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Seperating out Websites

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 20, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I am wondering when it would be wise to split out a website into multiple websites. Spefically, I have a website, with 3 logical seperations (home, large web form, and web portal).  In this case should I split these out to be 3 seperate websites in a solution?  If I do this, what will my URL look like on the webserver?

Like does it have to be a subdomain, or can it be "test.com\large web form".



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Search Engines and Multilanguage Websites - using .resx


I have a website (asp.net 3.5+c# +linq ) having thopition to change languages (2) by the user, Am using the search engine like in the example of:


this search will find any searched word in all the pages and return the link in the default language of the site, but problem for the second language , because by default the site language is English and the user have the option to change to other language.

and as I understood that the .resx files can not be searched like the aspx by the search engines.

I looked in many blogs and discussion boards for similar  case but unfortunately no clues on this issue .
The only same case posted :


and also I could not find any clue to move on, 

 Kindly requsted to guide me for the soultio

Thanks for your time and wish you all the best
your help is always appreciated


Windows Authentication for IIS in Windows 7 Home Premium Edition - for ASP Websites.


How to create a virtual directory and get benefit of the IIS. Is there a workaround to accomplish this without the Windows Authentication for Windows 7 Home Premium Edition?

Thanks in advance, 

Running multiple websites in Sharepoint 2007 with AX2009 Enterprise Portal


I need to setup two separate webshops with public access and different layouts using AX2009 Enterprise Portal.

However I am uncertain how to implement two completely different layouts/designs because the Sharepoint Templates are located inside the 12 hive and not seperate for each website.

Can anybody give me some hints on how to do this - and if so, which requirements I have to meet (VSS 3.0 or MOSS Standard / Enterprise) in order to do it.

I am speculating whether I need to setup two separate web-servers with each own Sharepoint installation (and Business Connector Proxy)

Thanks in advance


can blackberry browse local websites


Greetings,  :smileyhappy:

 I am a vb.net developer using visual studio 2010 and sql server 2005 express, windows 7.

 Blackberry device that I am using is 8520. Now I have configured my blackberry to use wifi and I can connect to the internet successfully using my 8520. My development computer is also connected to the same router via ethernet cable, a normal lan cable.

 I have developed a test application and I would like to browse the application from my device using my wifi connection to connect to my development pc. My blackberry device is set to automatically obtain an IP address and my wireless router dchp is enabled. My dev pc IP is

 So in the blackberry browser I type I should get the default IIS7 page. I don't get that. If I type I don't get my test page. I turned off my anti virus also and windows firewall but I still cannot navigate to the page.

 I cannot use the visual studio blackberry plugin because it does not support visual studio 2010. All I want to do is browse my test

Consistent navigation for list which is available in several sub websites

As far as my SharePoint knowlegde goes a list is deployed to a certain location like your root site. If you got a sub site and you add a link to your list to the quicklaunch navigation you're redirected to your root site. You lose track of where you've been before. Is it possible to have a link to one list in several sites (in one site collection) without being redirected to the root site everytime you click on a link? I would love to create a custom siteMapProvider if that's what I need to do, but I could really use some hints and help how to start on this topic.

Auto login to websites from WinForms app

I have a requirement where I need to open 3 websites in a browser, from a windows app. These have authentication,I want these sites to logged in when I open the website.I will have the credentials in a config file in Windows application. Is it possible to read the controls and post the credentials in the browser(IE)? It should be possible as per my knowledge,as it is already been done in QTP and WinRunner. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.Ravi

No SharePoint Websites run in the Microsoft Preconfigured SharePoint 2010 VHD

Host machine: Sun Virtual box (latest version) windows 7 64 bit, 6 GB RAM Booting from MS preconfigured SharePoint 2010 VHD Guys, No sharepoint sites including CA run in the Virtual Box that i booted from the MS preconfigured VHD. CA url is : http://demo2010a:2010, it keeps thiking for a very long time, and then dies out with "An unexpected error has occured". i even tried, it then prompts me with username\ password and after then it dies out. I have not changed anysettings with in the VM, i have verifeid that IIS and all application pools are running, sql server service is running, sharepoint services are running. So the question is where am i going wrong? Any help is appreciated. thanks Sameer

CMS for several websites which are on a web farm

Hi guys,I would like to know whats the best approach to store images for websites . The problem is i plan to have several websites on a web farm and 1 cms that control the content of the websites. The users will be required to upload images that will appear on the websites. Should the images be uploaded  in each websites or stored at a central location (CMS side) which all websites will access from?Is the idea of having a central image server to solution to go towards?Thank you for your help. 

Websites that uses Reporting Service


Hello All


Could anyone of you know websites that hostes Reports (Reporting Service) ?

I want to see samples to know the value of Reporting Service !!

all what i got about SSRS is it's a way to represent the Data from Database ..


I wish someone help me with practical samples from real websites.


Best Regards



trying to copy websites using wget


I am trying to build an app that can be used to copy websites locally for offline browsing...I have come across wget which does a good job. However, I want to be able to customize and automate the whole process. Has anyone here worked with wget before in the .net environment? How do I get this done? And are there examples out there that I can take a look at?



integrating ASP/SQL into sharepoint driven websites?

my client has a website driven by Sharepoint CMS, and I'd like to create a SQL server database to dynamically populate some of these pages. Will the Sharepoint platform allow me to do this? Is there a resource somewhere on the topic???

Not able to open sharepoint 2010 websites using visual studio 2010


Hi all,

When i m tryin to run a web application from wss Virtual directories im getting this following error and im using SP2010 with 8081 port and visual studio 2010.

For the past 2 days im googling and came across many solutions but nothin has fixed for me.

I tried creating website in 14/_layouts also but no progress.

 Here the scenario is

1) Sharepoint running at port 8081
2)Default port in my system is 80

 So i tried creating web applications under both 80 and 8081 virtual directories.
In both the applications when i am trying to run the following code,it throws the same error as follows:
SPSite oSite = new SPSite("http://Sitename:8081");
 The error is :

"The Web application at http://Sitename/ could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application".

So, anyone help me please. I am badly in need of this solution.



PasswordRecovery control and multiple websites


Can anyone point me to a reference, or sample code, on how to use the passwordrecovery control with multiple websites?

I'm working on a web application which 'contains' two related websites.  Each website has its own set of users.  Currently the password recovery logic works for only one website.  If a user tries to retrieve their password for the other website they receive a message indicating unable to retrieve their password.


LINQ to SQL Classes (dbml file) across multiple websites issue



I have a single LINQ to SQL Classes (dbml file) compiled in a Class Library that's referenced by 3 websites. Inside that Class Library there's also a class that's using the DBML to manipulate data.

At one point it needs to save in a user table the user info (firstname, lastname, email). SOMEHOW (!?) two of the 3 webapps saves email instead of firstname and viceversa while the other 1 saves them correctly ! The one compiled last seems to be the one saving correctly.

There's no code error as I have debugged this multiple times. The values are assigned correctly but before the SubmitChanges() call the data inside the database object is corrupted.

Now, I have already fixed this locally by putting every website in a separate AppPool (which also needs to be set to "Classic" and not "Integrated". However I really don't want to bug the client with such IIS changes so I'm looking for another workaround !

Please Help!



pageviewer webpart to display and downscale complete websites


Hi there,

I am looking for a webpart that has similar functionality like the pageviewer webpart, but that can render external websites and even downscale/downsize them to be completely visible in smaller sizes (e.g. in a webpart zone of a webpage).

Does anyone know any good 3rd party webpart or something opensource?



Websites using shared libraries and single common database issues


Hi everyone,

    I will be having several websites using the same shared libraries(Domain,Repository,etc..) and one single database.

 Later on i want to add another website with some added functionalities and added tables,columns ,etc in the database. The issue is that when i go deploy the last website, i will have to update all my other projects so that they work.

Is there any work around this process? Or is this the right way of doing things? 

Thx everyone

Timeout error from same server but different websites







Hi to all, this is maybe my first time that I have post a question, and it is just because I ran out of ideas... so maybe someone can offer a solution.

First the environment:
OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 - 5.2.3790
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio        10.0.1600.22 ((SQL_PreRelease).080709-1414 )
Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008
Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)        2000.086.3959.00 (srv03_sp2_rtm.070216-1710)
Microsoft MSXML                    2.6 3.0 4.0 6.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer            7.0.5730.13
Microsoft .NET Framework            2.0.50727.3615
IIS 6.0
Intel Xeon CPU 2.8 GHz, 2.79 GHz, 3.5 GB RAM.

I have a website running on this server let us name: the SiteOne which is physically stored in inetpub, and it works fine. within this site I have a .Net Web Page with nine graphs, it pulls the data from 7 SQL Express queries with the production of the day. Showing the graphs takes to the site 2 seconds the most. However, I was in the need to copy the websi

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