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How to set WCF OperationTimeout to infinite??

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WCF


I am using the WCF callback mechanism to get the continuous notifications from the WCF server. I am getting following exception on my WCF Client.


Question1) How to set the OperationTimeout to infinite ??


Question2) How the WCF client knows if the WCF server goes down in the middle?


Question3) How the WCF server knows if the WCF client  goes down in the middle?


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Whats the reason for this infinite loop?

hi friends, i have the following fucntion that tokenize a CSV string and return a table of values create function fn_get_int_table_frm_csv ( @csv_values nvarchar(max) ) returns @indexes table (idx int identity(1, 1) primary key, Role_id int) as begin declare @ret nvarchar(max) declare @comma_pos int declare @token nvarchar(max) set @ret = @csv_values while len(@ret) > 0 begin if( len(@ret) <> 1 ) begin -- gets the first occurance of the "comma" in the @ret set @comma_pos = charindex(',', @ret); -- gets the first values that was seperated in the string set @token = substring( @ret, 1, @comma_pos - 1 ) -- add that to the return table insert into @indexes values ( convert(int, @token) ) -- set a new starting position set @comma_pos = @comma_pos + 1 -- Tokenize the string from the new starting position set @ret = substring( @ret, @comma_pos, len(@ret) - (@comma_pos - 1) ) end else begin set @token = @ret -- add that to the return table insert into @indexes values ( convert(int, @token) ) end end return end go when i execute this by passing '1,2,3,4' the argument, it goes to an infinite loop, how do i fix it? thanks

net.tcp OperationTimeout question

I have a net.tcp based wcf service and client.   Everyone now and then I will see this error on the client: This request operation sent to net.tcp://acme.com/MyService/MyService.svc did not receive a reply within the configured timeout (00:01:00).  The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.  This may be because the service is still processing the operation or because the service was unable to send a reply message.  Please consider increasing the operation timeout (by casting the channel/proxy to IContextChannel and setting the OperationTimeout property) and ensure that the service is able to connect to the client. Here is the corresponding error on the server: The socket connection was aborted. This could be caused by an error processing your message or a receive timeout being exceeded by the remote host, or an underlying network resource issue. Local socket timeout was '00:01:00'. Do I need to increase the OperationTimeout on both the client and server bindings or only on the client? thanks      

Infinite timeout for callback operation

I am using a callback contract to pull messages from an external service. Apparently messages could received could be received at irregular intervals. I am having an issue where my service is timing out, I believe this is because if there is no callback for a while (I guess 10 minutes by default). Is there a way to set idle timeout to infinite? Is it recommended to set it to infinite or is there a better approach.-= JL =-

disable Infinite Drillthrough (SQL 2008-R2 ) ?

Hi all, we upgraded from 2008 to 2008 R2 and now our automatically generated reportmodels (based on Analysis Services) always produce very long hyperlinks as soon as we build reports with RB 1.0. If we export them by excel we encountered timeouts  due to the size. I haven't found any option how to disable the feature "infinite drillthrough" complete or at least for a reportmodel based on a analysis services datasource. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks for all your help in advance. best regards, Martin

Panel Arrange override calling with infinite time



I have a panel for containing the items. If I change any one item visibility to Collapsed, then Arrangeoverride method in the panel getting invoke  infinite times. Wt may be the cause for this????



Infinite loop detected. The loop dependency is 3 -> 3.



I've run into the problem described in the title. I've created a dummy Benchmark dimensionw with a couple of members using a named query (Me, Competitors). In my calculation script I've got the following MDX:

[Benchmark].[Benchmark].&[Me] = [Company].[Organisation].CurrentMember;
[Benchmark].[Benchmark].&[Competitors] = 

The reason for this being that I would like [Company].[Organisation] as a background selection and I'd like the Benchmark members as the series.

Now when I run the following MDX statement

HIERARCHIZE( { DESCENDANTS( [Date].[Year - Quarter - Month - Day].[Year].&[2009], [Date].[Year - Quarter - Month - Day].[Month] ) } )
HIERARCHIZE( { [Benchmark].[Benchmark].&[Competitors], [Benchmark].[Benchmark].&[Me] } )
FROM [Cube]
WHERE ( [Company].[Organisation].[Key].&[036], [Measures].[My Measure] )

I would expect it to return the average number for the competitors and the number for me - but this is not the case. I get the correct value for [Me] but i get an infinite loop error for the competitors and t

Error message "Infinite recursion detected. The loop of dependencies is: ." but I have no recursion?



I have a query like

   MEMBER [Product].[AttribE].[grp6] AS
      Aggregate( { [Product].[AttribE].&[a], [Product].[AttribE].&[b], [Product].[AttribE].&[c], [Product].[AttribE].&[d], [Product].[AttribE].&[e] } )
      ,Caption = 'Some text'
   MEMBER [Product].[AttribE].[grp0] AS
      Aggregate(( [Product].[AttribE].[AttribE].Members - { [Product].[AttribE].&[a], [Product].[AttribE].&[b], [Product].[AttribE].&[c], [Product].[AttribE].&[d], [Product].[AttribE].&[e] } ))
      ,Caption = 'All Others'
    ([Measures].[m], [Period].[Year-Six-Qtr].[Qtr].&[200903], [Statistic].[Statistic].&[none]),
    ([Measures].[m], [Period].[Year-Six-Qtr].[Qtr].&[200906], [Statistic].[Statistic].&[none]),
    ([Measures].[m], [Period].[Year-Six-Qtr].[Qtr].&[200909], [Statistic].[Statistic].&[none]),
    ([Measures].[m], [Period].[Year-Six-Qtr].[Qtr].&[200912], [Statistic].[Statistic].&[none]),
    ([Measures].[m], [Period].[Year-Six-Qtr].[Qtr].&[201003], [Statistic].[Statistic].&[none]),
    ([Measures].[m], [Period].[Year-Six-Qtr].[Qtr].&[201006], [Statistic].[Statistic].&[none])
    ({ ([Product].[AttribA].&[A], [Product].[AttribB].&[B1], [Product].[AttribC].&[C], [Product].[AttribD].&[D1]) } * ( { [Product]

Is that available (Linq Query with Infinite number of conditions) ?


Hello all ,


is that available to make dynamic query with LINQ ? 

to be more clear 

i have a query like this 

 IEnumerable<XElement> query = xDoc.Elements("Disorder").Where(d => d.Elements("Tuple").Any(t => (string)t == "TupleA") && d.Elements("Tuple").Any(t => (string)t == "TupleB"));

this query has Where with 3 Conditions 

i want it to be dynamic and take infinite number of conditions ? 

is that available or i have to find another way to retrieve my data ?

or anyone knows better way to get data ?

Kareem Naguib

Approval workflow with moderation enabled goes to infinite loop


We are using WSS 3.0 and custom approval workflow from the SDK. The workflow is configured on a document library with the Moderation enabled. The workflow is set to trigger on item edit and new item creation.

The workflow works fine, sometimes goes into infinite loop. I know this was a known issue/bug with approval workflow and there was a patch released for this - KB 955586

We have WSS 3.0 SP 2 and i assume the above patch is included in the SP 2.

We are still facing the issue, should i explicitly install the above patch? What is the workaround for this issue?

Any help is highly appreciated.



Merge Replication Infinite Loop & Time Problem


Hi all,

We have merge replication system between Sql Server 2008 R2 64bit Enterprise Edition (As a Publisher&Distributor) and Sql Server 2008 R2 Express Edition (As 800+ Subscribers). We use only "https " method as transfer method. We have 30 tables and we have Joins & Filters. Our system work normally for 5-6 months.

But for last 10 days, sometimes (generally initial snapshot being downloaded), it takes over 14 hours to replicate!! I think an infinite loop is being occured during the process. I trace the publication server with Sql Server Profiler 2008 and here is the trace file.

Lots of times, i see this line "exec sp_MSmergeupdatelastsyncinfo '8C01EA1F-153D-47BC-ACD3-F8439ACB7B76',2,N'Merge completed with no data changes processed .'" (and also other lines which repeat similar to this one) with same/different  Session ID's. And when i first see this line is after 3 seconds the start time of the Process!! And after , 6 seconds again same line, and after 13 seconds again same line and it goes on like this. I think, in fact synchronization process is finished after 5-6 seconds (normally because there is no any data change in fact!) but for some reason, it continues to same process over and over.

Is this a bug or anything else, h

Locking published tables while generating the snapshot infinite (Transactional replication)


I set up a transactional replication, publisher 2005 SP2 to a subscriber SQL 2008r2. The database is about 90 GB. When I want to create a Snapshot, the snapshot agent is running to 96% and then give a error. I have set up some logging, here is the tail of it:


2011-05-16 20:16:15.32 [96%] Inserted stored proc to disable constraint/triggers article 'WGF B.V.$XBRLAutorisatieRegister' during concurrent snapshot into the distribution database.
2011-05-16 20:16:15.32 [96%] Inserted stored proc to disable constraint/triggers article 'WGF B.V.$XBRLBericht' during concurrent snapshot into the distribution database.
2011-05-16 20:16:15.33 [96%] Inserted stored proc to disable constraint/triggers article 'WGF B.V.$XBRLBerichttype' during concurrent snapshot into the distribution database.
2011-05-16 20:16:15.33 [96%] Inserted stored proc to disable constraint/triggers article 'WGF B.V.$XBRLFault' during concurrent snapshot into the distribution database.
2011-05-16 20:16:15.33 [96%] Inserted stored proc to disable constraint/triggers article 'WGF B.V.$Ziekmeldingsregistratie' during concurrent snapshot into the distribution database.
2011-05-16 20:16:15.33 [96%] Inserted stored proc to disable constraint/triggers article 'WGF B.V.$Ziekte Bijzonderheden' during concurrent snapshot into the distribution database

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