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Unanswer a reply

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

How do I propose (or just get) a reply to not be marked as an answer?  The thread below has a reply marked as an answer by a mod but it is not the answer to the question being asked.


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Security negotiation failed because the remote party did not send back a reply in a timely manner. T



Dear All i have created one simple service

like this

namespace WcfService2
        public class Service1 : IService1
        public string ShowEmpName(string strFirstName, string strLastName)
            return strFirstName + strLastName;

after executing in .net command promt i got 2 files

service.cs & output.config

after that i create one class file like this

namespace WcfService2
    public class clientcs

        static void Main(string[] args)
            Service1Client client = new Service1Client();
            string strResult = client.ShowEmpName("Pradeep", "Deokar");

Disable reply in email

Hi all, I am using smtp to send email messages through our asp.net aplication. I want to stop user from replying the mail i had sent. I had seen this on some autogenerated mails where they does not show senders address and also we cannot reply to these address. How to achieve this in asp.net. Do anyone have any suggestions ?Thanks

Firexfox and SharePoint Forum - a reply shows html code

When users use Firefox to view SharePoint and are replying to a post of the forum\discussion board the reply box and view box already has the HTML code in. For instance the body field contains:- <div><br/><br/><hr/> <b>From: </b>Kevin Shilling<br/> <b>Posted: </b>03 August 2010 15:17<br/> <b>Subject: </b>CHRISTMAS IS COMING...<br/><br/> <div>Yes, I know it is only August but thinking ahead what do you think about hosting our annual Open Evening for local neighbours, suppliers and friends and family. Do you think it is a good idea or not? Let me have your thoughts before the end of September when planning usually starts.</div></div> Anyone come across this and found a fix? Regards Mike

Query Correlation faliure using custom Request/Reply Message Contract classes.

Hi,I have a service which is correlated by a Guid query. When I'm using designer created Message Content/Parameters feature for message definition, everithing working lika a charm. But If I define custom [MessageContract] Request/Reply classes (where request class has Guid SvcUID property for correlation), and choose'em as Message Content in the designer with proper CorrelatesOn definition of course, I have got a service exception about correlation query faliure. Have you folks tried to apply your custom [MessageContract] classes for correlated communication?

Reply by email to thread in discussion forum?

1. Will Sharepoint 2010 allows user to reply a discussion thread from the email alert? 2. How should I install social networking features on sharepoint 2010? 3. When "Version" is turned on, system is always asking to login in back. Can we bypass the login in all browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. ? 4.Mac users has little issues in check-in/check-out functionality in SP 2007, Is SP 2010 doing same thing?     Thanks in Advance!!

MOSS 2007 Discussion Board reply error

Created a standard webpart Discussion Board and can add discussion items OK but when tried to reply to item got error 'The page cannot be displayed'. After several attempts eventually worked when the item description was only 4 characters or less. looking at the response URL it appears to be excessively long, some elements seem to be repeated in the URL string e.g. https://xx.xxxxxxx.com/theworks/OandR/TDMBE/Lists/Discussion%20Board/NewForm.aspx?RootFolder=%2ftheworks%2fOandR%2fTDMBE%2fLists%2fDiscussion%20Board%2fhave%20consultants%20got%20enough%20supplies&ContentTypeId=0x0107&DiscussionParentID=2&Source=https%3A%2F%2Fxx%2Exxxxxxx%2Ecom%2Ftheworks%2FOandR%2FTDMBE%2FLists%2FDiscussion%2520Board%2FFlat%2Easpx%3FRootFolder%3D%252ftheworks%252fOandR%252fTDMBE%252fLists%252fDiscussion%2520Board%252fhave%2520consultants%2520got%2520enough%2520supplies%26FolderCTID%3D0x01200200A1C51FB6047510439F93B774F153C4CB%26TopicsView%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fxx%252Exxxxxxx%252Ecom%252Ftheworks%252FOandR%252FTDMBE%252FLists%252FDiscussion%252520Board%252FAllItems%252Easpx   Does this suggest that the URL length is the root of the issue. The users are using IE6 also. If i connect directly onto one of the front end web servers and try to do a reply then it works as expected and response URL is much shorter i.e.   http://servername/theworks/OandR/TDMBE/Lists/Discussion%20Boar

MOSS 2007 - Error Code 500 after click on Ok button on a post reply with an accent charactere in the



I have this strange behavior in my test and prod environment but not in my Dev.

The case is as following:

  1. Someone create in a discssion list a topic with an accent charactere in the title.
  2. Someone else click on the reply button. then he write the post.
  3. Then he click on the Ok button and a code error 500 page is loaded.

In the same discussion list If the title of the topic does'nt contain any accent charactere it works well !

Regional settings of the site collection are strictly identical on Dev, test and pro environment.

Does someone have any Idea ?

Thanks in advance for your answers



Using NetNamedPipeBinding for delayed reply from server



I have a WCF client and self hosted server (no IIS/WAS) set up using NetNamedPipeBinding as the comunication protocol.  The Client can call a method on the server, and this methods 'return' statement passes a response back to the client.  What I am trying to do is return a response from the server at a later time ie: not only as the return statement of the method called by the client. 

I have tried using callbacks but I have the same issue where the callback is in the method that the client called on the server, so they are still coupled.  Once the method has returned its value I can’t find a way of sending a message back to the client at a later time.

I see you can queue messages using NetMsmqBinding but am constrained to NetNamedPipes as a binding.

Is there any way of a client sending a string to a server, and then at some time in the future, the server returning a string after a particular server event has oc

How to pass a variable from parent to the hosted page in a frame. (Cross Posted due no reply from (V



I have - what might look like an obvious question - for me it is a headache.

Some background info:

In a WPF Window, I have placed a frame. A Ribbon button in the WPF window executes NavigationServices as you can see below. Mind there is no navigation History (back/Forward).

    Private Sub rTabToolsRgpSystemAdministrationRbtnPolicyEditor_Click(ByVal sender As ObjectByVal e As System.Windows.RoutedEventArgsHandles rTabToolsRgpSystemAdministrationRbtnPolicyEditor.Click
        InsertNavigationAction("Policy Editor")
        piFrame.NavigationService.Navigate(New System.Uri("piPolicyEditor.xaml"UriKind.Relative))

I am trying to pass a string variable (s

Add reply to discussion from workflow



Is it possible to add a reply to a discussion from a workflow somehow? It would be great if it's possible to solve somehow!

How to drag images from WPF App to our System ? Please reply


H! All

Can anyone tell me How to drag image from WPF app to our system ?

Please reply anyone has done tht before


Thank you



Vijay Gaur

Hello Mr. MVP can you please reply to my questions,,,,,,"Creating SPContentDatabase programatically

Hi m trying to Create a SPContentDatabase programatically using Object Model, but getting error of "
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
using Microsoft.SharePoint;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment;

namespace CreateContentDB
  public partial class Test2 : System.Web.UI.Page
    SPWebApplication webApplication;
    //SPContentDatabaseCollection contentDBs;
    string nameDB = "CNB";
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


    protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      Uri WebAppUri = new Uri("http://amit:5003");

      SPWebApplication webApplication = SPWebApplication.Lookup(WebAppUri);

      SPContentDatabaseCollection contentDBs = webApplication.ContentDatabases;

      foreach (SPContentDatabase contentDB in contentDBs)

        if (contentDB.Status == SPObjectStatus.Online)
          contentDB.Status = SPObjectStatus.Disabled;
      //SPSite siteCollection = webApplication.Sites.Add();
    private void CreateContentDatabase(string suffix)

Why is a reply action header ignored by ReceiveReply?


I already found out how to sucessfully invoke a operation in a WCF service developed with .NET (see http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/wfprerelease/thread/5b5b93d8-57f4-4ff5-be10-debe57e5885f).

One question remaining is why ReceiveReply ignores the reply action header, at least in my case. My webservice is very simple:

[ServiceContract(Namespace = "http://www.juergen-bayer.net/samples/wcf")]
public interface IDemoService
 long Add(int value1, int value2);

In the web.config of the service application I enabled wsHttpBinding (basicHttpBinding does not send the reply Action header back to the client, at least in my case).


WCF newbie: server did not provide a meaningful reply error


Hi everyone,
I'm just beginning with WCF so please bear with me :). I'm trying to test a simple WCF service structure, but surely something is wrongly configured as when I call it I always get a "server did not provide a meaningful reply" error. I googled a bit for simple examples, but I keep finding samples which use the VS2010 'shortcut' procedure (add service reference) which generates a lot of proxy code, while I'd like to stick with the intrinsic simplicity of the WCF model. So here are my steps for this dummy solution, could anyone tell me what's wrong with them? (you can download it from http://hotfile.com/dl/79069426/6f6cf0e/WcfSample.zip.html):

1) create a new WCF library project named Sample.Services. Here I remove all the generated stuff and just add an interface:

namespace Sample.Services
 public interface IHelloService
  string SayHello(string sName);

2) create another WCF library project named Sample.ServicesImpl where I add the implementation for this service:

namespace Sample.ServicesImpl

Sharepoint Designer 2010 email reply to

I have created a workflow for a Sharepoint 2010 Doc Library and it sends emails correctly but I need to set the "reply to" email to a specific email address. Currently it comes from and comes back to portal@......com

Doesn't WSHttpBinding support request-reply communication pattern?


hi, just when I've thought I'm finally starting to understand WCF, this happens :(

The following code give me an exception saying that "IReplyChannel is not supported by this channel manager ", which doesn't make sense, since IReplyChannel is used with request-reply communication pattern, and as far as I know, WSHttpBinding does support request-reply communication ( BTW - if I make a bindingT variable of type BasicHttpBinding , then everything works fine ). Any ideas what is going on?

  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
      Uri baseAddress = new Uri("http://localhost:8000");
      WSHttpBinding bindingT = new WSHttpBinding();
      BindingParameterCollection bpc = new BindingParameterCollection();

      IChannelListener<IReplyChannel> listener =
                        baseAddress, bpc);

thank you

Cannot set the email from address (reply-to) in SharePoint Designer workflow

I have created several workflows for custom lists. Among other actions, they send out emails. It appears however, that they all use the same from-address. I would like to supply each of these workflows with different reply-to addresses.

Can I do that? After a lot of searching it appears that the only way is to create separate Web Applications, since the reply-to address is set on Web Application level. But that would require several extra web applications in my case, which again need their own site collections and sites.

I really, really miss a "From" field in the SharePoint Designer workflow "Send e-mail" action.

Best regards, Jan.
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