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WPF Jigsaw puzzle app

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF
I want to create a jiggsaw application like the jigsaw planet website so far I have seen grid based puzzles with squares I need direction on the methods of loading an image and then breaking the image up into jigsaw pieces with odd shapes. The loading of an image should be easy but I haven't seen any examples of breaking an image into irregular shapes. If anyone has source code, examples, or methods or any ideas that would help I would be ecstatic as I am coming from a flash/web/php/asp.net/sql developer background and programming applications for the desktop is completely new territory for me.

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Post back puzzle


Hi, I have a website where the user makes a selection from a combo box and it then fills a couple text boxes with text based upon the selection. I'm sure as you know it could take a second for the text to appear in the text box due to the post back. I know there is no way to make it instantanious, so what I would like to do it fill the text box with somthing like "Loading Info..." so the user does not type in it while the information is loading.

If you would like to see what I mean please go to this page: www.epiclinks.com/create.aspx and mess around with the combo boxes and You'll see what I mean.

What I would like to do is have it do a post back to write "Loading Info..." and then do another post back to fill it in based upon their selection. How would I do this?

I'm up for anything, so if you have a better solution than that please let me know.


DataContractSerializer deserialization puzzle - by-pass member initialization.

Hi, I was using WCF and during the transmission of a object, of the type Book, see code below, the deserialization process throws a NullReferenceException. To isolate the problem, I uses a unit test like this rather than involving the full blown WCF marshalling. This appears to be solely a serialization/deserialization problem and has nothing to do with the communication issues in WCF. [Test] public void TestSerializeAndDeserializeBook() {     Book book = new Book( "Testing Serialization and Deserialization",                         new Person( 100, "Tom", "Smith" ),                         new Person( 101, "Peter", "Pan" ) );     DataContractSerializer ser = new DataContractSerializer( typeof(Book) );     using( Stream stm = new MemoryStream() )     {         ser.WriteObject( stm, book );         stm.Seek( 0, SeekOrigin.Begin );         Book regen = ser.ReadObject( stm ) as Book; // NullReferenceException here     &nb

Authorize.net puzzle


I have my website ready to go and am ready to install credit card processing.   I signed up with Authorize.net but cannot, even begin, to understand how to implement it with the website.  I can't believe Authorize.net doesn't have a tutorial explaining the basic steps of implementation.  For example....

Step - Create Authorize.net account (done)

Step - Determine the payment process (shopping cart, subscription, one-time payment, etc.) (done - membership)

Step - Determine checkout initialization (done - button click)

Step - Determine form type - custom or Authorize.net (done - Authorize.net)

Step - Review Help, Documentation, Samples, Implementation guides (done, done, done, done)

Step - Execute the payment process (DON"T HAVE A CLUE)

I further can't believe someone hasn't published a page explaining and providing a tutorial demonstrating the basic steps of implementing and executing Authorize.net payment process step by step.  All I have found so far is gigantic chuncks of code with no explanation or direction.  Is this area still the domain of experts?  Or does anyone have anything to point to for us novices?

Semi-Additive Annual Comp Measure Puzzle


Environment: SQL Server 2008 (not R2) Analysis Services; Panorama Novaview

I've created a factless fact table that records employee information for a payroll warehouse. Users can use dimension attributes such as Annual Compensation, Full Name, etc. to find out information about employees. There's currently only one measure called "Headcount" which is a distinct count of an employee ID (unique to the employee). There's a row for each day for each employee and the employees attributes describe how he/she looked on that day (using type 2 SCDs).

Users have requested that they see the sum of the annual compensation. This seems more like a semi-additive measure than anything else. For example, let's say a department has 3 employees for the year of 2009, each with annual comps of 20;30;40 (thousand) respectively. In the actual relational table, there will be a record for each employee for each day (point in time information). If annual compensation is added as a measure, then the measure would be = Annual Comp * No. of Days in 2009. That means, we'd have 20*30*40*365 ---- this is not what they want to see. They want to see a total of $90,000.

How could you do this?

Here's some more info about this:


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