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2 SSIS services running on one machine

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server


I have developed a set of packages which i am attempting to deploy to a server which i did not configure.

The Server has three versions of SQL installed - SQL 2000 (default), 2005 and 2008.

When i run my deployment manifest i receive an error: 0xC0011008 - I think this is because my package is developed in BIDS 2008 and the server is running SSIS 2005.

This is my issue....when I look in the services on the server - i have two integration services, both running (i didn't think this was possible?)

1. SQL Server Integration Services
2. SQL Server Integration Services 10.0

When i connect to Integration Services through SSMS - the version displayed is 9.0.4035

There is also no DTS directory under the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\ or C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100 directory ....?

How can i rectify this? I want to end up with SSIS 2008 installed.

Thanks, Clay


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Issues with SSIS and SQL 2008 - Integration services not running

Hey guys, I installed SQL 2008 with complete BI studio including Integration Services. When i check in my services - i cant see my integraiton services in there When i try to connect to Integration Service using localhost, I cant connect it And when i try to run setup of SQL 2008 - It shows that Integration Services already installed and that what i checked when i fetched my Installation tool report from SQL Server to verify i have it installed. Why can i access Integration services, if i already have it, Please suggest with ideas, checks i can make to ensure every setting is in place. Thanks. Would appreciate for quick response.  

SQL Agent - Running SSIS Package - Windows Server 2008/Windows 7 - Messenger Services


We have tried to run a SQL job for SSIS Package. But it failed during the execution with the error "[364] The Messenger service has not been started - NetSend notifications will not be sent". But in the job, no notifications have been configured and in windows server 2008/Windows-7 there is no messenger service at all.

When we search for the the messenger service in windows 7/windows server 2008, we found that service is not in both the OS and it was replaced by msg.exe. 

Any help or workaround would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS: The normal SQL jobs other than SSIS are working fine without any error.

Vijay Pandurangan

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SSIS package Scheduled Job Not Running

I'm not sure which way to research this issue.. I have an SSIS package that we can run just fine manually. But, when we put it into a scheduled job, it won't run. The package is on the same system as the SQL Server (2005), but it does call for updates from tables on another SQL Server (2000) on another domain (trusted). So, I'm thinking this might be a permissions / security issue, but not sure where to start... The package ProtectionLevel is "don't save sensitive", but that didn't help. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. jill

Problems running a bat file within a SSIS package

I have a ssis package which has 2 tasks, first it builds an excel sheet with data on the server from where I am running the ssis pkg and the second task (a sql process task), runs a bat. the bat file that basically copies the  excel sheet created from the first step to another server. Problem is that the ssis pkg runs succesful when i run it from BIDS, bust when I run is as ajon, it gets hung. It completes the first step, it is the sescond step that is get hung. I noticed that when i run from BIDs, it does come up with a window open file - security warning and says the publisher could not be verified, are you sure you want to run this software. why does it do that ??? the file I am asking to run is a .bat file. it should automatically use the cmd.exe app to run the bat file. Please help !!!   Thanks in advance.

SSIS Package working on SQL Client Machine but when trying to run on SQL Server machine giving error

Hi We are trying to run SSIS package on sql server machine but sometimes it is giving error for data flow task containing Script Component. Error is - [SSIS.Pipeline] Error: component "SCR DimensionRelation" (1) failed the post-execute phase and returned error code 0x80004002. This error is not coming continuously. And also not for specific DFT. It comes for different DFTs as we rerun the package. Can anybody help me on this? We are using SQL server 2008. We are not getting any error on client machine :(:(

Issues with running SSIS packages programmatically

Hi, I have spent days trying to solve this problem and still stuck with this and I have posted some questions already in forums, but didn't get satisfactory answers. I am trying to be more clear this time and hope to get a better answer. I have gone through this article already http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michen/archive/2007/03/22/running-ssis-package-programmatically.aspx and here are my issues (I need to run the SSIS package from ASP.NET) option 1 is not suitable for me, because it may recycle worker process if it consumes memory option 2 is also not suitable because of security issues in creating a new process and passing the context to new process looks very complicated for me (according to the support article) option 3 is not suitable because using SQL Server Agent to run SSIS package is not allowed by the company I am working for(I guesss it requires installation of db engine on application server, not sure). but SSIS is installed on the application server. option 4&5 will have the same issues as options 1&2. I guess the only option left now is to create a windows service and start the service from ASP.NET. but will this allow running multiple packages in parallel? OR is there a better alternate solution for this? please let me know. Thanks.

Running console apps on host vs dev machine

I've always assumed that you could not run code against a remote SharePoint server outside of webservices. Is this correct or is there something similar to the ICredentials / NetworkCredentials objects that you use for webservices.   I wanted to use an app I wrote on a MOSS 2007 Dev machine but the SPS 2003 machine does not have the needed libraries v12.0 libraries. This makes sense but of course I tried to get it to run anyways. Now I'm in the middle of installing Visual Studio on a SPS 2003 dev machine and wanted to see if there was a different way.   Thanks

SSIS package is giving error when ran thru JOB...its running good when I execute in BI Studio or Exe

Friends I am getting weird issue...I built an SSIS package. In one variable I used express builder and built like this... RTRIM( (DT_STR, 2,1252)  (((DT_I4) ( (DT_WSTR, 3) (SUBSTRING( @[system::machineName] , 12, 16 ))) +1) /2)) when I run the package outside ie., with VStudio or execute utility it running absolutely with out any problem. But when I created a job just to execute that package in particular timings...the job is totally failing by throwing error....the error output is like the following: Started:  10:22:33 AM Error: 2010-02-27 10:23:06.23    Code: 0xC00470C2    Source: Rerun_MissingFiles    Description: Error code 0x80020005 occurred attempting to convert from data type DT_WSTR to data type DT_I4. Error: 2010-02-27 10:23:06.23    Code: 0xC00470C4    Source: Rerun_MissingFiles    Description: Casting expression "(SUBSTRING( @[system::machineName] , 12, 16 )))" from data type "DT_WSTR" to data type "DT_I4" failed with error code 0xC00470C2. End Error Can any one help me please? Thanks in advance.

SSIS custom task calling web services response errors.

Hi             I have some code within a .Net 3.5 library which call a web service.  The web proxy class was created using WSDL command line tool.  Also the library is wrapped within .Net console, for testing the library works, and SQL Server Integration Services custom task, which is intended to use so that it will be part of the ETL process.    If I run the SSIS custom task and console application on a Windows XP everything works as expected.    However I am currently facing a problem where the response from the web service is not being interpreted correctly when running within the SSIS custom task on windows server 2008 R2, whereas the response from the web service is correctly understood when running the library within console application on the same server.    Has anyone come across this problem before or know any issues with SSIS and .Net libraries which call web services?

Problem running SSIS package in Jobs

Hello friendsI'm trying to run my SSIS packages as a step inside a sql agent job.This runs normally when the package uses the SAME database as used to create my job.The problem occurs if I create a job to run the package and this package must execute queries in another database. Probably authentication problem. So how to authenticate my package and the job runs normally ?thanks in advance.

Installing reporting services 2008 on machine that already has reporting services 2005


Hello everyone


I'm a novice when it comes to installing sql server and I would like to install reporting services 2008 on a machine that already has reporting services 2005 installed on it. This is a machine used for developing reports and is not used as the report server. I want to be able to develope reports in both BIDs 2005 and BIDS 2008.

I ran the sql server setup and when it comes to the screen that allows you to select the components to install, I noticed that you could create a new instance for reporting services 2008 but BIDS comes under the share components section.

If I was to select this option, would it over-write/upgrade BIDS 2005. Could someone please point me in the right direction on how to have a side by side installation of reporting services 2005 and 2008 including BIDS for both versions?




Having to restart Reporting Services daily by running IISReset


We have Windows 2008 64bit cluster, running SQL 2005 Reporting Services.  Almost everyday we have to run IISReset to have reporting services come up again in the morning and sometimes during the day an IISReset will have to be run. .  Otherwise you will receive "Service Unavailable.  HTTP error 503.  The service is unavailable". 

All the services are running.  Looking thru the reporting services logs and Event Viewer nothing indicates as of yet, what the issue may be.  


I know this is somewhat generic the description but again I can't find anything specific of what may be causing this.    Any ideas of how better to troubleshoot this issue would be appreciated, or ideas of what settings to alter.  Could it just be load on the server?   Othe

reporting services is running but cannot connect


Infrastructure people did some maintenance on my SQL Server machine, although I am not sure if that has anything to do with my problem. The problem is, I have the Database Engine and Reporting Services turned on, but I cannot connect to Reporting Services.

Here are the symtoms.

From another client machine, I can connect to the database engine using Mgmt Studio. But using the same server name, I am not able to connect to the reporting services. The error I get back says

TITLE: Connect to Server


Cannot connect to nysrv126,2433.



The machine could not be found (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient)





"nysrv126,2433" is the server name and it is the same server name I was able to use to connect to the database engine.


Next, on the server machine itself, I get the same symtoms as above in Mgmt Studio. That is, I can connect to the database engine but not the reporting services. However, I am able to open up Reporting Services Configuration Manager (which means I connected to reporting services).

Can a stored procedure programmatically determine if an SSIS package is running?



If I have the 'ExecutionInstanceGUID' value for an SSIS package that I know was started, is there a way that a stored procedure can programmatically determine whether the SSIS package still is running?

Thanks -



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