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Posted By:      Posted Date: October 19, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server


How to enable and disable the control based upon the values selected in the dropdown controls in ssrs2005 



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SSRS2005: Is it safe to manually remove instances from the Keys table in the report server database?

I have a problem with redundant reporting services instances still hanging around in the initialization pane of the RS configuration wizard and I can't get rid of them. The problem arose when we had new webfarms and before I had removed all references to the old ones from the initialization screen, the old webfarms had been switched off, removed from the network and dismantled. Therefore when I try to 'de-initialize' them, I get an error stating that reporting services cannot connect to them and when I run reports, a fair few are trying to run on the old webfarms which no longer exist and are disappearing into the void. There's a table in the report server database called Keys whch contains details of these intances and i'm wondering if its safe to remove these via SQL commands without breaking reporting services on other machines.   As a side note: All this stems from the fact that when you uninstall Reporting Services, not all of the files / references are removed. So as a general word of warning, if you do an uninstall of RS2005, you'll need to make sure everything's gone before re-installing, throwing away old machines etc. These include folders in IIS and these old instances as mentioned above.  

SSRS2005 Matrix - showing Subtotals but not details


Please help. I have an SSRS report showing weekly sales per store from 2007 to current. It should show only last 3 weeks of sales, YTD and Total Since 2007

            Week -8/28/10   Week - 9/4/10 Week - 9/11/10     Total

                                                                                     YTD    Total Since 2007


102             89                         157                    86           3,9

ssrs2005 cascading parameters.


I am having a problem with cascading parameters. The 1st time you make a selection the dependent parameters update correctly. If you select a new value from the 1st parameter, the 2nd parameter updates as expected, but the 3rd one does not update. The parameter values are still based on the selection from the 1st time.   



SSRS2005- Is there way to display the rdl last modified time on Report?


Hello, All, 


Is there way to display the rdl last modified time on Report in SSRS 2005?




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