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Setup default user that cant be modified

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 20, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

We are using membership and roles.. is there anyway to setup a user that cannot be deleted? We need to setup a default admin account and dont want it displayed in list of user to modify, or if it has to be displayed, it cant be deleted or edited thru the pages that is, if they need to, they can do it thru the website admin section to manage it.



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When the user want click on document library that should be navigate default view



I have document library which is having folders,the document library i have displayed as tree view in the left side of the page.

Here Document library having views,suppose i have selected one view on the document library it is navigating the particular view that is good but when i am trying to click document library folder still the page in same view do not navigate the default view .

I need when ever i click on any of the folder in document library that should navigate defualt view ,could you please help me on this.

Really its need urgent...


How to launch EULA.rtf for the end user agreement before the winforms setup project (installer) actu

Hi, I am using Setup Project to create installer for my windows applcation. I need to have the user read and accept to the terms in EULA document. So this has to be displayed BEFORE the installer installs the applciaiton. I tried adding the EULA file via Setup Project-> Application Folder -> Add -> File -> EULA.rtf assuming that installer will identify the license file by default and display it before installing the app, but it did not. Please Help.   Thanks

Looking for suggestions or ideas how to setup to capture search criteria and present to user if they

Requirements call for the ability to save search values so that they can select them at later times to return the results without having to re-enter the values. They have the ability to search on 4 different types of data (Date, Time and Lat/Long), so they would like to capture what was entered and ONLY if they chose to save those values, it will be saved and next time they login, if they are searching, they can pick an old search and submit it again.   Im thinking that i add a checkbox next to each button, if they check it, it saves the data into a table with there values and username. Next time they login and go tothe search page, if there are any records for them in the table, i present them with a link that displays all the values stored and if they select one, it will run the search again and present them with the results.. does that sound like the right way to handle this request? 

Getting user's credentials, who modified a folder



I have made a windows form application which uses a FileSystemWatcher control to watch after changes made in a specific folder.

Because I am talking about a shared folder in an organization, in case a change in a folder is made, I would like to know which user did it.

Is there any possibility to get user's username (the user that made a change in a folder)?


How to choose default install language? Setup start in english and comes in french on the next wizar


I have downloaded the SharePointServer in english. (I do this in RDP for a Windows 2008 R2- 64bit) via a Windows7 64bit machine

When I launch the package for installation I can see the first screen, which contains the default links, (readin... Pre Requisites, etc..)

but when I launch Sharepoint Installation it come in FRENCH.

Our regional settings are in french but the OS is in english and there is no language pack installed.

How to proceed to get a prompt for a language prompt at Installation?



Custom NEW User Setup


I'm having trouble setting up a custom NEW User Screen.  Here is my situation, I have a Request for Access Screen that uses the CreateNewUser Wizard Control.  I want to leave the Question and Answer for this, however I also want a custom NEW User Setup which I build myself to allow the system administrators to setup users, but for this setup I don't want the administrators to have to pick the question and answer for the NEW user, so I would like to bypass this for this setup.  However, my Membership.CreateUser keeps asking for it.  How can I accomplish this?  I've included a copy of my current web.config file.  You will notice a AspNetAdminMemberhip which I use to allow the System Administrators to reset passwords.























xml version

The file 'document name' has been modified by user name on 'date'



After modifing the document, if the user edit the document properties and save, it shows error like,

The file 'filename' has been modified by 'user name' on 28 Sep 2010 17:21:04 +0530 .

what is this means? how to resolve this, Please guide me. thanks in advance.


display default image when user not uplaoding iamge ...


iam  new to asp.net ...i have stuck here ..and i need help in this..code or anything would help...

i want to show default image in gridview when user is not uploading the image...!! i knw the concept but how to implemnt using code in vb.net. i know to store th eimag ein binary format and retrieve it but how to check it for null and display the deafault image if user not uploading the image. ...please help me out in this..

my code is here: how to insert  null value to image and display default image?

Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        Dim arrcontent As Byte()
        Dim LEN As Integer
        Dim FN As String = String.Empty
        Dim EXT As String = String.Empty

        If Fu1.HasFile Then

            FN = Fu1.PostedFile.FileName
            Dim ityp = Fu1.PostedFile.ContentType
            Len = Convert.ToInt32(Fu1.PostedFile.InputStream.Length)
            EXT = FN.Substring(FN.LastIndexOf("."))
            EXT = EXT.ToLower()
            If EXT = ".jpg" Or EXT = ".bmp" Or EXT = ".gif" Or EXT = ".png" Or EXT = ".jpeg" Then
                ReDim arrcontent(Len)
                Fu1.PostedFile.InputStream.Read(arrcontent, 0, Len)
                If INSTAB(TB1.Tex

SQL Server Setup was unable add user ...


I was trying to install SQL Server 2005  Developer edition on a Windows 2003 Server standard edition .

The error messages I got was

"TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup

SQL Server Setup was unable add user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM to local group SQLServer2005MSFTEUser$SANORAYA$MSSQLSERVER.

For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkID=20476&ProdName=Microsoft+SQL+Server&ProdVer=9.00.1399.06&EvtSrc=setup.rll&EvtID=29512&EvtType=sqlca%5csqlsecurityca.cpp%40Do_sqlGroupMember%40Do_sqlGroupMember%40x8ac


I run setup under Administrator account, the server is not a DC. Please shed some lite, I spent two days already trying everything in all possible combinations...


default asp.net profile when user is created


How do i set the default profile when a user logs in. I have an application where the users (once they are authenticated) are in either the logged in, premium, or promotion profile. right now it assigns none. How do i make every user automatically be part of the promotion profile.

Setting the default value of one row based on the value entered by the user in another row in the Re

Hello Everybody,
I have designed an InfoPath form where I have 4 columns (Question, Answer, Score, and Comments) in a repeating table. I have added 10 rows in the repeating table by going to Tools --> Default Values. Answer is a radio button with choices of Yes, No and N/A. When a user is filling out the form, is it possible to set the answer of one or more related questions to "N/A" and make them read only (the user shouldn't be allowed to select the answer for these questions) depending upon the answer of another question? Please let me know how to go about doing this.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Validate textboxes from a User Interface in a web setup package


Hello and thanks for the help you might give me in advance.

I have a created a Web Setup Package and i wonder if its possible to validate the input from a user within a textbox on a certain Form/GUI during the Installation process. So for example let's say that the installer needs the information of the Database server and the user must provide a name into a textbox but he doesn't.

How could i show a MessageBox letting the user know that this field must be filled before continuing with the next step of the installation process?.

I have created a CustomInstallClass which i use to perform some installation logic, but i don't know how to request an event and control input on a particular Form within the package.

Would be great to get some advise on this.

Thanks again!.


How to validate user interface values in vs 2010 setup and deployment project

I created a setup and deployment project in vs 2010 and I added some dialogs in user interface. Now I want to validate values in dialogs when I click next button during installing. Are there any functions to do that?
I can't understand what they are trying to say in the above link?
Can anybody put a walkthrough on it.

knowledge glows

How can I provide the user with the option to select or default their time zone when rendering a cal

Dallas-based and Tokyo-based users both have contributor access to a shared site calendar. Tokyo users would like to view their calendar items based on their time zone and Dallas would like to see the calendar items based on Dallas time zone. When a Tokyo user enters an event on the calendar their time, e.g. Sunday 11/28/10 holiday, it shows as a Monday, 11/29/10 holiday. The MOSS 2007 Enterprise w/ WSS 3.0 servers reside in Dallas. What options do we have to render the time zone based on user view or accurately reflect the date of the event for the originating time zone?

How to setup SP so that a form does not open in the end user's application?


I was wondering if anyone knows how in WSS 3.0 to set it up to where when you click on New and choose the form it opens up in the web and does not use the end user's application.  The end result is we have a Excel spreadsheet that we would like to be where the users can open it from a smart phone with out Excel running on it.  Thanks for any help rendered.

Can you change the default schema from dbo to the user's schema


In SQL server 2008 - there are multiple users set up with their own schema under a common database. Currently the users are set up with dbo as their default schema. Since DBA has not given write access to the users to write to dbo schema, users have to write their t-sql se create table schemaname.tablename  instead of create table tablename.

Can you make the user schema as their default schema. If yes then will a sql like create table table1 work (with out prefixing the schemaname). I could have tried but don't have the access to change the default schema for an user (not a dba)


End user linking many to many relationship - how to setup process in FormView / GridView / other?


Having a serious brain fart and can't seem to think of a way to handle the following:

Our business has 17 stores who all perform a nightly reconciliation comparing physical totals to our point of sale z-out reports.  They enter the data into a DailyReconciliation table.  This is all done by store management.  Then at our corporate office our asst controller takes each days receipt totals for cash, electronic check, Amex, and all other Credit cards for every store and compares them to the bank statement lines.  We are attempting to move to a manage exceptions approach in order to save time.  She's barely able to keep up with work load and we are looking at adding 6 new stores by the end of the year.  I've written SSIS package to upload the bank statements to a BankStatement table and perform a link to the receipt id from the DailyReconciliation table where the amounts match in dollar and transaction type and fall within an acceptable date range difference.  It's all working beautifully EXCEPT that sometimes the Amex totals on the bank statement include multiple days totals for a particular store.  I set all this up under the impression that it was a One to Many relationship (One DailyReconciliation receiptID to Many BankStatement bank_recordID -- in other words 1 store's reconciliation record for a day would include Amex tot

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