat new to SSRS 2008 and I've built two datasources connecting to "HumanResources" and "HumanResourcesDev5" databases on a single server.  Both of those datasources have been changed from a Windows NT login clone to a preset login for a temp account that we have for testing called "Test2".  I have opened my created datasets and verified that when they open they ask for the password for the new credentials that I have set for the datasources.  After verifying this and the connection I re-opened the reports that I made within Report Builder (not Report Designer a VS extension) and verified all of the dataset and datasource information.  These reports and report parts get saved to the http://localhost/Reports folder within the server.  I have published the report parts to the /Report Parts folder within the localhost. 

This is where I begin to have issues...

When someone uses the reports that I have generated through report builder and link to them on our sharepoint site when a person without an actual account on the SQL server tries to view them they cannot because they do not have sufficient permissions.  And what I noticed is that it still tries to use their Windows NT credentials rather than the temp account (Test2) that we have created which is why they

How to make my vs.net 2005 built application run on 64bit windows server?

I have a problem with my application, i can't make it run in a 64 bit windows server 2003. My App use to communicate to a finger print scanner device which listens to device events and automatically transfers device logs to a database.

This app use to run smoothly in a 32bit windows (my development env is xp sp2 using vs.net 2005 and .net 2.0 framework). But when i tried to install it on a 64 environment everything went wrong. The app returns a CLSID exception in which it can't find the specified reference.

I have already encountered and fixed this exception in a 32bit windows environment but it really freaks me out seeing my app stucked in a 64bit environment.

Any ideas on how I can fix my problem is greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance..
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