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SharePoint 2010 SPView RenderAsHtml() does not show ribbon

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 20, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I am updating a webpart that uses the SPView RenderAsHtml() method. When I click an item row I would expect that the ribbon should load, like it does with a standard listview webpart. This is not the case. The ribbon is visible when I select an item. 

If I try to open the drop down editing menu of on item I get the following error:

This item is no longer available.  It may have been deleted by another user.  Click 'OK' to refresh the page. 

What is wrong here?

With kind regards


Mikael Mortensen

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SharePoint 2010 Refinement Panel - Show more link issue

Hi,  I have deployed a Refinement Panel on my search result page. And I have modified the Filter Category Definition to get some Managed Metadata columns. Below are the xml changes: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <FilterCategories>   <Category    Title="Category"    Description="Managed metadata of the documents"    Type="Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.WebControls.TaxonomyFilterGenerator"    MetadataThreshold="3"    NumberOfFiltersToDisplay="3"    MaxNumberOfFilters="20"    ShowMoreLink="True"    MappedProperty="ows_MetadataFacetInfo"    MoreLinkText="show more"    LessLinkText="show fewer" />   <Category    Title="Modified Date"    Description="When the item was last updated"    Type="Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.WebControls.ManagedPropertyFilterGenerator"    MetadataThreshold="5"    NumberOfFiltersToDisplay="6"    MaxNumberOfFilters="0"    SortBy="Custom"    ShowMoreLink="

Show wiki page library columns on wiki pages- SharePoint 2010

I created a wiki page library in SharePoint 2010 and added a few columns to the library. However, these columns do not show on the actual wiki pages as they did in SharePoint 2007. I looked through the library settings but didn't find anything to turn on this feature. Does anyone know how to do this or if this feature was even included in SharePoint 2010? Thanks.

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Hello everyone! I'm branding a SharePoint 2010 site and I'm stuck in a problem. The ribbon tool bar is appearing twice on the top of my search sub-site. Everywhere else is good (appearing just once). I did review all my code on the master page and everything seems to be good. Also compared the custom master page with a "v4.master" and all the sharepoint controls and placeholders are just exactly the same. Any ideas of what's going on? Here's the image: From

Branding Ribbon SharePoint 2010

Hello,   I would like to customize the Ribbon to reflect my company branding. I found Tom Wilson's article about this and it match what I want to do. http://styledpoint.com/blog/ribbon-customization-changing-placement-look-and-behavior/ The only point is that I've got 2 tabs "Browse" when I tried to split my Ribbon in several part . I need to place the Tab above the top navigation <SharePoint:SPRibbonPeripheralContent Location=”TabRowRight”> and the small icons under it <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id=”PlaceHolderGlobalNavigation”> <SharePoint:PopoutMenu ID=”GlobalBreadCrumbNavPopout”> <SharePoint:PageStateActionButton>   Does anyone have an idea what I have such an issue?   thx for your help and time

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When users with only Viewer permissions access a site with a Web Part List and they Select the Web Part the Ribbon does not show up.  If they open the list, they do get a ribbon.  Has anyone experience this issue?

How to Hide the Ribbon and Site Actions Menu for Anonymous Users in SharePoint 2010?


How to Hide the Ribbon and Site Actions Menu for Anonymous Users in sharepoint2010?


any thoughts?

Thanks in Advance!

Share Knowledge and Spread Love!

Deploy and update script file with custom ribbon tab to Sharepoint Server 2010


Hey everyone,

currently I'm building a custom tab for Sharepoint Server 2010 and at the moment I'm stuck on the following issue,
with the first debug deployment Visual Studio sends the .js file that provides some functions for the ribbon elements from Scripts folder in the VS project
to Sharepoint Server.
However, it won't apply any changes I did on the script afterwards to the file on the server.
So the effect is, that as soon as I do the next debug, the previous script is being used by Sharepoint and the new version, containing the new code, is left aside.

It seems to me as if Visual Studio would only deploy the .js file just once and then rely to this copy, maybe there are some configuration settings to make, but after hours of research, I still can't figure out where things do go wrong or what configuration to apply to update the script on the server.
I couldn't locate the file on hdd either, even searched the whole fs but the results showed only the new script file.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated, this issue drives me nuts and consumes plenty of time ;)

Workaround at the moment: each time the script is changed, set up new project... :D

Greets, Norman

P.S: Yes, I did flush

Search in SharePoint 2010 does not show results for all users other than the timer service account


I have setup a new SharePoint 2010 setup. Created Search Service application and configured. Confirmed that the crawl went fine without any error for both Local site and a file share. In the Search application i confirmed that the All Site scope shows 3890 items.

ISSUE: If any of the user [including site collection administrator] browses the site and try to search something it does NOT show result [No error either it says We did not find any results for .....]. All Site scopes does not show 3890 items but only 28.

But if the timer service account [system account] logs in the site and does the search it works fine.With this account loggd in if i check the All Site scopes i do see 3890 items.

This does seems to be some thing to do with the permission, but i am not able to get hint where the mistake is.

I have done the follow till now.

> I checked the application association is correct
> Created a new web application and confirmed that the issue exists there as well
> Checked ULS log but dont see any error related to this.
> No relavent event id in Application event viewer

Please help

Regards Ram

SharePoint 2010 Central Admin--Create/Extend Web Application button on Ribbon are disabled


My Dev Environment is  SharePoint 2010 on WIN 7. I have 2 users

1) Built in Administrator- Member of FARM Administrator

2) Dinesh02\Dd – Also member of FARM Administrator

Now when I Sign-in with my account and use Manage Web Application link, on the Top Ribbon none of Button is enabled. I can not create Web APP nor Extend it.  When I select web application from list, some button are enabled but not all. Also I can see role as Contributor

This does not happen When I sign-in with Built-in\Administrator account.

Show all my site memberships - sharepoint 2010

So I saw the memberships web part on the Mysite, and I was very disappointed to see it only finds sites that I am strictly in the auto-generated "Member" group. I understand there is some reason why they didn't grab any of the other groups but I need to figure out how to get all the sites I am a member, owner, and visitor of. If I have to do SQL development so be it, just hoping someone on the SP dev team thought this one through and forgot to document it :)

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We have been unsuccessful in getting Outlook Web App 2010's responses to show up in SharePoint 2010 Meeting Workspaces. 

Is this even possible?

Is it possible to add our own menu to ribbon in sharepoint 2010 using server object model?(not using

Is it possible to add our own menu to ribbon in sharepoint 2010 using server object model?(not using xml file)
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